Eight Ways of Food Therapy in the Popular World

Eight Ways of Food Therapy in the Popular World

Nowadays, people are more and more advocating for healthy and natural treatments, and some treat diseases through diet.

Here are the eight most popular ways to eat in the world.

  ◆ Black tea to prevent flu Japanese scientists use black tea liquid that is lighter than normal black tea in the virus infected area for 5 seconds, and the virus will lose its infectivity.

To this end, researchers have suggested that in the high season of flu, people often drink black tea or stick to mouthwash with black tea water to prevent the flu.

  ◆ Vitamin B6 Diabetes Diabetes Except for France, Italy and Japan. Diabetes patients whose vitamin B6 is lower than normal value are supplemented with 100 mg of vitamin B6 daily. After 6 weeks, symptoms such as numbness and pain in the limbs will be reduced or disappeared.

Eating more flour B, flour, eggs, cabbage, dried yeast and other vitamin B6 foods is also effective in preventing diabetes.

  ◆ Milk dialysis bronchitis A recent survey by American scholars found that 31 of smokers have chronic bronchitis.

7% never drink milk, but less than 20% of those who drink milk daily have bronchitis.

The large amount of vitamin A contained in milk protects the bronchi and bronchial walls, reducing the risk of inflammation.

Although milk has many benefits, be careful!

  ◆ Royal Jelly Arthritis Arthritis scientists researched 200 arthritis patients and transformed them into a new treatment: Arthritis patients taking royal jelly once a day, their pain relief was as high as 50%, and joint flexibility was improved by 17%.

  ◆ Orange ulcer urinary tract infection American obstetricians and gynecologists have researched that people who are susceptible to urinary tract infections drink 300 ml of orange juice a day, which can help infect urinary tract infections, and its effect is better than drinking water alone.

  ◆ Pumpkin seeds prevent prostate disease. A recent academic paper published by American researchers pointed out that insisting on eating a handful of pumpkin seeds (about 50 grams) every day can treat prostate hypertrophy and significantly improve the third stage disease.

Because the active ingredients in pumpkin seeds can eliminate swelling in the early stage of the prostate, and also prevent prostate cancer.

  ◆ Starch food infectious bowel cancer Research from the University of Cambridge in the UK shows that the incidence of colon cancer in Australia is 4 times that of Chinese people. The first is that traffickers consume less starch.

Experts point out that butyrate in starchy starchy foods such as bananas, potatoes, and peas can directly inhibit the growth of large intestinal bacteria and is a powerful inhibitor of microbial growth.

  ◆ Spinach prevents retinal degradation A recent study from Harvard University in the United States shows that eating spinach 2-4 times a week can reduce the risk of retinal degradation.

It is said that the key to spinach’s vision protection is carotenoids, which are found in green leafy vegetables and prevent sunlight from damaging the retina.