Drinking tea can not only make you feel better, but also beauty

Drinking tea can not only make you feel better, but also beauty

A pot of water, a cup, a few slices of tea, and a fall is a poetic world.

In the fresh tea fragrance, do you feel extra comfortable?

In fact, drinking tea is not to cultivate people’s temperament, but can it help you to beautify it?

Don’t believe it, let’s ask the experts now, what is the beauty effect of tea!

  Women are like tea. Tea also moisturizes women.

A writer of the Song Dynasty, a poem by Su Dongpo tells the relationship between women and tea-never like a good woman.

There is an inextricable connection between women and tea.

Nowadays, Chengdu women have a new Tea Classic, which is tea beauty.

Modern scientific and technological research shows that tea has numerous beauty effects.

You must not miss such a good opportunity to be a beautiful “La Traviata”.

  Drinking tea and picking up a “big deal” Wu Zhenqiu, the director of Chengdu Dahua Medical Cosmetic Hospital, said with a smile that the good figure of a Chengdu woman may be related to her love for tea.

In fact, the Journal of the American Nutrition Association has confirmed that green tea does have a weight-loss effect and an anti-cancer effect.

It is common for many Chengdu women to drink leftover tea and tea leaves.

This is really wasteful.

  do you know?

Tea can be used for drinking, but also for other wonderful uses. Some say shampooing, face washing, bathing . Xiao Shuhong, director of the skin and beauty department of Chengdu Chinese Garden, said that the beauty of tea beauty lies in tea polyphenols and various vitamins.

They work wonders to scavenge free radicals, delay aging and prevent cancer.

  Tea tea lined with beauty tea and women have an inextricable fate.

The fifth bowl of Lu Tong’s “Xie Meng Xun Yi Xinyi Tea”-“Five bowls of clear skin.”

Helps women clear their skin, and really makes women love it.

Of course, as with pinna, beauty with tea is also particular about it.

The poor selection of tea leaves will affect the beauty effect.

  If you want a good cosmetic effect, you must choose Qingming tea.

Qingming tea is the first bud of tea in the Spring Festival.

Anyone who knows tea knows that tea is divided into seasons, which are divided into spring tea, summer tea, autumn tea, and winter tea.

Therefore, Qingming tea is the best product of the year.

“Fenfen Tea” and “Spring Equinox Tea” are the most precious and are the best of spring tea.

  Why is that?

Because the temperature in spring is moderate and the rainfall is abundant, the Qingming tea has a green color and soft leaves.

In addition, spring tea is generally free of diseases and insect pests, no pesticides are used, tea is non-polluting, and there are many vitamins and amino acids.

Especially the green tea in Qingming tea has the best cosmetic effect because of its high tea polyphenols and high vitamin content.

  Drinking tea should be forbidden for most people, more than, older people, female replacement is better.

One cup each time, about 150 ml.

2 every day?
3 cups.

  People with a cold stomach should not drink too much tea, especially green tea. Excessive amounts will cause gastrointestinal upset.

Neurasthenia and insomnia, it is not advisable to drink tea before going to bed, not to drink strong tea, otherwise it will worsen insomnia.

  Women who are breastfeeding should also drink less tea, because tea has an astringent effect on milk.
High temperature in summer, the human body sweats a lot, the body fluid consumption is large, should drink green tea.
When adding green tea, adding apple slices or crumbs will produce an effective substance, which is more effective in preventing cancer and anti-aging.

  Green tea should be brewed in glass, porcelain or tea bowl.

  Green tea powder is an ultrafine powder of green tea, which has good antioxidant and sedative effects.

Reduces fatigue.

It is rich in vitamin C. Among them, flavonoids can enhance the antioxidant effect of vitamin C. This flavonoid is also a precious nutrient, so it has a precious effect on maintaining skin whitening and youth.

  ※ Lotus leaf tea tea recipe: 2 grams of green tea powder, lotus leaf 3 money.

  Practice: brew with boiling water, drink as a drink.

  Efficacy: dry mouth, dry acne, bad blood gas, soft and weak facial skin, and good effect on obesity.

  ※ Hakka tea tea recipe: green tea powder, barley kernel powder each amount.

  Method: Put the green tea powder in a bowl, add some fried coix seed powder (milled rice flour, soybean meal), add cream and stir well, brew with hot boiling water and place.

  Efficacy: Nourish and beauty, make skin tender, and diuretic.