[How to cook mutton fast]_ stew method _ how to stew

[How to cook mutton fast]_ stew method _ how to stew

Lamb is a kind of nourishing meat that is commonly used in daily life. Lamb has the effect of warming. Whether it is stewed mutton or mutton hot pot, it can supplement the nutrients required by the body, and it can also nourish the body’s moisture and affect the body.Very good, and it is also a common practice to stew mutton. When you stew mutton, you can add some hawthorn, or stew with cold water, so that it will cook faster.

How do mutton boil?

1, cold water to cook mutton with cold water is the most scientific, using hot water to make the protein in meat instantaneously denatured and hardened, mutton will be very unpalatable.

The lamb is cooked in cold water. During the cooking process, the ice in the meat will sublimate into water vapor, so the meat is soft and fragrant.

Moreover, the surface of the mutton will be cooked instantly, and the blood and water inside will be locked.

The cold water pot can cook out the flavor inside.

2. When hawthorn is stewed with mutton, cook with some hawthorn, the mutton will soon be cooked, and the taste of the mutton will not change at all.

If you don’t have hawthorn in your home, you can use tea instead. Both tea and hawthorn can make lamb and mutton rotten and fishy.

3. Pat the mutton on a chopping board and place a soft cloth on the chopping board. Put the mutton cut into strips on the cloth. Use the back of the knife to pat the mutton carefully to destroy its fibrous tissue. Then cut it and stew it.Better.

4. Mustard Apply a layer of mustard on the surface of the lamb and put it in the refrigerator to freeze.

Wait for the next day to wash the mustard and cook in a pot.

This not only shortens the cooking time, but also makes the lamb more tender and delicious.

Stewed yellow mutton material mutton, 10 peppers, 2 gingers, 1 scallion, placed cooking wine, potatoes, carrots, salt, onion shreds, Hanging pepper method 1, cut the mutton into pieces.

2. Put the lamb into the pot, submerge one inch with water, put a dozen peppercorns, two pieces of ginger (paibian), a green onion knot, inject cooking wine, and simmer until the lamb is 7-8.

3, add potato pieces, stew the carrot pieces until the potatoes are crispy, slightly adjust the salt.

4. Add the onion shreds to the pan before simmering.

Lamb stewed potato material mutton, potatoes, oil, onion ginger garlic, cumin powder, cooking wine, soy sauce, old soy sauce, sugar, salt, white pepper Practice 1, cut the mutton into pieces, soak the bleeding water.

2. Potato cut hob block.

3, put a small amount of oil in the hot pot, add onion ginger garlic stir-fry, add lamb stir fry, add cumin powder, cooking wine, soy sauce, soy sauce, sugar.

4, until the flavor is fried, add boiling water to the lamb, and simmer for about an hour.

5, then put the potatoes down, add an appropriate amount of salt and crushed white pepper, stew until the potatoes are soft, and the soup is ready to heat.