[Guide to Cumin Lamb Chops]_ Cumin Lamb Chops _ How to do _ Practice Daquan

[Guide to Cumin Lamb Chops]_ Cumin Lamb Chops _ How to do _ Practice Daquan

Many people like to eat cumin lamb chops, but most people think that the process of making this food is actually more troublesome. In fact, after introducing these methods, you will find that delicious cumin lambRowing can also be done easily at home.

Method 1: 1. Wash the lamb chops and cut them into pieces. The size of the pieces is arbitrary.

2. Fill the soup pot with fresh water, and enter the lamb chops in cold water. Bring to a boil on high heat, then use a spoon to skim off the froth, reduce to low heat, add cooking wine, spring onions, ginger slices to fishy, slowly cook and stew the lamb chops.It will be delicious at one point. Don’t forget to add the salt to taste the flavor, or you can leave it alone, and add salt when frying later.


Remove the stewed lamb chops, control the water, pour the oil in the frying pan and heat, then add the lamb chops, fry slowly over low heat, and sprinkle the pepper noodles while frying. Cumin seeds, salt, pepper and cumin can be repeatedSprinkle more. It will be more spicy if it is spicy. It will be golden on the surface, and it will be fragrant and spicy. It is good as a side dish.
You can also fry with garlic.

Method two, material: main ingredients: lamb chops auxiliary materials: cumin powder, cumin seasoning: rice wine, sugar, curry powder, soy sauce method 1, wash the lamb chops and cut into pieces of ribs and then add various seasonings one by oneGrasp it with your hands.

2. After picking it up, and pickling it for one day, you need to remove it for a while and massage it a little bit to make it more evenly flavored.

3. After pickling, add it to a baking sheet lined with tin foil and add corn oil.

4. Then wrap the tin foil. Do not cover the tin foil too tightly. The middle arch is slightly ventilated. Bake at 180 degrees for an hour.

5, then open the surface of the tin foil, and continue to roast for another 10 minutes, so that the lamb chops and juice to color and dry.

Nutritional value 1, warm lamb, eat lamb often in winter, can increase human variables, resist cold, but also increase digestive enzymes, protect the stomach wall, repair gastric mucosa, help the spleen and stomach digestion, and help anti-aging;Mutton is rich in nutrients and has great benefits for tuberculosis, bronchitis, hypertension, anemia, postpartum qi and blood deficiency, abdominal cold pain, cold and cold, malnutrition, weak waist and knees, impotence and premature ejaculation, and all debilitating cold.; With kidney and impotence, tonic temperature and other effects, men are suitable for regular consumption.