Black pepper

Black pepper

[Sexual flavor and guijing]Xin, hot.

Back to the stomach, large intestine.

  [Functions and Indications]Dispersing cold in the middle temperature, lowering qi, reducing phlegm.

For stomach vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, loss of appetite, epilepsy and more sputum.

  [Storage]Store in a cool, dry place and keep it tightly closed.

  [Manufacturing method]Remove impurities and ash.

Crush into fine powder when using.


“Tang Materia Medica”: the master is angry, warm, removes phlegm, removes viscera and strokes, and is cold.


“Herbal medicinal herbs”: Deficiency of appetite, coldness, hangovers, cholera qi reversal, pericardial dysfunction, cold air rushing, and kindness.


“Rihuazi Materia Medica”: adjust the five internal organs, stop cholera, cold and pain in the heart and belly, strengthen the kidney qi, the main cold, kill all fish, meat, crickets, arthritis poison.


“Materia Medica”: the treatment of blood gas tingling after delivery, treatment of blood stagnation and pain.


“Outline”: warming the stomach, removing cold, dampness, nausea, asthenia due to bloating and cold, yin and poisoning, and painful tooth floating.

  Medicinal value As with all Oriental spices, pepper and a long history of using spices and medicines.

Taste with stronger flavor is usually the drug of choice, but both pepper and black pepper are used as drugs.

  Black peppercorn is an herb in India, a drug in Siddha and Unani medicine.

The 5th Century Book of Syrian Medicine (Syrian Medicine Book) states that pepper (probably actually referred to as dialtium) can treat constipation, diarrhea, ear pain, gangrene, hypertension, high blood pressure, kidney gas, hoarseness, indigestion, Insect bites, insomnia, joint pain, liver disease, lung disease, oral abscess, sunburn, dental caries and toothache.

In Chinese medicine, black pepper can be used to treat cold phlegm, food stasis, cold pain in the abdomen, nausea, vomiting water, diarrhea, cold diarrhea, and can also be used to detoxify food poisoning.

Many works after the 5th century also suggested pepper to treat eye diseases. Generally, the ointment made from pepper was placed directly on the eyes.

In modern medicine, there is no evidence that these treatments are effective; applying pepper directly to the eyes is very uncomfortable, and it may cause eye damage.

  Pepper has been thought of as sneezing for a long time; it is also considered today.

Some people think that piperine irritates the nostrils and makes people sneeze. Others think it is the function of pepper, and some people think that pepper is not a very effective sneezing agent.

However, few people have conducted experiments in a controlled environment to answer this question.

  Because pepper stimulates anesthesia, has undergone abdominal surgery or is a recipe for patients with diabetes, pepper should not appear: it is generally replaced with milder foods.

  Black pepper contains a small amount of safrole, a carcinogen.

  Therapeutic effect: pepper flavor, sexual heat, enter the stomach, large intestine; have the effect of warming and lowering the qi, eliminating phlegm and detoxifying; treating cold sputum and food accumulation, abdominal cold pain, nausea, vomiting water, diarrhea, cold soreSores, snake bites, dog bites; food poisoning.


Warm and cold: used for epigastric pain, vomiting caused by cold, and diarrhea and bowel caused by abdominal cold; 2.

Refreshing spleen and appetizing: A small dose of this product can increase appetite, have a bad effect on appetite, and indigestion. It has therapeutic value.

China’s Guangxi, Guangdong, Yunnan and other places are cultivated.

When the fruit at the base of the ear begins to turn red from autumn to the following spring, the ear is cut, dried or dried, and the fruit is removed because it is dark brown, called black pepper.

It can also be harvested when all the fruits turn red, soak in water for several days, wipe off the skin, and dry it, because the surface is off-white, it is called white pepper.


  [Performance]Weixin, hot sex.
Can appetizer and eat, disperse cold and relieve pain.
  [Reference]Contains volatile oil and spicy ingredients piperine, piperine.

  Pepper in the mouth can cause blood pressure to rise, and a heat sensation in the whole body or head.

Oral effect is similar to pepper, but less irritating, a small amount can strengthen the stomach and expel joint gas.

  [Use]Deficiency in the spleen and stomach, loss of appetite, or abdominal cold pain, vomiting, diarrhea.

  [Usage]For seasoning, decoction, or into pills, powder.

  [Caution]Consumption of food and fire will damage your eyes.

  [附方]  1.Pepper Ginger Soup: 30g ginger, slightly simmered, 1g pepper.

At the end of the study, add decoction.

  From “Sheng Hui Fang”.

The formula is warm and moderate, and the effect of stopping vomiting is better.

Stomach for vomiting and coldness.


Red dates pepper balls: 7 jujubes, pitted, add 7 peppers each, tie them with a string, steam until they are very ripe, and mash them into pills.

Take 0 every time.

1g, send warm water.

  From “Bai Cao Jing”.

This recipe uses pepper temperature to relieve pain, and jujube is mainly used to protect the spleen and stomach and reduce the irritating effect of pepper on the stomach.

For stomach cold and abdominal pain.

  Aromatherapy black pepper has a strong, irritating taste, and some black peppers can achieve a good therapeutic effect.

Especially for immediate inspiration and supplementary benefits.

In addition, it was clinically found in aromatherapy that the spicy scent passed by black pepper can not only melt a woman’s sexual coldness, but also lacks interest in middle-aged men, so it is a wonderful bathing oil for couples to increase their interest.

  [Precautions for cooking black pepper]First, it should not be too long when cooking with meat, because black pepper contains piperine, piperine, volatile oil and a small amount of oil. The spicy and fragrant flavor was lost long ago.
  Second, mastering the seasoning concentration and keeping the heat can make the spicy flavor more intense.

  Due to the high heat of pepper, it is easy for people to have yang in the body, so it is best not to eat more each time, at 0.

About 3 grams-about 1 gram is more appropriate.

In addition, people who are inflamed and get angry should temporarily ban pepper, otherwise they will be more likely to get angry.