[How to make fungus with horseradish]_ practice _ production steps

[How to make fungus with horseradish]_ practice _ production steps

Fungus dipped in horseradish is a common dish. The main ingredient is black fungus. In addition, you must prepare the right amount of sesame oil, the right amount of rice vinegar, and the right amount of horseradish. The method is very simple and has a good appetizer.The effect is to eat some properly in the summer, which has a good appetite effect. Before making this dish, the fungus must be foamed in advance. Let’s learn how to make fungus dipped in horseradish.

How to make fungus with horseradish? Ingredients: black fungus 60g, sesame oil, moderate amount of vinegar, spicy mustard.

Step edit 1.

The fungus blew in advance.


After picking and washing, put it in a wok with boiling water.


Cover, boil for 5 minutes and simmer for 5 minutes.


The sesame oil, vinegar and wasabi are ready.


Season with green mustard, vinegar and sesame oil.

Proportion is up to you.


The fungus comes out and is dipped in the juice.

Efficacy and function of fungus1. Chinese medical experts believe that black fungus can treat blood stasis, anemia, hemorrhoids, intestinal diarrhea, high blood pressure and other diseases; at the same time, hemorrhoids, excessive menstrual bleeding, postpartum stasis, hematuria and traumaTreatment of complications such as bleeding has a positive effect.

2, detoxification fungus black fungus contains a large amount of enzymes, phytoalkali, can catalyze foreign matter such as fiber fabrics, accelerate the body’s dissolution or decomposition of harmful substances such as fiber, dust; colloidal substances in black fungus have a strong adsorption capacity,It can adsorb and remove the fiber and dust inside the human body.

Therefore, black fungus can greatly reduce or eliminate harmful substances to the human body.

3. Anti-cancer fungus black fungus contains acid isoglucan with anti-cancer effect.

Eating black fungus can effectively prevent malignant tumors such as diabetes and uterine cancer.

4. Prevention of blood clots with black fungus Black fungus can prevent the plasma from depositing and clotting in the blood, which can effectively reduce blood clots and prevent the formation of blood clots. At the same time, it has a positive effect on the treatment of coronary heart disease and cardio-cerebral vascular disease.

5, black fungus weight loss black fungus is rich in cellulose, plant viscera, these two substances can promote osmotic peristalsis; promote foods involved in excretion of feces, while reducing absorption to pregnant women, and therefore play a role in weight loss.

6, blood fungus black fungus often has the function of blood.

Black fungus is rich in high protein, vitamins and iron content to treat anemia.

7, fungus excretes kidney stones, black fungus phytochemicals and alkaloids can unblock the pipeline and resolve stones.

If the kidney stones are not serious, eat black fungus 3 times a day to resolve the stones. For patients with more serious kidney stones, long-term consumption of black fungus can also make the stones smaller.