[Can Ming staff eat it?]

[Can Ming staff eat it?]

Ming employees are very common among food additives, and Ming employees have a very good water purification effect, which allows all impurities in the water to settle down.

Ming staff also has a very good dehydration effect, which can be used for secondary processing of aquatic products.

In general, there are many uses for Ming staff, and it is also a very efficient chemical reagent.

However, Ming employees also have some toxicity.

So, can Ming staff eat it?

What is the staff member? The staff member is a legal additive. It is used as an acid agent in compound leavening agents commonly used by many staff members. How much is available?

Our common leavening agent baking powder that is irreplaceable in baking contains a clear human body. The clear human body reacts with carbonates to generate gas, which causes the facial embryo to rise and form a dense porous tissue, making the product bulky and soft.Or crispy; at the same time control the reaction speed and fully improve the effectiveness of the leavening agent.

In addition, food pH can be adjusted.

For aquatic products such as jellyfish, it is a clear and indispensable dehydrating agent.

The Ming staff members were acidic after encountering water, and alternately kept the jellyfish in a solidified state, while increasing the elasticity of the jellyfish while having a certain thickness.

Ming employees also occasionally added surimi products, such as edible fish skin, in the process of processing, mainly playing a role in color protection, anti-oxidation and coagulation.

In addition, food-grade clerks are used as anticoagulants and thickeners in puddings; in vegetable canned foods, pH is converted; as preservatives and dehydrating agents in pickles such as pickles; as coagulants and thickeners in cheeseAgent; used as a colorant in some specific wines or to accelerate the clarification of some spirits.

The Ming staff used food additives since ancient times. In fact, as early as the Song and Yuan Dynasties, the Ming staff had a wide range of applications in food processing such as aquatic product processing, vegetable processing, and fruit storage. It is considered to be a sign of mature food processing and production technology.One.
The hydrophobic agents, color retention agents, and preservatives used in the seafood mentioned above are the same as those used in the Song and Yuan aquatic products processing technology.

At that time, people also liked to use alum-containing leech vegetables to keep the vegetables fresh using the alum’s antioxidant properties.

Soak the fruit with Ming Ming water, and use the pectinate gel formed by aluminum and pectin in the Ming Ming staff to prevent the cells from disintegrating and make the fruit crispy.

In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, people began to use alum as a meat preservative.

What is the staff, can you eat it?

Legal food additives are harmful if they are used in excess. Although food additives have been used in preventive work for a long time, modern research has found that the clear human body is harmful to human health, mainly reflected in the chronic accumulation of metal element aluminum in the body.

It is difficult to exclude aluminum in Ming staff after being absorbed by the body, accumulate in the body, damage the brain and nerve cells, and may cause symptoms such as brain atrophy and dementia.

Absolutely, many studies point to a close relationship between aluminum and senile dementia.

Aluminum accumulated in the human body may also cause anemia and osteoporosis.