Expert confusion-psychological barriers to job search

Expert confusion: psychological barriers to job search

On the 6th, Xiao Sun, a recent college graduate from a university in Dalian, told reporters that the recent tensions caused by job search made him sleepy, and he turned to a psychologist before realizing that he had a “psychology under certain circumstances and conditions.”Condition reflex”-to put it simply, there is a “psychological disorder”.

  Xiao Sun studied business administration at the university.

About to leave school two weeks ago, he confidently handed his resume to a long-cherished large company, but he did not expect to accept it negatively.

Later, Xiao Sun passed his resume to the sustainable unit.

While waiting, Xiao Sun was like a demon, constantly looking at his mobile phone and constantly refreshing his e-mail box to check for new mail.

He said that he was most afraid of missed calls on his mobile phone. When he found out, he was like an enemy and hurried to return the phone, for fear that the employer would call him.

“When I hear a cell phone ring in a public place, I always suspect it is my own, although the type of ringtone is obviously not my own.

Xiao Sun said that he often knew that his cell phone didn’t ring at all, but he couldn’t help looking at it, and he felt uncomfortable without looking at him.

  The tormented Xiao Sun turned to a psychologist on the advice of his classmate. The defendant was told that he had a “psychological disorder”, a “reflexion of psychological conditions in a specific environment and under certain conditions”, and needed psychological adjustment.

  Relevant psychologists told reporters that the pressure on employment is shifting to graduates. After the resume resumes, they have been looking forward to the employer’s phone or text message. Although they are nervous at the same time, the state of expectation will gradually appear. “Specific environment, specific conditions.Psychological conditioning. ”

If it is not timely and effective self-regulation or psychological counseling treatment, serious symptoms such as “phantom hearing” may occur.

Experts suggest that graduates should have a right attitude when looking for a job, relax, and don’t leave physiology in high tension for a long time.

Once the above problems occur, you can think of something better to distract you, and if necessary, seek the help of an expert.