[How to make dry vegetables]_How to make_How to make

[How to make dry vegetables]_How to make_How to make

At present, people do not like to eat big fish and big meat, just because they eat enough big fish and big meat, and because eating too much big fish and big meat is not good for their health.

People are more inclined to eat some vegetables. Dry vegetables are a good choice. Dry vegetables are also called amaranth, which is a kind of herbaceous plant and belongs to the annual.

There are many ways to make it, you can cook it cold and cook it, so how do you prepare arid dishes?

First, cold salad 1/6 dry vegetables, all the leaves are exposed to the outside, and there is more soil on the surface. When washing, be sure to wash it several times, and try to rinse it with a water pipe at the last time.

2/6 Washed arid dishes should be put in boiling water, stirring occasionally, about 3?
After 5 minutes, the dry dishes are cooked and then removed immediately.

3/6 When fishing dry vegetables, suspend them for a while to reduce the water and prevent too much dried vegetable soup. The dried dried vegetables should be left in the basin for a while to become cold.

The 4/6 cold dishes should be cut into small pieces on the chopping board, which is more convenient to eat.

5/6 add seasoning. This step directly affects the final taste of dry vegetables. I use hemp sauce to make the main seasoning, then put in the smashed garlic, and then add a little chicken essence and stir well.

6/6 If you have sesame at home, you can put a little more, and you can eat it with a single tap!

Second, garlic dry vegetables 1.

Choose dry dishes, go to old, soak in water and knead clean 2.

Squeeze clean water, garlic and set aside 3.

Oily heat, exploding garlic 4.

Pour in dry dishes, stir-fry with chopsticks, and season 5.

In plate three, stir-fried dried vegetables 1/10 to remove the dried leaves of dried vegetables.

2/10 Soak the dry vegetables in the sink and wash away the impurities.

Drain the water 3/10 and set aside.

Inject about 25 ml of cooking oil into a 4/10 pot.

Bring to 60% heat.

5/10 Pour dry vegetables into a wok and fry for about one minute.

6/10 add coaxial salt to taste.

7/10 add the right amount of lard.

After 8/10 salt is added, dry dishes will produce water.

9/10 added some fresh soy sauce to make our meals more delicious.

The 10/10 fire takes one minute to collect the juice out of the pot.