Baby eating cabbage = good health comes

Baby eating cabbage = good health comes

Calcium supplement-Chinese cabbage Chinese cabbage has high nutritional value, and it is also a vegetable we often eat.

  Chinese cabbage is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron and supplementary fiber, carotene, a small amount of protein, trace amounts, carbohydrates, vitamins and so on.

  Chinese cabbage consumes fiber and vitamin A, and the content of vitamin C is relatively high, which will greatly help the baby’s initial health, vision development and immunity improvement.

  For babies who accumulate food, it also has the effect of digestion; for babies who have cough due to lung fever, it has the effect of clearing the lungs and relieving cough.

  The content of zinc in cabbage is also among the best in vegetables, which has a good effect on improving baby’s immunity and promoting brain development.

  Cabbage juice ingredients: 30 grams of tender cabbage leaves.

  Method: Soak the cabbage leaves with saline for about 5 minutes, then rinse them with water and squeeze them into juice.

  Nutrition inventory: The most comprehensive nutrition for raw cabbage, but be sure to wash the pesticide residues on the vegetables before giving it to the baby.

  Suitable for babies aged 5 months and over.

  Creamy cabbage soup ingredients: 20 grams of cabbage, the right amount of formula milk powder.

  Practice: 1.

Soak the cabbage in salt water for 5 minutes, rinse it with water, and then chop.


Add water to the boil and boil the cabbage. Cook over low heat for a while.


Remove the crushed cabbage, cool the cabbage water to normal temperature, add formula milk powder and mix thoroughly.

  Suitable for babies aged 6 months and over.

  Tips: Cabbage will produce nitrite during the decay process, which will cause hemoglobin in the blood to lose its ability to carry oxygen, cause severe hypoxia in the human body, and even endanger life.Can’t eat the cabbage.