Demystifying the baby’s stench

Demystifying the baby’s stench

调整饮食是法宝  朱倩(女,28岁,护士)  我的女儿雪雪已经2岁零3个月了,周岁之内基本上都是母乳喂养,很少吃牛奶、米粥等代乳品,拉The stench has always been normal.
  However, after weaning, the feeding amount of milk was increased, and constipation gradually appeared. It was often pulled only once every two or three days, and the stool was stinky and hard.
Sometimes you have to resort to soap bars, even corkscrew, glycerin suppositories, etc.
  After consulting a pediatrician, we decided to start with adjusting our diet.
The first is to reduce the feeding amount of milk and replace it with soy milk, rice noodles, etc .; arrange a glass of vegetable juice or fruit juice every day or every other day, and drink half a cup of warm water in the morning.
  Persisted for a week, Xuexuela smelled a lot easier.
It seems that adjusting the diet is the magic weapon to deal with children’s constipation.
  Doctor’s comment: Ms. Zhu did grasp the secret to fundamentally preventing and treating baby constipation.
The main reasons that milk causes children to have different degrees of defecation are as follows: First, the content of calcium and casein in milk is too high, and it is easy to consume water and cause constipation; second, it is because some children are allergic to milk.
The former coping strategy is to dilute milk with water or add white sugar to the milk (5-8 grams of white sugar per 100 ml of milk); if it is the latter, milk can be replaced with soy milk.
  Breastfeeders, it is recommended that mothers eat more vegetables, fruits and foods rich in crude fiber, such as pumpkins and sweet potatoes.
At the same time, under the guidance of a doctor, take some lactic acid bacteria health food or yogurt to adjust the intestinal flora, or you can dissolve these in warm water and feed them directly to the child.
  Infants fed artificially can add sugar to milk (5-8 grams of white sugar per 100 milliliters of milk) or juice (such as tomato juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, jujube juice and other fruit juices) to stimulate the intestinesCreeping.
Older infants can add food supplements such as puree, minced vegetables, fruits, and porridge.
  Larger grains can be made by adding thicker cereals such as corn flour, millet, and oatmeal.
In 1-2 years of age, you can eat more coarse grains, sweet potatoes, carrots and vegetables, and those who have the conditions can add agar jelly.
  Children with constipation due to malnutrition should pay attention to supplement nutrition and gradually increase the amount of food. After the nutritional situation improves, the strength and tension of the abdominal muscles and intestinal muscles increase, and defecation naturally gradually unblocks.
  For children two or three years old, you can also use laxative foods, such as vegetable porridge (take 50 grams of rape or green vegetables, cook rice into porridge first, chop the vegetables when they are half cooked, and eat 1-2 times a day).
  Steamed sweet potatoes (take about 50 grams of sweet potatoes, wash and peel, slice and steam them once a day), sesame paste (take 15-20 grams of white sesame, smash, put in a pot, add an appropriate amount of sugar and water, and boilMake a paste with a small amount of coriander powder.
Take it once a night, drink a small amount of warm water and rinse your mouth after taking it).
  My family’s defecation training 志 Wang Zhi (Male, 32 years old, company employee) From 3 months after Li Li’s birth, we started training him.
  It should be done every morning or before bedtime. Regardless of the presence or absence of bowel movements, the purpose is to form a regular pattern, develop a habit, and pay attention to the signals before the bowel movements, such as daze, tremor or twist your legs.Take the opportunity to train the potty.
He has persisted, and Li Li has not experienced constipation so far.
  Doctor’s comment: A considerable number of children’s constipation stems from not having a regular bowel habit, which has caused the conditioned reflex to fail to form well.
Sometimes because of focusing on games and television, I have to endure bowel movements for a long time, causing the bowel movements to stay in the bowel for too long.
  The water is sucked and hardened by the intestinal wall.
Therefore, one of the effective ways to prevent and treat baby constipation (especially functional constipation) is to implement standardized defecation habit training from 3 months after birth to promote the early formation of conditioned reflex.
  The method is: after feeding in the morning, it is supported by adults with both hands, a potty or defecation chair, and it can be performed gradually for half a month to one month on time.
Don’t change the time arbitrarily after developing a habit.
For children with constipation, in addition to encouraging them to exercise more and eat more fiber-rich foods, they should also remind them to go to the toilet on time.
  我用按摩治便秘  石涛(男,27岁,公务员)   妞妞一岁半左右断奶后,吃了牛奶、米粥等常常不能顺利排便,轻者解便费力,小脸蛋儿急得通红,重的时候Had to use a soap bar or even open a dew.
Later I went to consult an old Chinese medicine practitioner.
The old man introduced two methods: one is to massage the abdomen, and the other is to drink honey water.
  So, every morning, my wife and I took turns to give Niuniu a massage, mainly gently rubbing the lower abdomen repeatedly, and then feeding 1 cup of warm water honey.
In addition, feed warm boiled water several times.
And urged her to regularly squat the potty.
This continued for two weeks and her constipation eased, and she never had to worry about her bowel problems again.
  Doctor’s comment: Massage has a good effect in preventing and treating constipation, but it is only suitable for children with functional constipation.The method is: let the child 4 fingers close together, the width from the index finger to the little finger (in centimeters) is a unit of measurement.

Then determine the massage point.

  There are 3 pairs of massage points: the first pair is located on the left and right sides of the navel, each measuring unit, plus 0 on each side.

5 cm; the second pair is outside the left and right hands.

From the middle of the flexion of the wrist joint, follow the direction of the cluster elbows, and go to the next unit of measurement; the third pair.

  First find the protruding bones found on the left and right feet and move up to the next measurement unit.

Massage at least once a day, or 30 minutes before a meal, or 1 hour after a meal, massage clockwise with your index or middle finger.

Each pair of massage points lasts 20 seconds, and usually takes effect after 2-3 weeks.

  Because honey contains beeswax, it also has a certain softening and laxative effect.

Take 30 ml each time with warm water.

However, it is not suitable for infants under the age of one, because the normal flora relationship has not been established in the baby at this stage, and botulinum contamination in honey is likely to cause poisoning.

  Previous cases have been reported abroad in this regard.

After the age of one year, the internal normal flora can be established, and the ban can be opened, but food can be used.