How to treat melasma

How to treat melasma

Click to buy melasma has a close relationship with diet, so how do you treat melasma?

Long-term lack of glutathione in the diet, recombination of tyrosine in the skin to form a dopa mutation, oxidation of the long sticks to dopamine, the formation of melanin, and pigmentation.

Therefore, a reasonable diet has a certain effect on the macula.

The following is a description of several methods for removing speckle foods.

  First, Magnolia fragrant with pork elbow raw materials: 15 grams of Magnolia officinalis, 10 grams of fragrant onion, 15 grams of coriander shell, 6 grams of Chuanxiong, 500 grams of pork elbow, method: crush 4 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine and put them into gauze bags,Add it to the casserole with pork elbow, add the right amount of water, boil it with huohuo, skim off the foam, and simmer with simmered fire until cooked. Remove the medicine pack, add an appropriate amount of wine, salt, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, sugar, etc., and simmer for a while, that is,Edible.

  Efficacy: It is suitable for patients with unsightly complexion, yellow-brown spotted rash, stuffy chest and bloating, irregular menstruation, reddish tongue, and pulse strings.

  Second, the raw materials of Huoxue Purifying Tea: safflower, tangerine peel 30 grams each, cassia seed, coix seed, houttuynia cordata, 60 grams each.

  Method: Fry Coix Seeds and Cassia Seeds over a low heat for later use. Houttuynia cordata, Artemisia sylvestris, and Chenpi are washed, chopped, and dried for later use.

Safflower is mixed with the above medicines and stored.

Take 15 grams of the mixed product daily, put it in a cup, and brew it with boiling water. It can be brewed repeatedly 3-4 times.

  Efficacy: It has the functions of promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, moisturizing the skin, removing dark spots, and clearing heat and detoxifying.

Suitable for dark spots on the face and dark spots caused by sunlight.

  Three, Hawthorn Kudzu root stewed pork ribs raw materials: Hawthorn 30g, Kudzu root 500g, Chenpi 30g, ribs 500g, salt solution.

  Method: Wash the hawthorn meat, pueraria root, peel, ribs, pueraria root, cut into pieces, cut into long pieces; add an appropriate amount of water to the clay pot and boil until boiled, then put in all the ingredients, use medium heat and continue to simmerAdd salt to taste.

  Efficacy: Activating blood to remove blood stasis, can be retinal melasma.

It can also be used as a dry mouth, bitter mouth, dry body, and loss of appetite.

Baby eating cabbage = good health comes

Baby eating cabbage = good health comes

Calcium supplement-Chinese cabbage Chinese cabbage has high nutritional value, and it is also a vegetable we often eat.

  Chinese cabbage is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron and supplementary fiber, carotene, a small amount of protein, trace amounts, carbohydrates, vitamins and so on.

  Chinese cabbage consumes fiber and vitamin A, and the content of vitamin C is relatively high, which will greatly help the baby’s initial health, vision development and immunity improvement.

  For babies who accumulate food, it also has the effect of digestion; for babies who have cough due to lung fever, it has the effect of clearing the lungs and relieving cough.

  The content of zinc in cabbage is also among the best in vegetables, which has a good effect on improving baby’s immunity and promoting brain development.

  Cabbage juice ingredients: 30 grams of tender cabbage leaves.

  Method: Soak the cabbage leaves with saline for about 5 minutes, then rinse them with water and squeeze them into juice.

  Nutrition inventory: The most comprehensive nutrition for raw cabbage, but be sure to wash the pesticide residues on the vegetables before giving it to the baby.

  Suitable for babies aged 5 months and over.

  Creamy cabbage soup ingredients: 20 grams of cabbage, the right amount of formula milk powder.

  Practice: 1.

Soak the cabbage in salt water for 5 minutes, rinse it with water, and then chop.


Add water to the boil and boil the cabbage. Cook over low heat for a while.


Remove the crushed cabbage, cool the cabbage water to normal temperature, add formula milk powder and mix thoroughly.

  Suitable for babies aged 6 months and over.

  Tips: Cabbage will produce nitrite during the decay process, which will cause hemoglobin in the blood to lose its ability to carry oxygen, cause severe hypoxia in the human body, and even endanger life.Can’t eat the cabbage.

Create transparent baby muscle


Create transparent baby muscles

Let the skin return to the baby-like tenderness, and realize the ultimate wish of a woman wishing to return to old age, which can be achieved only by the basic makeup method. Do you believe it?

We have gathered 6 magics for you to help you create a baby muscle that looks really natural and beautiful.

  Magic 1 makes dark yellow adult muscles become transparent-Please use alternative makeup before the milk. This is the first step, and it is also the basis for adjusting the skin so that the skin is not cloudy and full of transparency.

“Appropriate amount + right place” is the key when applying makeup cream!

It is not a full face smear, only the size of the pearl is applied to the forehead, cheekbones and chin, and then it is spread from the inside (the direction of the contour of the face).

  Adult muscles will have some flaws and color casts to make such skin “transparent” transparent and healthy. You need to master the “discoloration” effect of different colors before makeup cream: 1 blue makeup cream has a sense of transparency, Can make dull skin become transparent.

  2 Purple makeup cream can bring natural blood color to the skin, suitable for people with yellow complexion.

  3. The yellow makeup cream can cover red blood and dark circles.

  4 Pearl White Make-up Cream can bring a shiny finish.

  Magic 2 T-zone cover – matte beauty film that makes the skin look more delicate. In the T-shaped zone, which is easy to oil and remove makeup, use a gel that can cover the pores and bumps and make the skin more delicate and moist.Pre-makeup cream is the best choice.

The makeup with pearl glitter effect will enlarge the pores and blackheads.

  Single product liquid foundation achieves high transparency makeup effect Magic 3 The commonly used single product liquid foundation achieves high transparency makeup secret-a small amount + quick foundation can only bring good transparency to the skin.

Therefore, when choosing a liquid foundation, you must first ensure that it has a fine powder and can fit the skin well. It will not “clump” or “clump” when applied to wooden boards. Those who care about wrinkles should choose a highly moisturizing foundation, Usually the application method, two keys are very important: 1 small amount, the size of mung bean grains (the specific amount varies from person to person), only use the middle finger and ring finger first two knuckles to dip and then use the temperature of the fingerApply to the side contours quickly.

  2 After coating, pat with a clean powder puff, which can absorb excess oil and improve the adhesion of the liquid foundation.

  Magic 4 hides dark circles and small wrinkles around the eye-concealer is the most important part of eye concealer. It is only applied on the depression of the lower eyelid, and then spread evenly with your fingers. Do not overdo it.
Below the lower eyelid, and above the nose wing is the central triangle of the face. This spot is bright and uniform, and most of the skin looks very beautiful overall.

  Magic 5 penetrating loose powder-the last step to stimulate the potential transparency of pigmented muscles Many people may not know the nature of loose powders, and think how light and light covering powders can make perfect muscles?

We want experts here-loose powders that can be absorbed and overlapped can be said to be the most irreplaceable weapon for baby-like skin.

Because loose powder has high penetrating power, it can be absorbed and overlapped, which can make the perfect skin made in the previous base makeup step more natural.

First, use a powder puff to apply an appropriate amount of powder, rub it gently, and then apply it as if touching the skin. Starting from wider areas such as the cheeks, apply a smaller amount on the lower eyelid margin, which is prone to wrinkles.Apply more area.

  Magic 6 Proper Highlights and Coral Blushes – Extra Bonus Points for Baby Muscles. The secret highlight particles appear attractive on flawless youthful skin, but appearing on mature muscles is not necessarily a good thing.

Because improper application of the highlight position will enlarge the uneven defects, so only the most prominent part of the cheekbone position can be applied. This is similar to the letter C-shaped application, which can well show the “beauty face”””.

  Coral blush is the most suitable for Asian skin tones. It can be used at any age. What you need to consider when applying blush is “the contour of the baby’s face is somehow.”

The baby’s outline is round and full, so it becomes cheekbones when applying blush, and it is absorbed 45 degrees downwards to make it look more rounded. Use the skin to show the magic of “escape from reality”.

Demystifying the baby’s stench

Demystifying the baby’s stench

调整饮食是法宝  朱倩(女,28岁,护士)  我的女儿雪雪已经2岁零3个月了,周岁之内基本上都是母乳喂养,很少吃牛奶、米粥等代乳品,拉The stench has always been normal.
  However, after weaning, the feeding amount of milk was increased, and constipation gradually appeared. It was often pulled only once every two or three days, and the stool was stinky and hard.
Sometimes you have to resort to soap bars, even corkscrew, glycerin suppositories, etc.
  After consulting a pediatrician, we decided to start with adjusting our diet.
The first is to reduce the feeding amount of milk and replace it with soy milk, rice noodles, etc .; arrange a glass of vegetable juice or fruit juice every day or every other day, and drink half a cup of warm water in the morning.
  Persisted for a week, Xuexuela smelled a lot easier.
It seems that adjusting the diet is the magic weapon to deal with children’s constipation.
  Doctor’s comment: Ms. Zhu did grasp the secret to fundamentally preventing and treating baby constipation.
The main reasons that milk causes children to have different degrees of defecation are as follows: First, the content of calcium and casein in milk is too high, and it is easy to consume water and cause constipation; second, it is because some children are allergic to milk.
The former coping strategy is to dilute milk with water or add white sugar to the milk (5-8 grams of white sugar per 100 ml of milk); if it is the latter, milk can be replaced with soy milk.
  Breastfeeders, it is recommended that mothers eat more vegetables, fruits and foods rich in crude fiber, such as pumpkins and sweet potatoes.
At the same time, under the guidance of a doctor, take some lactic acid bacteria health food or yogurt to adjust the intestinal flora, or you can dissolve these in warm water and feed them directly to the child.
  Infants fed artificially can add sugar to milk (5-8 grams of white sugar per 100 milliliters of milk) or juice (such as tomato juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, jujube juice and other fruit juices) to stimulate the intestinesCreeping.
Older infants can add food supplements such as puree, minced vegetables, fruits, and porridge.
  Larger grains can be made by adding thicker cereals such as corn flour, millet, and oatmeal.
In 1-2 years of age, you can eat more coarse grains, sweet potatoes, carrots and vegetables, and those who have the conditions can add agar jelly.
  Children with constipation due to malnutrition should pay attention to supplement nutrition and gradually increase the amount of food. After the nutritional situation improves, the strength and tension of the abdominal muscles and intestinal muscles increase, and defecation naturally gradually unblocks.
  For children two or three years old, you can also use laxative foods, such as vegetable porridge (take 50 grams of rape or green vegetables, cook rice into porridge first, chop the vegetables when they are half cooked, and eat 1-2 times a day).
  Steamed sweet potatoes (take about 50 grams of sweet potatoes, wash and peel, slice and steam them once a day), sesame paste (take 15-20 grams of white sesame, smash, put in a pot, add an appropriate amount of sugar and water, and boilMake a paste with a small amount of coriander powder.
Take it once a night, drink a small amount of warm water and rinse your mouth after taking it).
  My family’s defecation training 志 Wang Zhi (Male, 32 years old, company employee) From 3 months after Li Li’s birth, we started training him.
  It should be done every morning or before bedtime. Regardless of the presence or absence of bowel movements, the purpose is to form a regular pattern, develop a habit, and pay attention to the signals before the bowel movements, such as daze, tremor or twist your legs.Take the opportunity to train the potty.
He has persisted, and Li Li has not experienced constipation so far.
  Doctor’s comment: A considerable number of children’s constipation stems from not having a regular bowel habit, which has caused the conditioned reflex to fail to form well.
Sometimes because of focusing on games and television, I have to endure bowel movements for a long time, causing the bowel movements to stay in the bowel for too long.
  The water is sucked and hardened by the intestinal wall.
Therefore, one of the effective ways to prevent and treat baby constipation (especially functional constipation) is to implement standardized defecation habit training from 3 months after birth to promote the early formation of conditioned reflex.
  The method is: after feeding in the morning, it is supported by adults with both hands, a potty or defecation chair, and it can be performed gradually for half a month to one month on time.
Don’t change the time arbitrarily after developing a habit.
For children with constipation, in addition to encouraging them to exercise more and eat more fiber-rich foods, they should also remind them to go to the toilet on time.
  我用按摩治便秘  石涛(男,27岁,公务员)   妞妞一岁半左右断奶后,吃了牛奶、米粥等常常不能顺利排便,轻者解便费力,小脸蛋儿急得通红,重的时候Had to use a soap bar or even open a dew.
Later I went to consult an old Chinese medicine practitioner.
The old man introduced two methods: one is to massage the abdomen, and the other is to drink honey water.
  So, every morning, my wife and I took turns to give Niuniu a massage, mainly gently rubbing the lower abdomen repeatedly, and then feeding 1 cup of warm water honey.
In addition, feed warm boiled water several times.
And urged her to regularly squat the potty.
This continued for two weeks and her constipation eased, and she never had to worry about her bowel problems again.
  Doctor’s comment: Massage has a good effect in preventing and treating constipation, but it is only suitable for children with functional constipation.The method is: let the child 4 fingers close together, the width from the index finger to the little finger (in centimeters) is a unit of measurement.

Then determine the massage point.

  There are 3 pairs of massage points: the first pair is located on the left and right sides of the navel, each measuring unit, plus 0 on each side.

5 cm; the second pair is outside the left and right hands.

From the middle of the flexion of the wrist joint, follow the direction of the cluster elbows, and go to the next unit of measurement; the third pair.

  First find the protruding bones found on the left and right feet and move up to the next measurement unit.

Massage at least once a day, or 30 minutes before a meal, or 1 hour after a meal, massage clockwise with your index or middle finger.

Each pair of massage points lasts 20 seconds, and usually takes effect after 2-3 weeks.

  Because honey contains beeswax, it also has a certain softening and laxative effect.

Take 30 ml each time with warm water.

However, it is not suitable for infants under the age of one, because the normal flora relationship has not been established in the baby at this stage, and botulinum contamination in honey is likely to cause poisoning.

  Previous cases have been reported abroad in this regard.

After the age of one year, the internal normal flora can be established, and the ban can be opened, but food can be used.

Celery, wolfberry, lily, soothe the nerves

Celery, wolfberry, lily, soothe the nerves

I went to the hotel for dinner two days ago and asked the waiter to recommend a vegetarian dish.

The waiter was very professional and thought, “Come and fry lily with celery and wolfberry. This dish is very nutritious and has a high click rate.

The dishes are up, the green celery, the plump red wolfberry, the transparent and pure lilies, the appearance is fresh and pleasant, the taste is refreshing and delicious, and the meaning of family fun is well received by everyone.

  According to experts, celery has the functions of calming the liver and lowering blood pressure, sedating and soothe the nerves, diuretic and swelling, anti-cancer and anti-cancer, etc. The crude fiber can also help intestinal peristalsis, detoxify and beauty, can moisturize the lungs, and prevent cancerGood dietary materials.

  Lily is sweet, slightly cold, returning to the lungs, heart meridian, can nourish the lungs and relieve cough, and clear the heart and soothe the nerves.

It is mainly used for the treatment of pulmonary fever, cough, hemoptysis with fatigue, anxiety, and insomnia.

  Chinese wolfberry is not to mention, it is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine dietary health care product which is widely used in daily life.

It can nourish kidney and essence, nourish liver and eyesight, nourish blood and soothe nerves, nourish thirst, nourish lungs and cough.

These three kinds of Chinese medicinal materials together can be described as a golden partner. Often eating the carbonized parts of these three Chinese medicinal materials can clear away heat, nourish yin, moisturize, and dry, with good results.

  This dish is usually relatively simple to make. The specific method is: remove the old skin and pedicle of the fresh lily, disassemble and wash.

If it is a dry lily, soak it in water and let it drain.

Remove the old tendons from the celery, wash, cut into oblique slices, soak the wolfberry in water, drain and set aside.

  Put the celery in boiling water and simmer, add it to the ice water quickly after draining, and drain it for later use.

Heat the wok, add the oil, and heat to 50%. Add the celery and stir-fry quickly.

Add the lily and stir fry quickly. After the lily is slightly transparent, add wolfberry and stir fry, add salt, chicken essence and other condiments.

  This dish is especially suitable for those with weak lungs, menopausal women, and neurasthenia. However, it should be reminded that those with cold and cough, spleen and stomach, and thin stools should not eat more.

Black pepper

Black pepper

[Sexual flavor and guijing]Xin, hot.

Back to the stomach, large intestine.

  [Functions and Indications]Dispersing cold in the middle temperature, lowering qi, reducing phlegm.

For stomach vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, loss of appetite, epilepsy and more sputum.

  [Storage]Store in a cool, dry place and keep it tightly closed.

  [Manufacturing method]Remove impurities and ash.

Crush into fine powder when using.


“Tang Materia Medica”: the master is angry, warm, removes phlegm, removes viscera and strokes, and is cold.


“Herbal medicinal herbs”: Deficiency of appetite, coldness, hangovers, cholera qi reversal, pericardial dysfunction, cold air rushing, and kindness.


“Rihuazi Materia Medica”: adjust the five internal organs, stop cholera, cold and pain in the heart and belly, strengthen the kidney qi, the main cold, kill all fish, meat, crickets, arthritis poison.


“Materia Medica”: the treatment of blood gas tingling after delivery, treatment of blood stagnation and pain.


“Outline”: warming the stomach, removing cold, dampness, nausea, asthenia due to bloating and cold, yin and poisoning, and painful tooth floating.

  Medicinal value As with all Oriental spices, pepper and a long history of using spices and medicines.

Taste with stronger flavor is usually the drug of choice, but both pepper and black pepper are used as drugs.

  Black peppercorn is an herb in India, a drug in Siddha and Unani medicine.

The 5th Century Book of Syrian Medicine (Syrian Medicine Book) states that pepper (probably actually referred to as dialtium) can treat constipation, diarrhea, ear pain, gangrene, hypertension, high blood pressure, kidney gas, hoarseness, indigestion, Insect bites, insomnia, joint pain, liver disease, lung disease, oral abscess, sunburn, dental caries and toothache.

In Chinese medicine, black pepper can be used to treat cold phlegm, food stasis, cold pain in the abdomen, nausea, vomiting water, diarrhea, cold diarrhea, and can also be used to detoxify food poisoning.

Many works after the 5th century also suggested pepper to treat eye diseases. Generally, the ointment made from pepper was placed directly on the eyes.

In modern medicine, there is no evidence that these treatments are effective; applying pepper directly to the eyes is very uncomfortable, and it may cause eye damage.

  Pepper has been thought of as sneezing for a long time; it is also considered today.

Some people think that piperine irritates the nostrils and makes people sneeze. Others think it is the function of pepper, and some people think that pepper is not a very effective sneezing agent.

However, few people have conducted experiments in a controlled environment to answer this question.

  Because pepper stimulates anesthesia, has undergone abdominal surgery or is a recipe for patients with diabetes, pepper should not appear: it is generally replaced with milder foods.

  Black pepper contains a small amount of safrole, a carcinogen.

  Therapeutic effect: pepper flavor, sexual heat, enter the stomach, large intestine; have the effect of warming and lowering the qi, eliminating phlegm and detoxifying; treating cold sputum and food accumulation, abdominal cold pain, nausea, vomiting water, diarrhea, cold soreSores, snake bites, dog bites; food poisoning.


Warm and cold: used for epigastric pain, vomiting caused by cold, and diarrhea and bowel caused by abdominal cold; 2.

Refreshing spleen and appetizing: A small dose of this product can increase appetite, have a bad effect on appetite, and indigestion. It has therapeutic value.

China’s Guangxi, Guangdong, Yunnan and other places are cultivated.

When the fruit at the base of the ear begins to turn red from autumn to the following spring, the ear is cut, dried or dried, and the fruit is removed because it is dark brown, called black pepper.

It can also be harvested when all the fruits turn red, soak in water for several days, wipe off the skin, and dry it, because the surface is off-white, it is called white pepper.


  [Performance]Weixin, hot sex.
Can appetizer and eat, disperse cold and relieve pain.
  [Reference]Contains volatile oil and spicy ingredients piperine, piperine.

  Pepper in the mouth can cause blood pressure to rise, and a heat sensation in the whole body or head.

Oral effect is similar to pepper, but less irritating, a small amount can strengthen the stomach and expel joint gas.

  [Use]Deficiency in the spleen and stomach, loss of appetite, or abdominal cold pain, vomiting, diarrhea.

  [Usage]For seasoning, decoction, or into pills, powder.

  [Caution]Consumption of food and fire will damage your eyes.

  [附方]  1.Pepper Ginger Soup: 30g ginger, slightly simmered, 1g pepper.

At the end of the study, add decoction.

  From “Sheng Hui Fang”.

The formula is warm and moderate, and the effect of stopping vomiting is better.

Stomach for vomiting and coldness.


Red dates pepper balls: 7 jujubes, pitted, add 7 peppers each, tie them with a string, steam until they are very ripe, and mash them into pills.

Take 0 every time.

1g, send warm water.

  From “Bai Cao Jing”.

This recipe uses pepper temperature to relieve pain, and jujube is mainly used to protect the spleen and stomach and reduce the irritating effect of pepper on the stomach.

For stomach cold and abdominal pain.

  Aromatherapy black pepper has a strong, irritating taste, and some black peppers can achieve a good therapeutic effect.

Especially for immediate inspiration and supplementary benefits.

In addition, it was clinically found in aromatherapy that the spicy scent passed by black pepper can not only melt a woman’s sexual coldness, but also lacks interest in middle-aged men, so it is a wonderful bathing oil for couples to increase their interest.

  [Precautions for cooking black pepper]First, it should not be too long when cooking with meat, because black pepper contains piperine, piperine, volatile oil and a small amount of oil. The spicy and fragrant flavor was lost long ago.
  Second, mastering the seasoning concentration and keeping the heat can make the spicy flavor more intense.

  Due to the high heat of pepper, it is easy for people to have yang in the body, so it is best not to eat more each time, at 0.

About 3 grams-about 1 gram is more appropriate.

In addition, people who are inflamed and get angry should temporarily ban pepper, otherwise they will be more likely to get angry.

Diabetes TCM Meal Series

Diabetes TCM Meal Series

The application of medicated diet is mainly based on the principles of syndrome differentiation and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine.

Although many foods have health effects on diabetes, different patients get different results after taking them.

Medicinal diet should be applied under the guidance of a doctor.


Spinach inner gold yam soup 250g fresh spinach, chicken inner gold 10g, raw yam 50g, refined salt, monosodium glutamate.

The internal gold is roasted and ground, spinach is washed and chopped, and the yam is washed and sliced.

Add the three things into the pot, add water to simmer the soup, and serve. Season each morning and evening.

It is especially suitable for those with thirst-proof syndromes due to liver-kidney yin deficiency, waist and knee weakness, frequent urination, and dry mouth and thirst.


hzh {display: none; }  2。Astragalus yam porridge Astragalus 30g, yam 60g (ground powder).

A total of 300ml of Astragalus Boiled Juice, remove the residue, add yam powder and stir it to make porridge. Take 1?
2 times.

People with diabetes for a long time and weak spleen and kidney.


Eucommia ulmoides ulmoides eucommia 15g, schisandra 5g, mutton 500g, vegetable oil 50g, ginger, spring onion, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate.

Eucommia, Schisandra decoction 40?
After 50 minutes, remove the residue and remove the impurities from the sirloin, cut into kidney flowers, wrap in the scallion sauce, stir-fry with oil, and mix with the eucommia schisandrae juice and seasoning for consumption.

People with diabetes, kidney deficiency, spontaneous sweating, and fatigue.


Huangjing steamed chicken Huangjing, Huai yam, Codonopsis ginseng, 30g each, 1 hen, ginger, chili, monosodium glutamate, salt and other appropriate amount.

Fast chicken, add the rest of the ingredients, steamed in a cage, and eat in portions.

Applicable to those with diabetic fatigue, weakness, and pulse deficiency.


Mulberry parasitic hen soup 30g mulberry parasitic, 10g red jujube, 30g Yuzhu, half of the old hen, ginger, salt, monosodium glutamate, and shallots.

The ingredients are washed and mixed. After the chicken is exploded with ginger, the other ingredients are put in a pot and boiled.
3 hours.

It is suitable for diabetic patients with limb numbness, pale complexion, dizziness, restrained tendons and veins, weak pulse, pale face and other symptoms.


Mother-of-pearl porridge mother-of-pearl 100g, 50g of previous rice, after washing mother-of-pearl, add water and cook for half an hour, leave soup and water, add rice to cook porridge.

It is suitable for fever, insomnia, red tongue, yellow fur, and strong pulses caused by diabetes complicated with infection.


Raw Dihuang Decoction 250g fresh raw yellow, previously 70g rice, seasoned with honey.

Raw Rehmannia cut finely, cook twice repeatedly, take the second 100 times?
Add 200ml to the cooked rice porridge, then add it to the honey and eat.

Suitable for diabetic patients with red tongue, hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, thirst, etc.


Safflower wine red flower 100g, white wine 500ml.
Fill the white sand cloth bag with safflower, tie it tightly, and drink it after sealing for one week.

25 daily?
30ml, delivered in portions.

Applicable to stasis and gangrene in patients with diabetes.

100 g of ginger root with yellow rice, 10 ml of ginger juice, 5 g of peanut oil, 5 g of salt, and 100 g of rice.

Scutellaria baicalensis is cut into sections, put into a bowl, and mixed with peanut oil, ginger juice, and salt.

Before the rice was washed, the drawer was steamed until the water was dry. Put the scallion on the surface of the rice and steam it on low heat for 20 minutes.

Tonic blood, spleen and stomach, for the prevention of Yin blood, weight loss, fatigue and other symptoms.


50g of beef with ginger sauce, 5g of ginger, 5g of soy sauce, 5g of peanut oil, 100g of rice, right amount of water.

Chop beef into minced meat and stir in peanut oil, soy sauce, and ginger.

When the rice is steamed until the water is dry, pour the ginger and ground beef on the surface of the rice and continue to steam for 15 minutes before serving.

With Buzhong Yiqi, Quhan stomach, strong muscles and strong bones.


Mussels Previously 100g of rice mussels (oysters), 10g of fresh ginger, 5g of cooking wine, 5g of tempeh, 5g of peanut oil, 100g of rice.

Marinate mussels with cooking wine, peanut oil, tempeh and fresh ginger.

When the rice is steamed until the water is dry, remove the mussels from the seasoning, place on the surface of the rice, simmer on low heat until cooked, and mix well.

This meal is good for the five internal organs, can replenish essence and blood, and stop sweating.

Eight Ways of Food Therapy in the Popular World

Eight Ways of Food Therapy in the Popular World

Nowadays, people are more and more advocating for healthy and natural treatments, and some treat diseases through diet.

Here are the eight most popular ways to eat in the world.

  ◆ Black tea to prevent flu Japanese scientists use black tea liquid that is lighter than normal black tea in the virus infected area for 5 seconds, and the virus will lose its infectivity.

To this end, researchers have suggested that in the high season of flu, people often drink black tea or stick to mouthwash with black tea water to prevent the flu.

  ◆ Vitamin B6 Diabetes Diabetes Except for France, Italy and Japan. Diabetes patients whose vitamin B6 is lower than normal value are supplemented with 100 mg of vitamin B6 daily. After 6 weeks, symptoms such as numbness and pain in the limbs will be reduced or disappeared.

Eating more flour B, flour, eggs, cabbage, dried yeast and other vitamin B6 foods is also effective in preventing diabetes.

  ◆ Milk dialysis bronchitis A recent survey by American scholars found that 31 of smokers have chronic bronchitis.

7% never drink milk, but less than 20% of those who drink milk daily have bronchitis.

The large amount of vitamin A contained in milk protects the bronchi and bronchial walls, reducing the risk of inflammation.

Although milk has many benefits, be careful!

  ◆ Royal Jelly Arthritis Arthritis scientists researched 200 arthritis patients and transformed them into a new treatment: Arthritis patients taking royal jelly once a day, their pain relief was as high as 50%, and joint flexibility was improved by 17%.

  ◆ Orange ulcer urinary tract infection American obstetricians and gynecologists have researched that people who are susceptible to urinary tract infections drink 300 ml of orange juice a day, which can help infect urinary tract infections, and its effect is better than drinking water alone.

  ◆ Pumpkin seeds prevent prostate disease. A recent academic paper published by American researchers pointed out that insisting on eating a handful of pumpkin seeds (about 50 grams) every day can treat prostate hypertrophy and significantly improve the third stage disease.

Because the active ingredients in pumpkin seeds can eliminate swelling in the early stage of the prostate, and also prevent prostate cancer.

  ◆ Starch food infectious bowel cancer Research from the University of Cambridge in the UK shows that the incidence of colon cancer in Australia is 4 times that of Chinese people. The first is that traffickers consume less starch.

Experts point out that butyrate in starchy starchy foods such as bananas, potatoes, and peas can directly inhibit the growth of large intestinal bacteria and is a powerful inhibitor of microbial growth.

  ◆ Spinach prevents retinal degradation A recent study from Harvard University in the United States shows that eating spinach 2-4 times a week can reduce the risk of retinal degradation.

It is said that the key to spinach’s vision protection is carotenoids, which are found in green leafy vegetables and prevent sunlight from damaging the retina.

Dad’s Childcare Truth

Dad’s Childcare Truth

Father and mother are certainly different.

We need to listen more to Dad’s truth, because their difference is likely to be Dad’s advantage, providing special and very important help for the growth of children.

  Mom always suspects that Dad has not paid enough time and benefits to the child. Dad always finds it impossible to intervene in the trivial and complex parenting life.

In fact, in terms of raising and educating children, although fathers and mothers pay a lot of money, they have some unique features that they have not even noticed.

Because of Dad’s existence, children can grow up better in a more balanced and perfect environment.

  Why risk a dad like this: All the child’s adventurous behavior is incomprehensible to my wife, she always asks: “Why do you let the child climb that railing?

“And I always answer:” Because they are there!

“A lot of times I’m willing to let my child try more, but it doesn’t mean that I will hurt her.

For example, when a daughter who is learning to walk is holding a chair to get enough stuff, and is about to fall, I will let her feel how to master the balance of the body before picking her up.

“Mothers like this: Some researchers have analyzed why mothers are very cautious about their children’s risk-taking behaviors. This may be a kind of instinctual protection that originated during pregnancy, during which they gave up all behaviors that could cause danger.The focus is on the health and safety of the child.

Therefore, after the baby is born, they will continue this focus and continue to protect the baby’s instinct.

  Dad’s truth: If children do not experience some adventure fun, they may cause them to be very timid or lose interest in new things.

So the logic of dads seems more conducive to the growth of children.

Of course, dads will not put their children in danger, they will master the good degree and let the children have more attempts within a safe range.

  It ‘s easier to be happy. It ‘s easier to be happy. This is my wife: My wife often exchanges childcare experiences with the neighbors downstairs, and then comes back and tells me who ‘s child is taller than our daughter, who ‘s child has participated in dance classes,Child took that brand of calcium tablets . she was very concerned about the “gap” between her child and other children.

And I think each child has its own characteristics, and other people’s experiences can overlap, but there is no need to be so nervous.

  Mom likes this: Moms care about everything about their children, so they often have some concerns, and they want their children to be the best, so they will unknowingly compare with other children, unknowinglyWill add some burden to the child.

  Dad’s truth: Raising children with a peaceful mind, dads seem to be more sensible than moms. Dads prefer to let things go, and don’t pay attention to children like mothers.

So it is easier for children to relax with their dad.

At the same time, if there are fathers around, the child’s “burden” seems to be lighter.

Children’s happiness is the most important, isn’t it?

  Informal dad like this: I often dress children, but I sometimes wear children’s clothes in reverse because I look for labels that separate the front and back.

The wife always wanted to correct me, but neither of our grandpas thought it was a big deal.

The daughter is still warm and has fun.

And whether this wool vest looks better on the inside or outside?

This pink top is more ladylike with a green skirt or a white skirt?

Isn’t it just taking the kids out for fun?

I can’t control that much.

  Moms like this: Moms usually care more about the children’s dress, color, and style than the father.

Even if you take your child to walk around the garden downstairs, you need to figure out a little abacus in your heart, what should you wear for your child today.

So, mothers can’t tolerate such a thing, and put their clothes on?

It’s incredible!

Of course, sometimes they get angry because they think their dads are messing things up.

  Dad’s truth: For children, going out to play seems to be more exciting than wearing that dress. They need to get out of the house with the speed of speed, and Dad seems to be able to achieve such a desire.
At the same time, because mothers are more concerned about their children’s clothing, they sometimes instinctively limit their children’s play styles, such as “don’t sit on the ground, your pants are dirty”, “there is a lot of dirt on the slide, let’s stop sliding” and so on.

Therefore, with dads, children can get more freedom and they are naturally happy.

  It is also important to play like this: We dream together to build a football field that belongs to us, and we can always play freely without time restrictions.Sometimes my son pretended to be a microphone with a metal spoon, and I rolled it up as a horn, and we pretended to have a rock concert, haha.

This may seem a little silly to the child’s mother, but my son and I can enjoy themselves.

  Mom likes this: she plays with her children upside down without worry, and the dads are a bit idle, so why not do something?

For example, reading to the children or doing some housework.

There is no time to eat, no time to sleep, no idea of time.

Your child should have a very normal schedule that will outweigh the benefits for the child’s growth.

  Dad’s truth: Regular diet and living habits are important, but occasionally eating one less meal and sleeping for two hours late will certainly not pose a threat to the child’s healthy growth.

It is important that when the father and the child are playing wildly together, they can establish a tacit relationship between the father and the child. During the exciting play, the children’s various senses are fully mobilized, which exercises many of their abilities.

  Wait a minute, Dad, like this: Sometimes my daughter cries for a little longer.

For example, when I was taking a bath and heard my daughter’s cry, I would immediately go over and take a look to see what happened to her. If there was nothing, I would tell her to wait for a while and I would finish washing.

But if it was my wife, she would definitely stop taking a bath immediately, and then rushed over and hugged her daughter.

But I think there is a big hindrance to having your baby wait an extra minute?

Maybe by the time I return after washing, my daughter has started playing by herself.

  Mothers like this: Most mothers are responsive. They usually imitate their territory and hold them in their arms when they just cry. This may also be due to their instinct. They can’t stand the little grievances of their children.

In the same way, they sometimes asked their husbands in this way, so they expressed their indignation at their indifferent behavior.

  Dad’s truth: Although not all mothers have an overprotective desire, moms’ instinctual reactions sometimes make children overly dependent.

The father’s method seems to leave more room for children to deal with their own problems. The world itself is not responsive, so children must slowly and independently learn to be independent.

  Give the child space to the father like this: If I take my child out to play, I usually watch my son in a safe place to watch him play with other children. As for what they play and how to play, I never participate.

There was even a conflict with the children, but there was no danger. I hope they can handle the problem by themselves.

Of course, if there is a very fierce conflict, I certainly cannot stand idly by.

  Moms like this: In raising children, moms usually pay more and spend more time with their children, so many moms have an instinctive desire to dominate. They want their children to eat, drink, and have fun in the way they like.Sometimes they instinctively do many things for their children.

  Dad’s truth: Give children freedom and space. This is a very prominent advantage of dads. This is an effective way to stimulate children’s creativity. Children try to increase their knowledge and learn to get along with others.

  Dad and mom will have completely different solutions to the same child ‘s problem, do n’t believe it?

Take a look at our small survey of three families.

  Dad: Liu Guogang, mother: Ji Xiufang, baby: Liu Chenyang (2 years and 8 months) 1.
You are going to a party, the child ca n’t wait to go out, and at this time you find that you have not put on the clothes that you have prepared for the party before, but now if you let the child wear it, you will cryWhat will happen?

  Mom replied this way: insisting on dressing him and telling him to allow him to attend the party only after changing clothes is a courtesy to others.

Don’t cry, otherwise you won’t be taken.

Ha ha, am I a little cruel.

  Dad replied: Of course it ‘s going out, is it important to wear something?

I will take the child out immediately and see him excited and satisfied, and I am very happy.

It’s time to eat at noon, and the child is still interested in playing by the pool in the park. What should you do?

  Mom replied: He will be allowed to play for a while, but he must negotiate with him for a few more minutes to give him time.

  Dad replied this way: Then play, he will go home naturally when he is hungry.

  Dad: Zhang Yongjian, mother: He Hui, baby: Zhang Yuanzhe (1 year, 7 months) 1.
If you see your child stepping onto a TV cabinet on a small stool, you will almost climb up. What is your first reaction at this time?

  The mother replied this way: I would immediately run over and hug him, and told him that it was very dangerous, and he would not be allowed to climb next time.

  Dad replied this way: I’ll run to him right away, but don’t rush to hug him, or even watch him climb. If he is really struggling, I might help him.

Then let him experience the unbalanced feeling of standing high, hug him when he was shaking, and tell him that this is dangerous, don’t try it yourself.
You bought a new remote control car for your child, but the switch is in a very hidden place. Do you tell the child how to play directly, or let him find it by himself?

  The mother replied that he must tell him for the first time, and next time he would directly intervene.

  Dad replied this way: Let him find it first. If he finds it for a long time, he can give him some tips to guide him to find the switch himself.
  Dad: Zhang Baojie Mother: Zhang Linlin Baby: Zhang Wuji (3 years old)
If you take your child out to play, how do you deal with your child’s eating and drinking?

  The mother responded: I will prepare a lot of things for children to eat in advance, and try to choose healthy food.

Even if I want to eat outside, I also look for a place that is clean and can provide food suitable for children.

  Dad replied: It was originally going out to play, so it was okay to relax properly. Want to eat a popsicle?

No problem. Of course, potato chips can also be eaten . If it completely deprives the child of the pleasure of snacking, that would be boring. I hope that the child can have a better time, and you can leave those rules alone.

  2. The child fell outside, but it didn’t seem to be a big obstacle. What would you do?

  Mom answered: Hurry up and pick him up and say, “It’s okay, let’s be careful next time!”

“Find something else to attract attention and stop crying.

  Dad replied this way: Encourage him to stand up and tell him, “You are a man, you can’t cry easily!

Drinking tea can not only make you feel better, but also beauty

Drinking tea can not only make you feel better, but also beauty

A pot of water, a cup, a few slices of tea, and a fall is a poetic world.

In the fresh tea fragrance, do you feel extra comfortable?

In fact, drinking tea is not to cultivate people’s temperament, but can it help you to beautify it?

Don’t believe it, let’s ask the experts now, what is the beauty effect of tea!

  Women are like tea. Tea also moisturizes women.

A writer of the Song Dynasty, a poem by Su Dongpo tells the relationship between women and tea-never like a good woman.

There is an inextricable connection between women and tea.

Nowadays, Chengdu women have a new Tea Classic, which is tea beauty.

Modern scientific and technological research shows that tea has numerous beauty effects.

You must not miss such a good opportunity to be a beautiful “La Traviata”.

  Drinking tea and picking up a “big deal” Wu Zhenqiu, the director of Chengdu Dahua Medical Cosmetic Hospital, said with a smile that the good figure of a Chengdu woman may be related to her love for tea.

In fact, the Journal of the American Nutrition Association has confirmed that green tea does have a weight-loss effect and an anti-cancer effect.

It is common for many Chengdu women to drink leftover tea and tea leaves.

This is really wasteful.

  do you know?

Tea can be used for drinking, but also for other wonderful uses. Some say shampooing, face washing, bathing . Xiao Shuhong, director of the skin and beauty department of Chengdu Chinese Garden, said that the beauty of tea beauty lies in tea polyphenols and various vitamins.

They work wonders to scavenge free radicals, delay aging and prevent cancer.

  Tea tea lined with beauty tea and women have an inextricable fate.

The fifth bowl of Lu Tong’s “Xie Meng Xun Yi Xinyi Tea”-“Five bowls of clear skin.”

Helps women clear their skin, and really makes women love it.

Of course, as with pinna, beauty with tea is also particular about it.

The poor selection of tea leaves will affect the beauty effect.

  If you want a good cosmetic effect, you must choose Qingming tea.

Qingming tea is the first bud of tea in the Spring Festival.

Anyone who knows tea knows that tea is divided into seasons, which are divided into spring tea, summer tea, autumn tea, and winter tea.

Therefore, Qingming tea is the best product of the year.

“Fenfen Tea” and “Spring Equinox Tea” are the most precious and are the best of spring tea.

  Why is that?

Because the temperature in spring is moderate and the rainfall is abundant, the Qingming tea has a green color and soft leaves.

In addition, spring tea is generally free of diseases and insect pests, no pesticides are used, tea is non-polluting, and there are many vitamins and amino acids.

Especially the green tea in Qingming tea has the best cosmetic effect because of its high tea polyphenols and high vitamin content.

  Drinking tea should be forbidden for most people, more than, older people, female replacement is better.

One cup each time, about 150 ml.

2 every day?
3 cups.

  People with a cold stomach should not drink too much tea, especially green tea. Excessive amounts will cause gastrointestinal upset.

Neurasthenia and insomnia, it is not advisable to drink tea before going to bed, not to drink strong tea, otherwise it will worsen insomnia.

  Women who are breastfeeding should also drink less tea, because tea has an astringent effect on milk.
High temperature in summer, the human body sweats a lot, the body fluid consumption is large, should drink green tea.
When adding green tea, adding apple slices or crumbs will produce an effective substance, which is more effective in preventing cancer and anti-aging.

  Green tea should be brewed in glass, porcelain or tea bowl.

  Green tea powder is an ultrafine powder of green tea, which has good antioxidant and sedative effects.

Reduces fatigue.

It is rich in vitamin C. Among them, flavonoids can enhance the antioxidant effect of vitamin C. This flavonoid is also a precious nutrient, so it has a precious effect on maintaining skin whitening and youth.

  ※ Lotus leaf tea tea recipe: 2 grams of green tea powder, lotus leaf 3 money.

  Practice: brew with boiling water, drink as a drink.

  Efficacy: dry mouth, dry acne, bad blood gas, soft and weak facial skin, and good effect on obesity.

  ※ Hakka tea tea recipe: green tea powder, barley kernel powder each amount.

  Method: Put the green tea powder in a bowl, add some fried coix seed powder (milled rice flour, soybean meal), add cream and stir well, brew with hot boiling water and place.

  Efficacy: Nourish and beauty, make skin tender, and diuretic.