Eat coarse grains, eat more fiber

Eat coarse grains, eat more fiber

At present, eating coarse grains has become a fashion, but Lu Yumin, a doctor of medicine at Zhengzhou University, cautioned that coarse grains should not be consumed in excess, otherwise it will affect health.

  In some large supermarkets, the prices of Wowotou, Xiaomi Rice, and Babao Porridge have continued to rise; some unit restaurants have also added coarse grains such as cornmeal.

The coarse grains that once retired from the “second line” began to return to the table.

  The so-called coarse grains mainly include corn, millet, purple rice, sorghum, oats, buckwheat, wheat bran and various dried beans in cereals, such as soybeans, green beans, red beans, and mung beans.

  Because of the simple processing, the coarse grains do preserve many nutrients that are not found in the fine grains. They replace more fiber and have B vitamins.

However, excessive consumption of coarse grains cannot promote digestion at all, which in turn affects the digestive and absorption functions of the human body. Excessive accumulated fiber can cause acute symptoms such as tandem connection and dehydration.

For pregnant women, lactating women, and children in growing stages, the dangers of overdose of coarse grains are most obvious.

In addition, dietary fiber also has the effect of interfering with drug absorption, which can reduce the efficacy of certain hypolipidemic and antipsychotic drugs.

  There are three ways to eat coarse grains: First, drink plenty of water in time.

Because the precipitated fiber in coarse grains needs to be backed up by excess water to ensure continuous normal work.

  The second is to eat coarse grains step by step.

Sudden increases or decreases in the intake of whole grains can cause internal reactions.

  The third is to eat coarse grains with amaranth.

When preparing food every day, in addition to taking into account the taste, you should also consider the combination of meat and vegetables to balance your diet.

Health benefits of pears

Health benefits of pears

Pear is a very common fruit, which contains a lot of water.

Pears are especially effective in moisturizing the lungs, resolving phlegm, clearing heat, and relieving cough.

Therefore, it is a good fruit, and there is a pedigree called Baiguo, so let Xiaobian introduce the health effects of pears.

  Pears contain a lot of vitamin A, carotene, protein, sugars, calcium, and phosphorus.

It has the effects of lowering blood pressure, clearing heat and sedating, and has a good effect on treating hypertension, dizziness and tinnitus.

For example, the elderly can eat more pears, which can help purify human organs, store calcium nutrition, and soften the role of calcium supplementation in blood vessel endothelium.

  1. Pears contain a variety of vitamins, potassium, and calcium, which have antihypertensive, antipyretic, sedative, and diuretic effects, and have a certain effect on the symptoms of dizziness, palpitations, and tinnitus associated with hypertension and heart disease.

  2. Pears have the effects of lowering fire, clearing the heart, moisturizing the lungs, resolving phlegm, relieving cough, reducing fever, detoxifying and alcohol poisoning, and regular food can supplement human nutrition.

Pears are particularly suitable for patients with hepatitis, tuberculosis, constipation, acute and chronic bronchitis, upper respiratory infections, hypertension, hypertension, and esophageal cancer.

  3. Pears are eaten raw, which can relieve dryness, itching and sore throat, dry cough and thirst, hot flashes, etc. due to upper respiratory tract infection.

Therefore, teachers, announcers and singers often eat pears, use noise protection to prevent laryngeal cancer, and prevent cancer and nose and throat cancer. Pears are squeezed into pear juice, or Penghai, winter melon seeds, a small amount of sugar, cooking,Hyperactive, strong physique, laryngitis, dry voice, low voice, has the effect of nourishing the throat, replenishing fluid.

How to be a pretty woman

How to be a pretty woman

Heart of beauty in everyone.

In the eyes of men, the cutest women do not stay on the outside. They are more concerned about the color of the heart. If you do n’t believe it, look at their standards: (1) Good-hearted: compassionate, humane, ableUnderstand the psychology of men, do not force men to do things he does not want to do.

Self-esteem and self-love, sincere and warm feelings.

Once you fall in love with a person, you will treat him wholeheartedly, willing to give everything for love.

  (2) Cheerful and optimistic: Although sometimes there is a little willfulness in front of the loved one, but he never hesitates, trusts his loved one, and will not unreasonably entangle him in normal interaction with other opposite sexes.

When faced with setbacks, they dare to face them seriously. They have female-specific shortcomings and are willing to seek happiness in overcoming difficulties.

  (3) Be enterprising: Don’t put all the center of your life on your husband’s side and rely on your husband completely.

It’s best to have your own career pursuit and be down-to-earth with your work.

  (4) Have a personal hobby: have a strong personal interest, and be able to persevere, or all kinds of flowers and plants, or be good at cooking, or have some accomplishments in literature and art, life is colorful.

  (5) Tolerant to others: Will not be enthusiastic about inquiring about private affairs of others, unselfishly, trying to treat others with tolerance.

  (6) Be generous and graceful: talk generously and generously, and have the gentleness of women, and have an elegant temperament.

The mysterious inner world will be the goal that men are keen to dig.

Shaping your heart and your beauty, the goddess in a man’s heart is you!

6 habits to make you live a century without dementia

6 habits to make you live a century without dementia

Getting up early: 1.

Drink a glass of warm water immediately after getting up.

The human body loses 500 ml of water during a night’s sleep and needs to be replenished immediately after getting up.

And warm water helps raise body temperature. Every time the body temperature rises by 1 ° C, the basal metabolism of the human body will increase by 10%.


Drink vegetable juice at least 3 times a week.

Drinking vegetables or fruit juices at least three times a week can reduce the risk of cognitive impairment (dementia) by 75%.


15 minutes a day in the sun: a moderate amount of solar energy helps the body make vitamin D, and research shows that vitamin D has anti-cancer effects.

  Work habits: Bring a few pieces of dark chocolate in your briefcase.

Eating a few pieces of dark chocolate can replenish your energy and help improve work efficiency; and dark chocolate is doped with polyphenols to help fight aging.

At the same time, its glycemic index is low, which helps to control blood sugar.

  Housework habits: love cooking.

Studies have shown that people who like to cook are less likely to suffer from cognitive impairment, and worrying about having three meals a day is a benign stimulus to the brain.

  Daily habits: Try to avoid carbonated drinks and processed foods.

Carbonated drinks such as cola and processed foods such as fast foods contain a large amount of phosphorus, which will hinder the body’s absorption of calcium and is detrimental to bone health.

  Exercise habits: 1.

Sweat properly.

The amount of exercise should be sweating to help transport toxins accumulated in the body.


Helps to lose weight by 5%.

One of the common characteristics of a healthy 100-year-old person is that they are not fat. As long as the body weight is reduced by 5%, the risk of diabetes and hypertension will decrease.


Walk 30 minutes a day.

Studies have shown that those with the highest mortality rates are those who rarely walk, and walking for 30 minutes a day can promote blood circulation and help health and longevity.

  Dinner habits: 1.

Eat raw onions.

The sulfide contained in onions can prevent arteriosclerosis and hypertension, and it is better to eat raw. It is recommended to cut into thin slices to eat vegetable salad.


Do not eat after eight or nine.

My aunt is most likely to accumulate at 2 o’clock in the middle of the night. If she is on an empty stomach at this time, she will not accumulate easily. According to the general digestion time, she will not eat after 8 or 9 pm

Beauty expert Nicole reveals the secrets of affordable skincare products


Beauty expert Nicole reveals the secrets of affordable skincare products

What is your attitude towards affordable skin care products?

Think it’s cheap, so it’s worth buying?

Or do you think “cheap without good” and stay away from cheap skin care products?

Today, let’s ask the beauty expert Nicole GG, how does he think about affordable skin care products.

  1. What is parity skincare?

  I think in the current economic environment, products with a unit price of less than 100 yuan can be called parity beauty products.

  2. There are too many products on the Internet that are more affordable, so why do you think they are popular?

  In fact, if you look closely, you will find that many affordable skin care brands rely on large cosmetic groups or pharmaceutical groups.

This will give strong support to affordable brands technically.

Maybe compared with high-end brands, affordable products are not as fast in using new ingredients and new technologies, but affordable brands will still keep up with the group’s high-end brands; and the speed of following them is now increasing.

  In addition, the most important thing is price.

After all, price is still a very important factor when most people choose skin care products.

When a cheap product is in the circle of friends or online, it will more easily stimulate everyone’s purchase, which will cause a new wave of trend.

  3. How to treat the word parity?

  A few years ago, parity often equaled poor quality and poor results.

But through the continuous maturity of the Chinese market, no matter the region or income level, everyone has created a need for skin care; naturally, the market has also provided corresponding products.

It should be said that the quality and effect of affordable products are constantly improved at the same time.

  For example, I once bought a bottle of cleansing oil equivalent to about RMB 40 at a drug store in Japan.

It can be said that in terms of packaging, granularity, and use effect, they are all very “value”.

I think the future of China’s affordable products will also develop in this direction.

  4. When buying cosmetics, should I buy a cheap or expensive one?

How to choose cheap skin care products?

  This problem ultimately depends on the personal skin care needs and economic situation.

For example, for a 20-year-old young man, skin care should be based on basic moisturizing and anti-oxidation (or oil control, if there are acne), and many high-end brands do not have a corresponding product, so choosing high-end products is a bit superfluous.

Similarly, high-end brands cannot compare with cheap brands in terms of new ingredients, new technologies, and services.

I believe that under economic conditions, most people like to enjoy better products and services.

  5. Can you introduce some saving methods for daily use of cosmetics?

  The most important point is not to overstock.

Even cheap skin care products are relatively large part of daily expenses.

But after buying, many people often buy new products without actually running out.

It can be said that “not used up” is the biggest waste of skin care products.

Therefore, I suggest that when you buy products, especially skin care products that are more expensive, it is best to do your homework beforehand, check the online evaluation, your skin condition, and finally feel the actual use in the mall to reduce the absoluteWaste.

Choosing the best way to eat whole grains

Choosing the best way to eat whole grains

According to Chinese medicine, barley can strengthen bones and muscles, strengthen the spleen and stomach, eliminate edema, remove rheumatism, and clear lung heat.

Barley is a very good tonic for women. A large amount of vitamin b1 can make the skin smooth and white, and it can withstand the effects of uterine cancer.

  Most people have a dietary habit of eating fruit after a meal.

Nutrition experts believe that eating fruit after a meal is actually a kind of eating mistake. This habit is actually not good for health, and can easily lead to overweight and obesity.

  The particularly outstanding nature of edible cereals for human health, as a supplement to the pagoda’s base, grains are the best basic food and the cheapest source of energy.

Adults consume 250-400 grams of cereals per day, which helps prevent the occurrence of related chronic diseases.

For the various grains and cereals, they all have their own best eating methods, so as to make the most of the nutritional effects.

  We went to the restaurant for dinner, and occasionally we could have a kind of rice porridge with a different taste from the white porridge at home. Although it is also cooked with rice, the taste and smell are better than white porridge. This is flour rice porridge.

The biggest feature of micron rice is that it contains germ, which contains high levels of vitamins and cellulose. Regular consumption can reduce the effect of reducing trace and cholesterol, and rice also contains a lot of zinc, which can improve the rough skin.

  The term “rough rice” means “rough rice”, and most rice grains are also covered with rice husk.

Brown rice can be bought in general supermarkets, the appearance is complete, the color is yellow-brown or light brown, and the powdered rice with the best fragrance is best.

Before making flour rice porridge, soak the flour rice for about 30 minutes, and then cook just like normal rice porridge.

Crude rice porridge can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice and help digestion and absorption of nutrients.

However, it is best not to drink this kind of flour rice porridge directly for diabetics. Under normal circumstances, drinking white porridge directly may cause a sudden increase in blood sugar.

  ”Red Sorghum” once made a generation have a unique feeling for the plateau, but how could you never think that such a rough food is most suitable for snacks.

  Sorghum rice is slightly rougher for cooking porridge and cooking, but when it is ground into flour and flour dessert, it is more delicate and nutritious.

Sorghum rice is most suitable for a kind of dim sum called sorghum tincture. After grinding the sorghum rice into powder, add baking powder, sugar, eggs and an appropriate amount of water to make it sticky. Knead the dough. Steam the sorghum dough flat and cook it.Fry slightly and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

  Sorghum tincture is not digestible for some people with slightly poor gastrointestinal function. You can try to make some sorghum tincture. Some kind of sorghum tincture can be used to make Tremella tincture or corn tincture.The soup adds some plump texture.

  Barley soup is the most nutritious. Barley is more like rice than kernels, so there are many places to call it barley kernels.

Now more people like to eat barley, because the unique living environment of barley makes it a nuisance. It likes to grow in wet areas. In many places, barley is planted in mountains or small rivers.

  The full-bodied barley is fresh and sticky. Many people like to eat it, but few people know that barley has a lot of effects.

According to Chinese medicine, barley can strengthen bones and muscles, strengthen the spleen and stomach, eliminate edema, remove rheumatism, and clear lung heat.

Barley is a very good tonic for women. A large amount of vitamin b1 can make the skin smooth and white, and it can withstand the effects of uterine cancer.

  Barley is slightly cold, so it is not suitable for porridge or single meal.

It is very suitable to cook soup with some foods that can shrink and warm up. You can stew chicken legs, tomatoes and barley together, which is not only easy to digest, but also has a very good nourishing effect.

Indica rice is not easy to digest, so try not to eat more, especially the elderly and children and people with cold stomach and gastritis. When eating indica rice, be sure to eat it in moderation and do not eat more.

Feminine yoga with show releases body energy

Feminine yoga with show releases body energy

Yoga is definitely the most sought-after fitness exercise by office girls, because in addition to being able to strengthen the body, yoga can also adjust the body and relieve stress, which is especially useful for professionals who are nervous and irritable all day.

At the same time, yoga in the gym belongs to the eye-catching, loose and decent clothes with pure or bright colors, leisure and stretch, perfect carving of your beautiful curve.

  The black sports trousers are made of high-strength, light-weight fabric, which fits the skin but is not tight. It smoothly outlines the lines of the legs and ensures that the trouser legs will not slip off when performing a certain range of movements.

  Li Ning peach black sports vest belt design to hide excess meat at the waist while also adding extra points to fashion.

  The Choice B black vest has some rhinestone decoration and gold logo printing, so that everyone is shinning. The stitching design of the back mesh fabric greatly enhances the ventilation and heat dissipation function.

The lower body is paired with slightly gorgeous suede trousers, and you can enjoy yourself while you exercise.

  Choice C stacked design sports vest makes you do not have to worry about getting away even if you make big moves. The long-designed top is matched with sports trousers decorated with flashing edges.

  Edit private words 1.

Yoga has a large number of twists and fractures, and movements of the limbs, so the upper body clothing should be comfortable and loose or excellent in elasticity, which can guarantee free movement and look beautiful.


If you are just a beginner in yoga, the pants need only be comfortable and comfortable, but if you need to practice some difficult movements, such as standing upside down or raising your legs, it is best to choose a design with trouser legs with a neck so that the trousers will not slip off.


Yoga is generally barefoot, but now there are special yoga shoes, must be good sweating function, strong bending performance, the sole is very soft, repeated deformation will not deform.

How to know the nutritional value of snack broad beans

How to know the nutritional value of snack broad beans

Broad beans are named for their pod-like appearance of old silkworms.

Fresh broad beans is a vegetable in late spring and early summer. It is a kind of diet with high nutritional value. It contains protein 8 per 100 grams of net broad beans.

8 grams, 19.

5 grams, aunt 0.

4 grams, rich in carotene, vitamin B1, B2, vitamin C and mineral elements potassium, iron, zinc, selenium, etc.

There are many ways to eat fresh beans, whether they are fried or paired with vegetarian vegetables or soup, they are green and fragrant, soft and delicious.


hzh {display: none; }  蚕豆因其豆荚状如老蚕而得名,又名胡豆、罗汉豆、南豆、佛豆等,因产地不同有不同的叫法,主产于我国南方各地。Fresh broad bean is a vegetable in late spring and early summer. Its nutritional value is very high, and protein per 100 grams of net broad bean8.

8 grams, 19.

5 grams, aunt 0.

4 grams, rich in carotene, vitamin B1, B2, vitamin C and mineral elements potassium, iron, zinc, selenium, etc.

There are many ways to eat fresh beans, whether they are fried or paired with vegetarian vegetables or soup, they are green and fragrant, soft and delicious.

  Dried broad bean protein is up to 21.

6%, cobalt 61.

5%, rich in 17% of dietary fiber and rich in potassium, iron, zinc and other nutrients; its protein and amino acid are sufficient, especially the replacement of lysine, which can replace the lack of lysine in rice noodles; the rich accumulated fiber has a lower cholesterol, Promote the role of acute peristalsis; iron among them has a certain effect on improving anemia; because it causes phospholipids, it has the role of regulating the brain and nerve tissue, improving memory and brain health.

There are many ways to eat dried broad beans, and bean paste can be made as a flavored food and a good condiment; many small foods such as spiced beans, flowering beans, cinnamon beans, and strange beans are welcomed by the people;Grinding dry broad beans into flour and adding it to flour or corn flour can not only improve the nutritional value, but also be more scientific.

  Tips: ※ Because faba beans contain allergic factors (especially fresh fava beans), some people will experience allergies when they eat faba beans. They will be allergic even after they smell the faba bean pollen odor.

Mainly manifested in the destruction of a large number of red blood cells, yellowing of the skin and eyes, commonly known as “fava bean yellow”.

This is a mutation caused by a genetic metabolic defect, which is caused by a lack of an enzyme in the body, which is called glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase.

If you have had allergies due to eating broad beans, you must not eat products such as broad beans. People with a family history cannot eat broad beans.

  ※ Broad beans must be cooked thoroughly before cooking.

Broad-skinned fibrous beans have high fiber content and should not be eaten.

  ※ Broad beans are suitable for the elderly, mental workers and those with high cholesterol.

The general population is equally suitable.

Blood pressure can be measured by jogging for 2 kilometers

Blood pressure can be measured by jogging for 2 kilometers

Scholars from Southwestern University of Texas published a new scientific report on May 18th, proposing a new method to predict the potential possibility of human occurrence. Anyone can test it on their own, just a simple testWhether it can run 1.

6 kilometers, and how fast it can predict your risk factor for heart disease or stroke in the next ten years.

  Large-scale independent studies have found that a middle-aged man runs 1.

The speed of 6 kilometers can reflect the possibility of cardiovascular or stroke in ten years. In addition, the performance of running can also reflect the early manifestation of cardiovascular disease in women.

  In the first study, scientists looked at the risk of heart attacks in 45-, 55-, and 65-year-old men, and they found that a 55-year-old man needed 15 minutes to run 1.

6 kilometers, then he is 30% likely to suffer from heart disease; on the contrary, if a 55-year-old man can run 1 in 8 minutes.

6 kilometers, then his chance of having blood pressure is only 10%.

  In another study, scientists used tens of thousands of data recorded on gym treadmills from 1970 to 2006, and the resulting directions were not much different from the previous study.

  Professor Garrett Bailey, who is in charge of research, reminds young people not to think that cardiovascular disease is just an elderly thing: “Heart disease usually happens in old age, but if you want to prevent it before it happens, our research shows that preventionWork must begin at a younger age.

“Parasitic research shows that exercise in young age is directly related to health in old age.

Tel Aviv University in Israel has found that endurance exercises such as jogging and cycling can increase the body’s muscle-derived stem cells and improve its ability to recover old Mike’s muscles.

The World Health Organization recently also recommended that people do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every week, with complications of breast and colon cancer.

  If you want to “make up for the dead” and start putting on your running shoes from middle age, then you must pay attention to your nutritional issues, you need to replenish water in time, and you need to gradually.

In addition, you must choose your running shoes carefully and take care of the weather.

Five flavors of healthy food

Five flavors of healthy food

Sweet: Chinese medicine believes that sweetness is in the spleen.

Sweet food can nourish qi and blood, supplement and replenish, relieve fatigue, regulate stomach and detoxify.

However, patients with diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease should eat less.

  Acid: Chinese medicine talks about “acidic liver”.

Sour food has the effect of enhancing digestive function and protecting the liver. Frequent eating can even help digestion and kill bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, as well as prevent colds, lower blood pressure and soften blood vessels.

Sour tomatoes, hawthorn, and oranges are supplemented with vitamin C to prevent cancer, prevent aging, and implant arteriosclerosis.

  Suffering: Ancient medicine has a bitter taste.

Traditional Chinese medicine considers “bitterness to grow in heart” and “bitterness to heart”.

Bitter taste has dehumidifying and diuretic effects.

Such as bitter gourd, often eaten can treat edema.

  Spicy: Chinese medicine believes that spicy enters the lungs.

It has the effect of sweating and regulating qi.

The green onions, garlic, ginger, chili, pepper, and pepper that people often eat are mainly spicy foods. The “hot ingredients” contained in these foods can protect blood vessels, regulate qi and blood, and clear meridians.

Regular consumption can prevent colds and winds.

However, hypertension, hemorrhoids, constipation, neurasthenia are not suitable for consumption.

  Salty: It is the crown of the five flavors.

Chinese medicine believes that “salting into the kidney” has the effect of regulating the penetration of human cells and blood and maintaining normal metabolism.

After vomiting, diarrhea, and sweating, drink a moderate amount of saline to maintain normal metabolism.