[Efficacy and role of South African leaves]_Maybe_Benefits

[Efficacy and role of South African leaves]_Maybe_Benefits

The South African leaf may not be well known to everyone, and even this plant has never been seen in life, but in fact its medicinal value is more diverse than ordinary Chinese medicinal materials, and it is even possibleIt can be used to treat some cancer diseases. If you check out the cancer yourself during the test, you can use this Chinese herbal medicine to assist the treatment. The therapeutic effect of this herbal medicine is very good.

Both sesquivanone and vernidin in South African leaves have strong anticancer pharmacological activities.

Clinical application: Decoction of South African leaf can treat fever, malaria, diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis, scabies, cough, headache and stomach pain, etc., with antioxidant properties, liver protection, gastric acid secretion, blood lipid lowering, anti-pneumoprotozoa andAnticancer effect.

Southeast Asian folk uses South Africa leaf to treat cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer and many other cancers.

South African leaf taste bitter and cold, with heat-clearing and detoxifying effects; functional heat dissipation, cooling blood and blood clearing; suitable for blood pressure, cholesterol lowering, diabetes, rheumatic or blood-heat skin diseases, and itching of skin;Presbyopia, myopia and glaucoma also have significant effects.

South African leaf oxidants and antioxidants, and antioxidants have the ability to resist the attack of free radicals (commonly known as oxidants or malignant cells, or “cancer”) and prevent cell oxidation. If an “enemy” wants to attack body cells, the antioxidant will firstThis is a knife for the body to protect the body, so it has anti-cancer effects.

Clinically, useful South African leaves are used to regulate hypertension, diabetes, uric acid and diabetes, that is, use South African leaf leaves, 3 to 5 brewed or boiled water to replace, and the effect can be seen in a short time after taking, such as those with hypertensionAfter taking a short time, people will feel more relaxed.

In severe cases, you can drink continuously for 8 to 10 days. Once the condition improves, you should change to 1 or 2 times a week.

Such herbs can be consumed for long periods without extremes.

As health care, it is bitter and cold, so the body is weak, stomach cold, hypotension, paralysis of hands and feet, anemia, skinny and often dizzy, take it with caution or observe from a small dose, pregnant women, during the moon.

When South African leaves are cooked at high temperatures, the antioxidants are reduced, so eating raw works best.

2 main ways to eat 1.

Two slices of South African leaves and a green apple (red apples are no better than green apples) are stirred into juice.

This method has the best effect on cancer treatment.


Spread two slices of bread with your favorite jam, with a South African leaf in between.


The South African leaves are washed and folded into a small group, which is chewed at the entrance. It can be washed with cold water, but it must be able to bear its bitterness;Already.


Dried South African leaves, suitable for young and old when brewed with tea.