Dad’s Childcare Truth

Dad’s Childcare Truth

Father and mother are certainly different.

We need to listen more to Dad’s truth, because their difference is likely to be Dad’s advantage, providing special and very important help for the growth of children.

  Mom always suspects that Dad has not paid enough time and benefits to the child. Dad always finds it impossible to intervene in the trivial and complex parenting life.

In fact, in terms of raising and educating children, although fathers and mothers pay a lot of money, they have some unique features that they have not even noticed.

Because of Dad’s existence, children can grow up better in a more balanced and perfect environment.

  Why risk a dad like this: All the child’s adventurous behavior is incomprehensible to my wife, she always asks: “Why do you let the child climb that railing?

“And I always answer:” Because they are there!

“A lot of times I’m willing to let my child try more, but it doesn’t mean that I will hurt her.

For example, when a daughter who is learning to walk is holding a chair to get enough stuff, and is about to fall, I will let her feel how to master the balance of the body before picking her up.

“Mothers like this: Some researchers have analyzed why mothers are very cautious about their children’s risk-taking behaviors. This may be a kind of instinctual protection that originated during pregnancy, during which they gave up all behaviors that could cause danger.The focus is on the health and safety of the child.

Therefore, after the baby is born, they will continue this focus and continue to protect the baby’s instinct.

  Dad’s truth: If children do not experience some adventure fun, they may cause them to be very timid or lose interest in new things.

So the logic of dads seems more conducive to the growth of children.

Of course, dads will not put their children in danger, they will master the good degree and let the children have more attempts within a safe range.

  It ‘s easier to be happy. It ‘s easier to be happy. This is my wife: My wife often exchanges childcare experiences with the neighbors downstairs, and then comes back and tells me who ‘s child is taller than our daughter, who ‘s child has participated in dance classes,Child took that brand of calcium tablets . she was very concerned about the “gap” between her child and other children.

And I think each child has its own characteristics, and other people’s experiences can overlap, but there is no need to be so nervous.

  Mom likes this: Moms care about everything about their children, so they often have some concerns, and they want their children to be the best, so they will unknowingly compare with other children, unknowinglyWill add some burden to the child.

  Dad’s truth: Raising children with a peaceful mind, dads seem to be more sensible than moms. Dads prefer to let things go, and don’t pay attention to children like mothers.

So it is easier for children to relax with their dad.

At the same time, if there are fathers around, the child’s “burden” seems to be lighter.

Children’s happiness is the most important, isn’t it?

  Informal dad like this: I often dress children, but I sometimes wear children’s clothes in reverse because I look for labels that separate the front and back.

The wife always wanted to correct me, but neither of our grandpas thought it was a big deal.

The daughter is still warm and has fun.

And whether this wool vest looks better on the inside or outside?

This pink top is more ladylike with a green skirt or a white skirt?

Isn’t it just taking the kids out for fun?

I can’t control that much.

  Moms like this: Moms usually care more about the children’s dress, color, and style than the father.

Even if you take your child to walk around the garden downstairs, you need to figure out a little abacus in your heart, what should you wear for your child today.

So, mothers can’t tolerate such a thing, and put their clothes on?

It’s incredible!

Of course, sometimes they get angry because they think their dads are messing things up.

  Dad’s truth: For children, going out to play seems to be more exciting than wearing that dress. They need to get out of the house with the speed of speed, and Dad seems to be able to achieve such a desire.
At the same time, because mothers are more concerned about their children’s clothing, they sometimes instinctively limit their children’s play styles, such as “don’t sit on the ground, your pants are dirty”, “there is a lot of dirt on the slide, let’s stop sliding” and so on.

Therefore, with dads, children can get more freedom and they are naturally happy.

  It is also important to play like this: We dream together to build a football field that belongs to us, and we can always play freely without time restrictions.Sometimes my son pretended to be a microphone with a metal spoon, and I rolled it up as a horn, and we pretended to have a rock concert, haha.

This may seem a little silly to the child’s mother, but my son and I can enjoy themselves.

  Mom likes this: she plays with her children upside down without worry, and the dads are a bit idle, so why not do something?

For example, reading to the children or doing some housework.

There is no time to eat, no time to sleep, no idea of time.

Your child should have a very normal schedule that will outweigh the benefits for the child’s growth.

  Dad’s truth: Regular diet and living habits are important, but occasionally eating one less meal and sleeping for two hours late will certainly not pose a threat to the child’s healthy growth.

It is important that when the father and the child are playing wildly together, they can establish a tacit relationship between the father and the child. During the exciting play, the children’s various senses are fully mobilized, which exercises many of their abilities.

  Wait a minute, Dad, like this: Sometimes my daughter cries for a little longer.

For example, when I was taking a bath and heard my daughter’s cry, I would immediately go over and take a look to see what happened to her. If there was nothing, I would tell her to wait for a while and I would finish washing.

But if it was my wife, she would definitely stop taking a bath immediately, and then rushed over and hugged her daughter.

But I think there is a big hindrance to having your baby wait an extra minute?

Maybe by the time I return after washing, my daughter has started playing by herself.

  Mothers like this: Most mothers are responsive. They usually imitate their territory and hold them in their arms when they just cry. This may also be due to their instinct. They can’t stand the little grievances of their children.

In the same way, they sometimes asked their husbands in this way, so they expressed their indignation at their indifferent behavior.

  Dad’s truth: Although not all mothers have an overprotective desire, moms’ instinctual reactions sometimes make children overly dependent.

The father’s method seems to leave more room for children to deal with their own problems. The world itself is not responsive, so children must slowly and independently learn to be independent.

  Give the child space to the father like this: If I take my child out to play, I usually watch my son in a safe place to watch him play with other children. As for what they play and how to play, I never participate.

There was even a conflict with the children, but there was no danger. I hope they can handle the problem by themselves.

Of course, if there is a very fierce conflict, I certainly cannot stand idly by.

  Moms like this: In raising children, moms usually pay more and spend more time with their children, so many moms have an instinctive desire to dominate. They want their children to eat, drink, and have fun in the way they like.Sometimes they instinctively do many things for their children.

  Dad’s truth: Give children freedom and space. This is a very prominent advantage of dads. This is an effective way to stimulate children’s creativity. Children try to increase their knowledge and learn to get along with others.

  Dad and mom will have completely different solutions to the same child ‘s problem, do n’t believe it?

Take a look at our small survey of three families.

  Dad: Liu Guogang, mother: Ji Xiufang, baby: Liu Chenyang (2 years and 8 months) 1.
You are going to a party, the child ca n’t wait to go out, and at this time you find that you have not put on the clothes that you have prepared for the party before, but now if you let the child wear it, you will cryWhat will happen?

  Mom replied this way: insisting on dressing him and telling him to allow him to attend the party only after changing clothes is a courtesy to others.

Don’t cry, otherwise you won’t be taken.

Ha ha, am I a little cruel.

  Dad replied: Of course it ‘s going out, is it important to wear something?

I will take the child out immediately and see him excited and satisfied, and I am very happy.

It’s time to eat at noon, and the child is still interested in playing by the pool in the park. What should you do?

  Mom replied: He will be allowed to play for a while, but he must negotiate with him for a few more minutes to give him time.

  Dad replied this way: Then play, he will go home naturally when he is hungry.

  Dad: Zhang Yongjian, mother: He Hui, baby: Zhang Yuanzhe (1 year, 7 months) 1.
If you see your child stepping onto a TV cabinet on a small stool, you will almost climb up. What is your first reaction at this time?

  The mother replied this way: I would immediately run over and hug him, and told him that it was very dangerous, and he would not be allowed to climb next time.

  Dad replied this way: I’ll run to him right away, but don’t rush to hug him, or even watch him climb. If he is really struggling, I might help him.

Then let him experience the unbalanced feeling of standing high, hug him when he was shaking, and tell him that this is dangerous, don’t try it yourself.
You bought a new remote control car for your child, but the switch is in a very hidden place. Do you tell the child how to play directly, or let him find it by himself?

  The mother replied that he must tell him for the first time, and next time he would directly intervene.

  Dad replied this way: Let him find it first. If he finds it for a long time, he can give him some tips to guide him to find the switch himself.
  Dad: Zhang Baojie Mother: Zhang Linlin Baby: Zhang Wuji (3 years old)
If you take your child out to play, how do you deal with your child’s eating and drinking?

  The mother responded: I will prepare a lot of things for children to eat in advance, and try to choose healthy food.

Even if I want to eat outside, I also look for a place that is clean and can provide food suitable for children.

  Dad replied: It was originally going out to play, so it was okay to relax properly. Want to eat a popsicle?

No problem. Of course, potato chips can also be eaten . If it completely deprives the child of the pleasure of snacking, that would be boring. I hope that the child can have a better time, and you can leave those rules alone.

  2. The child fell outside, but it didn’t seem to be a big obstacle. What would you do?

  Mom answered: Hurry up and pick him up and say, “It’s okay, let’s be careful next time!”

“Find something else to attract attention and stop crying.

  Dad replied this way: Encourage him to stand up and tell him, “You are a man, you can’t cry easily!