10 reasons to think twice before getting married

10 reasons to think twice before getting married

There are thousands of reasons why people get married, and many times it’s not because someone else has sought the other half of life.

Currently, in some big cities, one in five couples is divorced.

Such a high divorce rate is mostly due to the failure to establish a correct view of marriage before marriage.

Dear group, if you are planning to get married for the following reasons, please think twice.

  First, marriage can improve the relationship between two people. A pair of lovers have been together for a long time, and the passion will gradually fade like red wine with ice cubes, but they will not give up this relationship and start again with another person.

At this time, naturally comes to mind: marriage and Xu can make the two reconciled as before.

Is this really the case?


In fact, such things never happen.

As soon as the honeymoon is over, the conflict between the two will widen and the problems will increase.

Wanting to improve relationships through marriage is purely naive.

  Second, the difficulties of getting married are easy to come by. Perhaps you always hope to find a suitable lover, you will no longer be lonely and low; when you find it, you will find that you are still lonely and low.

Why is this so?

You will ask.

Maybe marriage can change all this.

actually not.

  Third, marriage due to older age According to surveys, people will start to think about marriage when they are 25 years old.

By the age of thirty, anyone who has a career anyway is eager to find a life partner.

Eighty-five percent get married at least once in their lifetime.

Everyone sets himself a marriage age.

If marriage is not settled after this age, most people will panic.

Once you find a person, it is easy to make a hasty decision because you are afraid of losing your chance.

  Fourth, marry for children If you marry in accordance with the principle that your child finds a good father, in the future you may find that the person you choose is neither suitable as a child’s father or as your own husband.

Keep in mind that you are obliged to create a warm and comfortable home for your child, but this does not mean that you must marry the first person who is interested in your child.

  Fifth, marriage can be controlled by pregnant parents According to surveys, half of young people are eager to get their parents to control marriage.

Based on this motivation, you are likely to choose someone who is out of step with your parents, which is a rebellious psychology.

Sometimes you think that only marriage will convince your parents that you are fully grown up.

Unless you and the person you are marrying truly love each other, you must know: the care of your parents can only bring you happiness, not disaster.

  Sixth, the side-by-side slamming of married relatives and friends under pressure from others sometimes creates great pressure.

Especially when you have doubts and underestimate yourself, it is easy to be talked about by others.

But you know, once your marriage fails, these people say, “I said long ago not to marry him.

“Seven. Marry under pressure from the other person. Maybe you don’t believe it, but someone does get married because of gratitude.”

Because some people feel bad about themselves or divorced.

I thought it would be nice if someone wanted to be myself, so I hurriedly got married.

  Eight, marriage is full of impulse, and marriage is likely to fail because of impulse, but many people still like it.

When a time-tested relationship ends, it usually takes a long time to calm down.

If someone enters by then, the success factor will be very large.

Suppose you want to stimulate someone who left you before by marrying someone. Don’t forget that you may regret it yourself.Because when he wakes up, you can already be someone else’s wife.

  Nine, married under the illusion of love. When people fall in love, they often see the advantages of the other party, causing defects to often look down on innocent.

People who get married at first sight without a long-term test will always have an unhappy ending.

After marriage, reality reveals all illusions and illusions.

  X. Getting married as a bride may be ridiculous as a reason for marriage, but it’s still easy.

Some people don’t marry in order to be concentric with each other, and they are eager to taste the taste of being a bride.

Look at the wedding photo studio on the street, the image of the bride in it, but how many girls have wonderful dreams!

In addition, envy of others can lead to longing for the wedding.

When friends are in an antique wedding, and the room is full of various gifts, it is easy to make people feel pity.

  So, to a certain extent, two people can get married?

Experts suggest that there are three stages from the development of lovers to couples.

The first stage is the “love” phase of the brain.

At this time, the two people tend to focus only on the place between each other, and are familiar with the differences without tears.

Both gave up their personalities in order to get along.

However, this stage will not last forever, thus entering the second stage.

At this stage, both of them will start to seek independence, and they want to find themselves in the intimate relationship between you and me, which will definitely cause collision.

The final stage is when the two are deeply satisfied with each other.

At this time, both people can find themselves and re-establish their position in the relationship.

This is the time to get married.