[Benefits and Disadvantages of Drinking Green Tea]_Green Tea_Effects_Efficacy

[Benefits and Disadvantages of Drinking Green Tea]_Green Tea_Effects_Efficacy

The vernal equinox has just passed, and the season of people’s love of sleepiness is here again. People’s sleepiness during the day will make them notice that they are listless, which seriously affects efficiency. At this time, many people will choose green tea to refresh themselves, but they often drink green tea.Advantages and disadvantages Most people don’t know, let’s take a closer look at the benefits and disadvantages of drinking green tea!

The benefits of drinking green tea1. Reduce fat and lose weight, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The relationship between tea drinking and weight loss is very close.

Modern scientific research has proven that drinking tea in moderation can reduce excess blood lipids and cholesterol in the blood and make your body lighter.

This is because the aromatic substances, phenolic derivatives, amino acids and other substances contained in green tea are the result of comprehensive coordination of vitamins, especially the comprehensive effect of theagin, tea polyphenols and vitamin c, which can effectively promoteAunt oxidation, help digestion, reduce fat and lose weight.

In addition, tea polyphenols can dissolve trace amounts, and its vitamin c can promote plasma exchange in vitro.

2. The anti-aging effect of Yanshou Yishou Green Tea on the human body is mainly reflected in the coordination of multiple effective chemical ingredients and multiple vitamins.

In particular, the caffeine, tea polyphenols, vitamin c, lipopolysaccharides, etc. contained in green tea can enhance human heart muscle activity and blood vessel elasticity, thereby inhibiting arteriosclerosis, reducing the incidence of hypertension and coronary heart disease, and strengthening the human body.Immunity, so it has the effects of anti-aging and prolong life.

3. Anti-cancer, anti-cancer green tea contains tea polyphenols and caffeine components, and the comprehensive effect produced at the same time, in addition to the effect of refreshing and nourishing, can also improve the human immune system and anti-cancer efficacy.

Scientific research in recent years has found that tea not only has an inhibitory effect on digestive system cancer, but also has a good inhibitory effect on skin, lung and liver cancer.

Scientific research has confirmed that the organic anticancer substances in tea mainly include theophylline, tea polyphenols, vitamin c, and vitamin e; catechins in tea polyphenols have the best anticancer effect.

4, anti-radiation drinking green tea also has anti-radiation effects, many friends do not know yet.

We know that the computer will produce radiation to the human body. Here, Xiao Bian tells you a small way to prevent radiation. Long-term storage of green tea can enhance the body’s resistance to radiation, and reduce the harm caused by radiation to the human body.

So for friends who often use computers to work, you can resist radiation by incorporating green tea.

This will greatly help your health.

5. Whitening, promoting blood circulation and preventing blood stasis, preventing bad breath. Green tea contains too much tea polyphenols. Women drinking green tea can quickly eliminate the inherent greasiness, and caffeine can increase the secretion of gastric juice, thereby promoting digestion.

The tea polyphenols contained in green tea can reduce the content of blood lipids, so it can achieve the effect of weight loss. The scientific combination of green tea can not only lose weight, but also has whitening, blood circulation and stasis prevention, and prevents bad breath.

A mask made with green tea can also quickly repair sunburn and scald.

The disadvantages of drinking green tea1. It is not suitable to drink green tea during pregnancy.

Generally, the concentration of caffeine in strong tea can be as high as 10%, which will increase the number of urine and heartbeats of pregnant women, thereby increasing the heart and kidney load of pregnant women, and easily lead to pregnancy poisoning. Therefore, it is best to drink tea lessit is good.

2, pregnant women should not drink tea before giving birth.

If you drink strong tea before giving birth, the caffeine in the tea will cause excitement and cause insomnia. If pregnant women do not sleep enough before giving birth, it will likely lead to exhaustion at the time of bifurcation and may even cause difficult labor.

3. After the mother drinks tea, the caffeine in the tea will penetrate into the milk and indirectly affect the baby, which is very detrimental to the baby’s health.

4, the monthly physiological period comes.

Because menstrual blood at this time will consume too much iron in the body, female friends should add more iron-rich vegetables and fruits at this time, such as spinach, grapes and apples. Drinking tea during menstruation will hinder our intestinesThe absorption of iron by the mucous membranes greatly reduces the degree of iron absorption by people. Tea is also easily combined with iron in other foods in series to cause precipitation.

5. It is recommended for people with poor stomachs. If you want to drink tea, it is best to consult a doctor first, and the next generation of other teas under the guidance of the doctor, to avoid adverse effects on the body.