[Do you eat aubergines?]_Aubergine_spots_plaques

[Do you eat aubergines?]_Aubergine_spots_plaques

Eggplant is a food that is often eaten on the dining table, and some people are worried that eating too much eggplant will cause spots. In fact, eating eggplant will not cause spots on the body. The factors of the spots include genetic factors, endocrine factors, and the skin is not intendedCare caused.

1. Does eating eggplant become freckles that become shells?

the answer is negative.

In contrast, eggplant has certain disadvantages to the skin, especially for freckles.

Eggplant has a certain beauty effect, because it is one of the vegetables with the highest moisture content, eating more eggplant can replenish skin moisture.

At the same time, eggplant is rich in vitamin E, which has anti-aging function and has a positive effect on preventing freckles.

However, as a daily vegetable, the beauty effect of eggplant has only a relative effect. It must be prevented or treated. 2 Genetic factors.

99% of freckles are inherited, and cocoa is inherited for multiple generations. Children generally start to show freckles after 6-7 years of age. Freckles will grow more often and the color will increase with age.

People with hereditary freckles should pay special attention to sun protection and choose whitening cosmetics suitable for their skin type.

3. Endocrine disorders.

Excessive stress or emotional ups and downs, leading to disrupted metabolic balance, or women’s internal secretion disorders after taking contraceptives. At this time, when the body is sensitive, nutrient supply in the body tends to be slow, and pigment mother cells grow actively and will easily appearfreckle.
4. Eating or excessively cleaning the skin.

Some foods tend to precipitate into melanin after entering the body, such as cheese.

People with freckles themselves should pay attention to this aspect of the diet.

Some people become sensitive because of excessive cleansing of the skin.