Elderly eat more coarse grains

Elderly eat more coarse grains

The traditional staple food is rice in the south and white flour in the north.

A variety of rice, wheat, beans, and potatoes are abundantly produced in China, but because of their different nutritional ingredients, various types of miscellaneous grains have complementary effects with eating. This is a guarantee to maintain a balanced nutrition, such as the “Babao Porridge”,Is a good healthy diet.

  The complementation of amino acids is a guarantee to maintain health.

Human body protein is composed of 22 amino acids, of which 14 can be made by themselves, the remaining 8 amino acids cannot be made by themselves and must be absorbed from food, and the amino acids contained in various foods are different.

Some legumes, rice and wheat without germ, are called incomplete protein because they contain too many essential amino acids and cannot meet the needs of human health alone.

Therefore, in order to maintain the normal metabolism of the human body, a variety of foods must be eaten to make up for the types of amino acids required.

A variety of cereal proteins lysine and threonine, while buckwheat is rich in 19 amino acids such as lysine, tryptophan, and arginine.

Beans also contain methionine. If beans and corn are eaten together, they can transform each other’s complementary effect, that is, constitute a complete protein.

  At the time of absorption, it is also recommended to eat multiple amino acids at the same time.

Some people have researched that if the interval is more than 1 hour, the complementary effects will overlap, because the liver stores only complete proteins, and if the amino acids are not comprehensive, it will lead to the loss of waste and cause waste.
It has been suggested that 20% soy, 40% wheat, and 40% corn eat at the same time, the higher utilization.

  Supplementation of minerals and trace elements also depends on a variety of foods.

The human body’s minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and sodium, are irreplaceable nutrients that constitute human tissues, maintain acid-base balance and osmotic pressure, and muscle and nerve reflexes.

These substances cannot be produced by the human body and can only be ingested from food; in addition, they are less than zero body weight.

1% of trace elements, such as zinc, copper, iron, selenium, chromium, cobalt, iodine, etc., are also irreplaceable substances such as human immune function, growth and development.

These ingredients cannot be completely supplemented by a single food.

Therefore, eating more coarse grains and omnivores is beneficial to adjusting diet balance and human health.

  Vitamins are necessary for the body to maintain normal functions, but they cannot be synthesized in the body, and even the daily human body needs a small amount, but it is undeniable, and more and more studies have shown that the lack of some vitamins is closely related to the generation of malignant tumors.

For example, many vitamins can remove carcinogenic free radicals in the body, vitamin A can protect the skin, mucous membranes can be invaded by carcinogens, B vitamins can maintain the normal metabolism of enzymes, and vitamin E and vitamin C can cure the synthesis of carcinogenic nitrosamines in the body.and many more.

Therefore, the intake of vitamins is also inseparable from the coarse noodles. If you can eat them as a staple food often, it will be a great substitute for preventing cancer.

  Supplementation from the main nutritional ingredients also reveals the nature of mixed grain coarse noodle mixed eating.

Starch, protein, and aunt are the three basic ingredients in food. A single staple food often makes these three ingredients out of balance.

Generally, the main ingredients of rice and white noodles are starch, peanuts, and sesame are high in fat (the lipids contained in peanuts contain lecithin and brain phospholipids, which are essential for human metabolism), high-protein foods, and soy protein are high-quality proteins.

  Based on the analysis of Chinese medicine diet and medicated diet, the combination of multiple miscellaneous grains can reasonably arrange the temperature, cold, cold, and heat of food to avoid the discomfort caused by eating only one kind of food.

It is generally believed that rice, wheat, corn, and previous rice are flat; barley, buckwheat, millet, and barley are cold; green beans are cold; oats and glutinous rice are warm.

The “four flavors and five flavors” of rice, wheat, beans and potatoes is not as obvious as traditional Chinese medicine, and proper attention can be paid to the preparation of staple foods. For example, cold foods should be prepared in summer, and the balance of cold and heat should not be too cold or warm.

Buckwheat, barley, wet and astringent, less used by constipation.

Feces and diarrhea should use less mung beans and barley.

Soy beans are easily fermented to produce gas, and those with bloating and diarrhea should be used with caution.

  Tips Multivitamins contain vitamins extracted from red beans and more vitamin E and nicotinic acid; glutinous millet and glutinous rice contain vitamin B1 and vitamin B2; broad beans and peas mostly contain vitamin PP; glutinous corn, millet, black beans, and mung beans are rich in carotene.

  Tips The nutrients contained in food mimic the replacement of phosphorus, calcium, and iron by barley; indica rice is rich in calcium, magnesium, and zinc; indica corn contains magnesium; indica millet (corn) can be potassium; indica lentils and soy contain more molybdenum; indica mung bean contains germanium; insomnia containsSelenium; Zinc in buckwheat.

Experts analyze the keywords of buying children’s furniture

Experts analyze the keywords of buying children’s furniture

As market competition intensifies and becomes more specialized, children’s furniture has begun to separate from adult furniture and become a specialized market area. Proprietary and specialized manufacturers and brands have also emerged. Currently, domestic professional children’s furniture companies have reached 200Yujia has a certain market share in the entire furniture market.

  After years of development, children’s furniture has replaced more specialized areas with purely “small” furniture.

There are more and more types, and the design is more and more humane. Consumers have also paid attention to environmental protection and health, design perspective, and brand awareness.

  Key words for children’s furniture: environmental protection At present, domestic children’s furniture market competition is very fierce. The environmental protection and design of children’s furniture is the key for enterprises to seize the market.

Children have gradually become the focus of the family, so parents are most concerned about environmental protection, and whether environmental protection is the focus of people’s attention.

  Therefore, in the children’s furniture market, it is not difficult to find that the current children’s furniture market uses environmental protection as the selling point of log design and cartoon design that caters to children’s psychology.

  Key word for children’s furniture 2: Design The design of children’s furniture is always more novel than other furniture. Compared with ordinary furniture, there are higher requirements in terms of production technology, safety and environmental protection.

The production scale of children’s furniture must fully consider the physical and psychological needs of children, and reduce the design of sharp corners and hollows.

  When parents choose furniture for their children, in addition to environmental protection, they must look at its appearance and shape, whether it is suitable for the child, or whether it is in line with the child’s preferences.

In addition to design, in addition to the first look, there must be inherent practicality.

  Children’s furniture key word 3: Growing up As children grow up every day, traditional children’s furniture needs to be constantly updated like children’s clothing.

  As a result, many parents are reluctant to purchase suitable children’s furniture for their children when considering the issue of long-term use.

In order to win the competition, many brands now introduce children’s furniture that can be adjusted in height and length, greatly extending the life of children’s furniture, and also expanding their own markets.

  Children’s furniture keyword four: brand brand is particularly important for the late start of children’s furniture industry. Many companies are on the same starting line. Whose brand can be accepted by consumers first, be recognized by society, and gain a certain popularityWith a good reputation, this company can take the lead in participation and make its debut in the children’s furniture industry.

Enterprises produce products with physical attributes, while consumers buy emotionally and spiritually trusted brands.

  Physical products will soon be surpassed or eliminated by competitors, while spiritual brands can be rooted in people’s hearts and can be endlessly developed through the “generation” of the products.

The children’s furniture industry urgently needs to build a strong brand to maintain a truly sustainable competitive advantage.

How to keep kids from TV

How to keep kids from TV

Many children like to “hang” in front of the TV for a long time, adults can’t drag it, and the TV can’t be turned off.

Studies in the United States have found that children spend at least two hours a day in front of the TV, and more on weekends.

Watching too much TV is not only very detrimental to the eyes, but also affects the development of physical fitness, intelligence, and brainpower.

Therefore, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under the age of two do not watch TV. As for older children, it is recommended to watch only high-quality programs and not exceed 2 hours a day.

Keep your kids from sticking in front of the TV. Check out the tricks taught by the United States “Prevention” magazine!

  Pre-define the rules for watching TV in advance and talk about the rules in advance, which can reduce the chance of disputes and reapplying.

For example, on the weekend, discuss with your child some programs to watch next week, including the time and frequency of watching.

For example, you ca n’t watch TV while you are eating, you ca n’t watch your homework if you do n’t finish it, or you have to do your homework a few times.

  Replacing bad TV programs with good DVDs In fact, more and more parents have found that TV programs do not provide children with useful content, and are willing to spend money to buy or rent high-quality DVDs as children’s teaching tools.

  Hiding the TV and the remote control from the human being. With the TV, it seems to occupy the most important corner of the living room, but the latest trend is to push the TV to the most inconspicuous corner to reduce its temptation.

The American “Shutdown Alliance” has continuously advocated to hide your TV and remote control together.

If you are not accustomed to the sudden absence of TV sound at home, you may wish to turn on the radio and use music and funny radio programs as the background music at home.

  Don’t put a TV in your child’s room. Modern people’s homes have more than one TV. The reason is to let different members of the family get what they want.

But if you put a TV in your child’s room, it will only alienate your child from other members of your family, and it will also affect their time to study and sleep.

To make matters worse, parents can’t see whether their children are watching unhealthy or should not watch programs.

  Don’t take the TV as a babysitter Don’t throw your child to the TV because you have no time to accompany you.

Instead, ask the children to share some housework, prepare dinner together, clean the room, etc.

Over time, you will find that you are closer to your child.

  Parents need to lead by example. If they do not want their children to watch TV, parents must first lead by example, turn off the TV, and spend more time creating more fun family activities, participating in various activities or games, exercising together, and so on.

What’s more important is to increase the time spent interacting with your child.

Introduction of Chinese and foreign brand infant formula

Introduction of Chinese and foreign brand infant formula

I. List of Chinese and foreign formula milk powder brands: Original imports: Meisu Jia’er, Ember, Abbott, Wyeth boxed series, canned one and two sections.
There are also unknown background brands Black & White, and colostrum brands Peizhi and Ruishengrui, which claim to improve immunity, give milk powder.
  合资国产:美赞臣、多美滋、雀巢、森永、味全、明治、澳优、万朝、施恩  国产全国性品牌:三鹿、伊利、圣元、完达山、红星、金星、龙丹、光明、秦俑、蒙牛  国产地方性品牌:南山、古城、雅士利、贝因美、美庐、英雄、海河、摇篮、本元、正元、飞鹤、明一、可淇、南仔、宾佳乐、花冠、Shanhua, He’s, Sanyuan, Xing’anling, Bird’s Nest Island, Sweetheart.
  Second, the introduction of Chinese and foreign formula milk powder brand details: Dutch Friesland Dairy Co., Ltd. produced in the Netherlands and Germany.
  There are Meisuli (0-6 months) and Meisuluo (6-12 months) Meisugao (1–3 years old) Packaging specifications: 400G in ordinary bags, 900 grams in cans, and 900 grams in gold.
Its company is a professional dairy manufacturer with a history of 100 years. It has been selling in Hong Kong for many years and entered the mainland in 1992.
  Meisu products in Hong Kong are: All-round Meisu Li, Meisu Le, Meisu Gao, gold Meisu Li (0-6), gold Meisu high protein milk powder (6-36), gold MeisuHigh-growth milk powder (1-3), gold-packed Meso high-growth milk for children (3-6), Mesoun (pregnant woman’s milk powder produced by the Dutch New Zealand company, originating in New Zealand, Hong Kong and Macao, called Niulan, Indonesia)Installed.
  Hong Kong beef pens are available in general and ace, and there are 4 sections above 3 years old. For details, please refer to the Hong Kong Cow Pens website: (If you have a mother who buys cow milk powder online, you can go and see, there is a statement)Belle has 1, 2, and 3 stages, all of which are 900g cans in gold.
Enbel’s consultation hotline: 800-820-5098> Nutricia is also called Dutch Nutrition. Its company mainly manufactures nutrition products. It has factories in mainland China and a dairy factory in Heilongjiang producing kiss baby milk powder.At a loss, there is a pharmaceutical factory in Jiangsu. The Nutricia children’s taurine produced by it is very good. The baby has a good cold and low fever at the beginning. Our baby always has medicine.
Produced by Abbott Pharmaceuticals of the United States, rich in products, including Pellet series, Xi Kang Bao, Xi Kang Li, En Mei Li, Xiao Ansu (suitable for babies over 1 year of age), love beauty (lactose intolerance, allergic baby consumption) Prenatal Xikangsu (pregnant woman’s milk powder), newly released Xikangli gold and Xikangbao gold mom.
  Origin: New Zealand, Ireland, because they are produced to the same standard, the quality is the same.
  Abbott in Hong Kong has: Xin Mei Li (0-6 months), En Mei Li (6-12 months), En Jiajian (1-3 years old), Gao Cong (3-7 years old), Xi Kangsu, and loving beauty.
  There are a lot of Abbott bubbles, which is a technical problem. Be careful not to shake them when brewing. It is best to leave them for 5 minutes. The bubbles will be less, and the baby should not eat the bubbles to avoid spitting.
Manufactured by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, USA, Wyeth is the world’s first infant formula, with leading technology.
  Its products include Ailele Mom (pregnant woman’s milk powder), Ailele (0-6 months), Jianerle (6-12 months), Toddler (1–3 years old), Xueerle (3–7 years), and gold packaging.Canned, gold boxed, color box (ordinary), ordinary canned, respectively 400 grams and 900 grams.
Its children’s music and children’s music are distributed in Shanghai, while others are in Singapore.
Wyeth section is worth recommending, pay attention to add boiled water to the baby, otherwise it is easy to constipation.
The United States Mead Johnson Pharmaceutical Factory set up a factory in Guangzhou.
There are baby infants (0-6 months), baby infants (6-12 months), baby infants (1–3 years old), baby infants (3–7 years old), baby infants (pregnant women ‘s milk powder), packaging: ordinary baby婴儿袋装罐装,A 系列袋装罐装 .
  Mead Johnson has just one hundred years this year, and its quality is the most sold baby milk powder in the United States.
However, the quality of products produced in mainland China is different from that of foreign products.
It can be said that the quality of Mead Johnson products in Guangzhou is similar to that of many domestic milk powders, but their prices are even much higher than imported brands.
(Because the marketing cost of infant milk powder in mainland China is too high) You must pay attention to drinking water when eating this milk powder.
Origin: Shanghai, Shanghai Intel Nutrition Dairy Co., Ltd. The products are 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 1–3 years old, available in regular and gold, and recently came out of the box, because our Dumex sales are very small, I have n’t seen anything in kind, so it ‘s not easy to be specific.
  Its quality is similar to that of Mead Johnson, but the overall strength is far inferior to Mead Johnson. Dumex is not a well-known international brand. Its name is very fashionable and the market is doing well.
Nestlé Switzerland set up production in Shuangcheng, Heilongjiang.
  The sub-brands include Neng En, Li Duo Jing, and Duo Jian.
Gold medal growth milk powder (this is the trouble) 祸 Nestle has always been the leader of the mainland milk powder market, this year it seems to give way to other brands.
  There is no regret to say that “Nestlé’s quality is better than many brands in the market”, and its mistakes or planting in the tree are not enough to respect Chinese consumers, so many regrets have occurred.
  Mothers who eat Nestle don’t rush to change or panic. If you haven’t eaten, consider something else first.
Japan’s Morinaga Pharmaceuticals has a factory in Harbin to produce products such as Geely Honey. Recently I heard that there are directly from abroad.
From Taiwan’s Weiquan, there is a factory in Beijing. You + series come from Taiwan.
The product has milk powder and rice flour, the general feeling: the quality is average, the price is unrealistically high.
It is inextricably related to Nanshan.
Korean brands have milk powder and rice noodles that mainly promote American mercy. I do n’t know if everyone feels that Wyeth, Abbott, and Mead Johnson are from the United States. However, when people promoted it, they did not want to emphasize “United States”. The United States does have thisThere are some academic journals published by the research institute. Of course, they are not well-known in the United States. They cannot talk to Abbott and others.
  The owner behind is Yashili. Let ‘s talk with Yashili here. Yashili was originally made by the three brothers of the Chaoshan family. Because it sounds like a foreign brand name, it sells well in many places in the Mainland. The quality is average.。It is an old state-owned factory. Local government support is very strong, and domestic sales are the largest.
The main products are ordinary adult milk powder and infant milk powder, liquid milk, yogurt, Sanlubeibe and Jinbeibei infant milk powder.Sanlu’s products have always been civilians, or mainly rely on rural and wholesale markets. Therefore, its high-end milk powder operation is basically inexperienced, so the new gold-baked babes are not so comfortable in packaging or formulaLike an upstart.

  All in all, Sanlu is absolutely large, but many things are not directly proportional to quality.

It is very difficult for Yili to go from a small collective food factory to today. Its main advantage is milk. Many people have the idea of “wind blowing grass and seeing cattle and sheep”. In fact, this was many years ago.

  Yili started from ice cream. Until now, ice cream is also its main source of profit. At present, ice products, meat products, milk powder and liquid milk are all done well.

  Yili was mainly made into human milk powder, and baby milk powder has been made in recent years. It started with a small market share and a single variety.

At present, there are mainly four series: flat bags of infant milk powder (wholesale products for purely rural markets), precision powder series, gold series, and Tofel series.

What really improved the quality of Yili’s infant milk powder was to build a factory in cooperation with the German century-old infant food company “Topfel”. Topfel provided the most advanced technology and equipment in Europe, but Yili was promoting Topel.When milk powder was not ready, Tofel became a flash in the pan, so Yili re-created its own brand and launched a series of fresh milk powder, using German technology. Who knows that the name violates the rules, and then change the gold, is currently common on the marketYes, the quality can also be a private enterprise. It is only 6 years ago, but its strength and steady development.

  Products: Youqiang, Youcong, Youbo series.

Youqiang is mainly used in the rural market. After several improvements, Youcong is now and very good. I think it is a very cost-effective product. The price of the Youbo series is high. Although it is imported from New Zealand, it can afford it.There are still not many mothers, premature babies can be considered, or economic conditions are good.

In addition, Shengyuan’s adult milk powder is also available.

  If Shengyuan can learn the market operation methods of foreign brands, and make great efforts on quality at the same time.

Will be the Chinese brand most likely to compete with foreign brands.

Due to the background of farming and reclamation, in the face of the market economy, some of them are unable to adapt, and the market is shrinking. Changing the chairman on the eve of listing is completely a planned economy.

  Product: The milk powder product line is basically the same as that of Yili, but it has not yet entered the high-end market because its liquid milk business has reached hundreds of millions of dollars.

  Quality: A thin camel is larger than a horse. Although its internal management and market operations are not very good, its high-quality milk source is placed there, so the quality is stable and the price is low. It is a good choice for low- and middle-income earners.

Wandashan’s good milk source has attracted many companies to covet. Dumex wanted to buy 50% of the shares, but it was not negotiated later. Now it has unified cooperation with Wandashan. It is looking forward to launching good products.

They are all old dairy companies in Heilongjiang. The first companies in China to make infant formula were Heilongjiang companies, but the opposite reason is that these companies have obviously gone downhill in the fierce market competition. Now Heilongjiang Dairy Group has accepted these brands and regulations.Already.

  The quality, formula and price are all in the mid-range line. There will be no major quality problems, but they are not first-class real old state-owned dairy factories for more than 50 years.

Shaanxi Yinqiao Group, hehe, I’ve had Yinqiao’s yogurt, which is pretty good.

  Qin figurines are also state-owned. Shaanxi’s absolute dairy boss, but the overall quality of Shaanxi milk sources is poor, so the raw materials are not very good. Here we introduce He’s together. Qin figurines do well in local fresh milk business and adult milk powder.Yes, although infant milk powder has high profits, it also has high requirements on technology and raw materials.

I ‘m very surprised how it sells so much in one year. Later, when I went to the market, I found out that the low-price strategy is well used. How much milk can I have for 9 yuan of milk powder?

Infant milk powder is also produced, and its trace elements must be problematic.

There are certainly many stories behind China’s growing private enterprises.

Why did Mengniu succeed?

Because his boss realized everything about Yili, including the dealer, he was able to grow the company quickly.

In a small county in southwest Hunan, there is a mountain. There are no trees on the mountain. All are grass. Because of the altitude and the climate is pleasant, a related veteran person went there to inspect and felt that it was suitable for livestock industry. Therefore, Nanshan Ranch was created.Southerners are very strange to cows.

  It can be said that when Nanshan did not go out of Hunan in the past, the quality was ok, because the smaller the quantity of the food, the easier it is to control the quality. When someone’s ambition swells blindly, the farce begins to play.The outrageous things are Nanshan, advertising bombing, racking everywhere, users selling commercial milk for a commercial performance (a fall of 2000-3000 yuan, it is good to be able to sell 100-200 bags of milk powder), a lot of use of gifts, causingNow consumers do n’t adapt without gifts. All of the above will only cause one result: a large amount of market sales costs skyrocketed and passed on to consumers, so the price of milk powder will rise again!

Nanshan bombarded fiercely for a while, and the business of other provinces deteriorated seriously. If it were not for the protection of local places in Hunan, the consequences would be even more serious.

The old brand in Shanxi feels almost the same as the Qin figurines in Shaanxi. The high-end baby milk powder series launched by it is too antique-like in packaging, and the response in the market is not very good, but it is okay locally.

  The products mainly include two bags of infant milk powder of up and down 18 yuan and 25 yuan up and down, and a canned bag with 25 yuan is a series.

The quality and price are relatively popular. It is okay for a local mother in Shanxi to support a local brand. It is not easy to buy in other places.

I have n’t tasted this milk powder, and the laboratory has tested it. The private enterprise in Zhejiang with acceptable indicators can be said to be the only rice noodle brand in China that can compete with Heinz. Its rice noodle product line is also good. If you can strengthen the quality management, make complementary foodsTo be able to force Heinz out of China, then, it is really happy.

However, tempted by the seemingly higher profit of the milk powder market, it even rushed into it. Depending on its local brand awareness, the milk powder business is profitable locally, but in the field, I believe its boss will not be satisfied with the sales report.

Enterprises must do their own professional, not spread the net, how much is the fish, milk powder is more difficult than rice flour, equipment is easy to buy, but technology research and development?

What about the supply of high-quality raw materials?

  It is hoped that Beinmei will become the true first brand of complementary foods for infants and young children in China, milk powder. It is best to find a company from Heilongjiang to cooperate to establish its own milk source base and raise the quality.

Also, don’t make the packaging the same as glucose, that bag can leak easily.

They are all owners of a factory. The owner is a doctor of dairy products and has a deep connection with Sheng Yuan.

Moms who have seen Cradle products will find that they look like Nestle.

  Because of the advantages of milk sources, and most domestic brands do not have their own research and development capabilities, it is enough to follow suit, so the quality is also popular, mainly in the rural market.

Bronchitis 6 Food Therapies

Bronchitis 6 Food Therapies

Winter is a season of frequent and recurrent bronchitis. In addition to antibacterial, antiviral, antiallergic and symptomatic treatment according to the cause of bronchitis, diet therapy is adopted to strengthen the above-mentioned efficacy, enhance the body’s ability to resist disease, and promote appetite and healing.

  Almond grain rice tea takes 120 grams of almonds, 30 grams of rice, and 150 grams of sugar.

Soak the almonds in boiling water for 15 minutes, remove the coat, wash, cut into small grains, and soak in cold water; wash the rice, soak in cold water for 30 minutes; then stir and grind the almonds and rice, and add 600 ml of water, Filter to remove the residue, pour into the casserole, insert the casserole into the fire, add 500 ml of water, add sugar, slowly pour the almond pulp into the casserole, stir while cooking until it is thick, cover the pot, turn offJust 5 minutes.

It can be abused freely. It is suitable for those who have cough due to internal injury (cough, white phlegm, and appetite).

  Golden buckwheat lean meat soup takes 250 grams of lean pork, 100 grams of golden buckwheat, 30 grams of winter melon seeds, 15 grams of bellflower, 3 slices of ginger, and 5 dates.

Wash and cut pork into boiling water and water; wash gold buckwheat, winter melon seeds, lisianthus, and red dates (pitted), put in a stew pot, cover with warm water, and simmer over low heat for 3 hours.

Can be eaten with meals, 1 per day?
3 times, each time 150?
250 ml.

Applicable to those who have heat poison (fever, cough, sputum).

  Loquat Leaf Rice Congee Take Loquat Leaf 5?
10 grams, 100 grams of rice, 50 grams of rock sugar.

Wash the loquat leaves, wrap them in clean gauze, add 200 ml of water and fry to about 100 ml, remove the residue and add the opening rice, then add 600 ml of water, boil over high heat and boil to a gruel.

Take it once in the morning and evening.
5 days is a course of treatment.

Applicable to those with cough with phlegm-heat content (cough, yellow phlegm, or both).

  Cordyceps pig lung soup takes 250 grams of pork lung, 15 grams of Cordyceps, 3 slices of ginger, 2 green onions, vegetable oil, salt and monosodium glutamate.

Rinse the pig’s lungs cleanly, squeeze out the foam, cut into pieces with boiling water and put them in a casserole with Cordyceps, ginger and green onions. Add an appropriate amount of water. After boiling over high heat, simmer for 2 hours on low heat, add vegetable oil, salt andMSG is ready to eat.

1 every day?
3 times, each time 150?
250 ml.

It is suitable for those with lung and kidney yin deficiency (less cough and sputum, weak waist and knees, hot flashes and night sweats), and can also be used for bronchial irritation.

  For white radish pepper soup, take 1 white radish, 5 white peppers, 4 slices of ginger, and 1 slice of tangerine peel.

Add 500 ml of clear water, cook for 30 minutes, remove the residue, and add 250 ml of water for 15 minutes. Shake them and place them in two bowls.

1 bowl 2 times a day, morning and evening.

It is suitable for those who have depressed chest dysentery (poor mood, more phlegm, and difficult to cough up).

  Honey white radish juice: Take a white radish and 100 grams of honey.

After washing the radishes, hollow out the center, put in honey, add to a large bowl, and cook with water for 20 minutes. Cook until ready to eat.

Take it once a day in the morning and evening.

It is suitable for those who have a lot of phlegm, stickiness and bad expectoration in acute bronchitis.

  While carrying out the above diet, patients should eat a light diet, eat more nutritious, digestible food (such as rice porridge, rotten rice, noodles, bread and fresh milk, etc.), do not overeating, do not eat cold, fatTired and spicy fried food, and avoid alcohol and tobacco.

Explore why men love asking women’s past

Explore why men love asking women’s past

It’s really a shame for men to break the spirit of asking the casserole.

Sometimes men do not even allow the iron-handed criminal police to be more beautiful than before, ruthlessly asking women about their past.

Where does this habit come from?

After entering a relationship, women do not question the past of men in the final analysis.

However, men are trying their best to put out the “confessions” of women. Why is this?

  First, it just proves that men’s degeneration is no less than women who think that jealousy is a women’s “patent product”. That’s an overestimate of men.

In fact, men’s jealousy is also worth watching!

The second reason is that the desire to monopolize is too strong. Men like to ask women for “confessions” in addition to other jealousy.

He is still dissatisfied with the current possession of her, and he believes that she should also monopolize the past.

Once this possessiveness is high, even if the woman is close to her family friends, he will feel used, even wanting to possess her in the first second of every minute.

This kind of psychologically serious occasion will turn into Darendio’s novel “Victory of Death”, and will take possession of each other in a permanent way.

  Third, there is a wonderful idea in the heart of a man-always wanted to try if he has the right to ask her.

In this regard, women are different.

Once a woman has a boyfriend, she will start to know his present and future, but she does not care about his past, because he is a man!

There is no shortage of experiences.

If you care about everything, can you keep up with him?

Women are more tolerant of men.

Because, the social habits of men who play less on gaming have been accepted by her unconsciously.

  However, society’s debauchery and misconduct towards women cannot be forgiven.

As far as the impact is concerned, even the self-proclaimed progress, the trendy men still care about this internally.

So when the man reached the stage of finding a future partner, he began to ask women questions.

  At such times, some men just ask roughly.

However, some men will keep asking questions.

It depends on the interrogating man’s character.

If it is a gloomy man, it will be enough for you!

He will entangle you like a snake.

After you tell him something, he will ask one more question.

After you answer, he asks a third question.

.That’s it, launch a fatigue bomber on you.

Five masters help women fight aging

Five masters help women fight aging

Guide: Every minute, every day since we were born.

We are all growing and getting older.

Aging, this is an irreversible natural phenomenon.

Therefore, anti-aging is our eternal theme.

The anti-aging theme does not require external maintenance. In nature, many vegetables have anti-aging effects.


Rape: Recent research has found that some rapeseeds have an inhibitory effect on the growth of melanin, especially melanin produced by ultraviolet radiation.

Therefore, mm, who often travels outside, should eat more rape.


Taro: Taro contains protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, carotene, nicotinic acid, vitamin C, B vitamins, saponol and other ingredients. The mineral content contains more fluorineHigh, has the function of cleaning teeth, preventing caries, and protecting teeth.

And it belongs to alkaline foods, adjusts the acid-base balance of the human body, and produces the effects of beauty, beauty, and black hair.


Ginger: Ginger is not a condiment, but a good food for health.

Although river ginger is not as rich in vitamins and minerals as other vegetables, it has high levels of potassium and iron, and is rich in carbohydrates and alternative fibers.

When gingerol in ginger enters the body, it can produce an antioxidant enzyme that can fight aging.


Cowpea: Many people think that cowpea is just an ordinary vegetable. It’s nothing special. In fact, Li Shizhen said: “This bean can be a vegetable, a fruit, a grain, and it is a top grade bean.

Cowpea provides high-quality plant protein that can be easily digested and absorbed. Some people call cowpea “meat in vegetables”, which is very suitable for vegetarians who don’t like meat.


藕: 藕 contains protein, aspart, vitamin C, pyrocatechol, d-gallocatechin, neochlorogenic acid, colorless cornflower, colorless delphinidin, peroxidase and other nutrientsSubstance has the effects of removing stasis and clearing heat, removing annoyance and quenching thirst, stopping bleeding, resolving phlegm, and nourishing the stomach, nourishing yin, and nourishing blood.

How many of these gastrointestinal signs do you have?

How many of these gastrointestinal signs do you have?

In daily life, some women’s skin often “heartburns”, causing some strands of “acid gas” to flow out of the mouth. Severe acid water hits the throat and the mouth is very uncomfortable. This phenomenon is often called “Back to acid. ”

In this way, after a full meal of wine and food, this symptom may occur.

As usual, it is a manifestation of lax sphincter relaxation and weakness.

  The joint between the stomach and the esophagus of an ordinary person has a valve-like structure. Its function is to allow food to enter the stomach through the esophagus and prevent the food in the stomach and gastric acid, pepsin, and bile from retrograde to the esophagus.

Once the “valve” fails, the stomach contents can easily flow back to the esophagus and even the mouth.

The stomach acid and pepsin in the body launch “attacks” on various foods and even rough foods to digest and absorb them.

However, it is a “strong corrosive agent” for the esophageal mucosa, and reflux can often cause reflux esophagitis.

  According to research, patients with frequent frequent acid return may cause cancer of the esophagus.

Common symptoms of acid return are: burning sensation, especially when lying down after meals or increased abdominal pressure. In severe cases, patients can wake up at night; food, acid and bitter liquids return to the mouth; some patients may experience difficulty breathing,In severe cases, the esophagus (behind the sternum) is painful or even bleeding.

  However, having said that, gastric acid return is a common gastrointestinal symptom, and it is not a manifestation of gastric disease.

When the stomach is too acidic, acidic secretions can irritate the gastric mucosa and cause acid return, which makes people feel heartburn.

There are many reasons for hyperacidity and pantothenic acid. There are two main reasons: 1.


When mental stress, excessive fatigue, and poor mood, the cerebral cortex is dysfunctional and cannot enter the nerve of gastric acid secretion well, which is transformed into regeneration.

Improper diet, such as taking too much sweet, salty, spicy, sour, cold, hot food, will stimulate increased gastric acid secretion; some coarse grains, sweet potatoes, potatoes and other rich in starch, sugar, acid and other ingredients will irritate the stomachA large amount of gastric acid is produced, and the remaining sugar in non-digestible food is fermented in the dialysis tract, and pantothenic acid is also induced.

In addition, certain medicines such as aspirin, reserpine, buta pine can also stimulate increased gastric acid secretion.

Physiological does not require special treatment, as long as the induced factors can be eliminated.



Chronic gastritis, stomach, duodenal ulcers, etc. can cause hyperacidity and often return to acid.

  In addition to looking for the cause of pathology, you can take drugs that inhibit acid.

In addition, the aunt who absorbed too much, especially after eating a full meal and eating chocolate and using morphine drugs, made the lower esophagus sphincter relax and weaken, causing acid return.

5 ways to make work happy

5 ways to make work happy

Although many people like their careers, their faces will turn sunny and cloudy whenever they mention their current jobs.

Companies, colleagues, and the work that must be done every day may create conflicts for us and even some people in painful relationships. If this negative emotion is long-term, it will corrode our mood.

  Nowadays, the decompression methods and yoga exercises in management books can no longer meet people’s more needs.

How to get out of this state?

Can we find a peaceful relationship in the office?

How to make a smile from your heart when working?

The following is the solution proposed by experts: a magic weapon of happiness① Don’t let work become all French sociologist Dominique?

“You must stop thinking that ‘work is everything’,” Dominique Meda said.

“She leads the establishment of a peaceful relationship at work, but also acknowledges that it is not easy to do this in reality, because we are all convinced that” no work is nothing to eat. ”

Henna, 27, is a beauty product brand manager. “I also hope that, as suggested in many psychological self-help books, life cannot be equated with ‘make money’.

But at work, I still look like a never-ending rabbit.

What’s worse, I was able to enjoy the potentially ambiguous happiness!

French psychologist Patrick?

Patrick Amar said: This contradictory mood is not strange, the original work is the product of pain and achievement closely intertwined.

But in real life, the more diverse your self-image, the easier it is to feel happy.

This, Patricia, a psychologist at Yale University?

Patricia Linville suggested: “When we encounter setbacks and blows at work, we need to recover in other ways.

If the sense of accomplishment comes only from work, then the discomfort at work will more easily affect emotions.

Keeping a proper distance from work and establishing a peaceful relationship is to feel better at work.

“The magic weapon of happiness ② Express your good mood Many times, the root of the difficulty in working happy lies in the deadly way of working.

French psychologist Benjamin?

After surveying many companies, Benjamin Sahler found that many companies have simple environments, comfortable air conditioning, and soft carpets, but they are suffocating.

A good working principle requires everyone’s effort, intervention, good mood, sense of humor, and snacks brought by daily exchanges can be a happy start.

Wang Huilin, of the Psychological Counseling Center of Beihang University, said: “Intimate and stable interpersonal relationships are the most important factors for happiness.

We should enrich the poor relationships in the office.

Since we can find happiness when we are with relatives and friends, why should we give up this happiness at work?

“Of course, this is not to make us cuddly bears in the office, nor is it to make us overly focused on our colleagues.

Some experts suggest that laughter can bring psychological wonders, and colleagues should have fun together.

Laughing is always the best way to turn your enemies into friends, and it is a very negative way to wait for others to take the initiative.

  Happy magic ③ Express your needs and choose a familiar and simple song, such as “Happy birthday to you”.

Tap on the table and let friends guess.

Most people think that the probability of guessing is at least 50%, when in fact, it is only 2% and 5%.

Usually people think that the listener’s mind presents all the information of the song, but in fact, the other person hears only a meaningless click.

  One of the most annoying situations at work is that the boss doesn’t seem to realize that we need help at all.

Don’t think your boss should know what you think. The test above illustrates this.

  ”If you disagree with the boss, most people will choose to be silent and avoid conflict.

According to Du Shuang, a global career planner, “People worry that expressing dissatisfaction will damage their relationship with their bosses, hurt their own interests, or make conflicts impossible.

But there was a lot of resentment at the same time I couldn’t dismiss.”French psychologist Patrick?

Patrick Amar published: “As long as necessary, we should be polite and express our ideas frankly.

Unless the boss is a perverted sadist, frank expression will not make things worse.

“Of course, we must distinguish that some” unable to speak “difficulties are real, and some are just our imagination.

Many times, it is ourselves who set the barriers for ourselves.

So be sure to determine if things really go beyond your own abilities before meeting your boss’s personality.

This is true whether asking for extra help or getting your boss to understand your efforts.

  Perhaps the worst case is that stress and self-control become a habit, and we all forget that we still need it.

“We should learn to focus on the inner feelings and listen to the sounds of the body and mind.

“Counselor Wang Huilin pointed out:” When we have headaches, irritability, nausea, loss of appetite or overeating, it may be time to talk to the boss.

“The magic weapon of happiness ④ Don’t put too much affection on the company” Many times, employees are in a kind of emotional logic, “said the psychoanalyst Jean-Claude?

Jean-Claude Liaudet said: “That is, giving and receiving must be equal.

We give and then look forward to our appreciation.

This idea is wrong!

He believes: “People always let the experience of family life affect their relationship with the company.

For example, they are always on the boss, seeking the approval of their parents.

In psychoanalysis, this is “empathy”.

“Let’s try another way of” workplace empathy. ”

Psychologist Benjamin?

Benjamin Sahler suggested: “Of course we cannot lock our emotions in the locker room at work, so we might as well face the work with mature emotions!

“How to do it?

Overall, the mature positioning is: close but autonomous.

  The magic weapon of happiness ⑤ Externalize the inner conflict “Many people in the workplace believe that conflict is risky and stupid.

“Shuang Du, a global career planner, said:” This is because there are many rules in Eastern culture that advise people to reduce offense.

But in fact, we should learn the most consistent expression inside and outside.

“If the company conflicts with personal interests, it is only a matter of repeated consideration in the heart, and it is not a good idea to worry deeply.


According to Leoday, “Inner conflicts often manifest in us as ulcers and depression.

When we decide to fight our physical restraints, we can regain our health.

If we open our hearts, we can place ourselves out of conflict.

This process can be painful, but it is a healthier approach.

“In fact, the endless inner conflict has another danger.

“Escaping problems will lose the opportunity to solve problems and promote spiritual growth.

Wang Huilin, a counselor, said.

  Therefore, “It is childish to leave nothing!

“Action is an effective way to alleviate anxiety.

Constructive relief can be achieved in more interesting ways.

Finding happiness at work is certainly not easy, and not everyone can achieve it.

We certainly hope that the company will provide more psychological support to employees.

Recovery, psychologist Patrick?Amar still cautions us: “Everyone should be responsible for their emotions at work.

“Someone happier?

  ● Often civil servants and freelancers are considered the happiest occupational group.

However, only 30% of the freelancers think that they are “relatively free”, and the remaining 33% think that the mental stress is very great; 20% think that the material stress is very great.

  ● Adolescents, men are becoming happier than women.

Thirty years ago, the situation was exactly the opposite.

The study found that men have gradually reduced their work and enjoyed more life during these three or forty years, while women have replaced some household chores with professional work.

Work seems to be a cause of change in consequences.

Another explanation for the overarching phenomenon is that women today have more to do than ever before.

They can’t do everything, so they feel impossible.

  ● Women with part-time work are happiest because they can take care of work and family at the same time.

Although part-time jobs are usually concentrated in “low-paying” and “low-skilled” industries, compared with full-time women, part-time women are more satisfied with their jobs.

  ● Mothers with children will be happy for years if they have a job.

  Is your job happy?

  A recent large-scale survey on the workplace happiness index shows that only 37, 72% of people are “happily overall”; 41, 64% of people “are more unhappy”; 20, 64% said”It’s painful and want to change jobs.”

The factors that are most likely to make us unhappy at work are: no development prospects, low income, too much work pressure, tedious work, insufficient care for employees and differences from colleagues.

From a geographical point of view, the happiness index of eastern cities represented by Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, and Guangzhou far exceeds that of Chengdu, Chongqing, and Xi’an.

Fortunately, although many people still live in the shadow of “non-happy work” status, when asked whether future work will be happier, 58, 72% chose “should”, “definitely”There are 22,64%.

Cooking with a small fire to help housewives fight cancer

Cooking with a small fire to help housewives fight cancer

Core Tip: Everyone knows that when cooking, it is necessary to have enough heat. Usually, this is enough to be big enough.

But this is a problem that is too hot, and it is easy to breed harmful substances in the process of cooking. I am afraid?

Then hurry and watch!

  ”The oil does not smoke the vegetables without the pot.” “Only the fried dishes are the best.” For many housewives, cooking at the fire is the most common thing, but the housewife who knows that the fire is threatening to be healthy is notmany.

  “Actually, soot has become one of the predisposing factors for many diseases and even lung cancer, and too many women who do not smoke are also entangled in lung cancer.

Experts told us that China’s special preference for the cooking method of the fire has seriously threatened the health of the housewife.

The fire will produce a variety of carcinogens such as benzopyrene, and the fumes will invade the human respiratory tract with the air.

A study in the UK showed that cooking on a cooker with poor ventilation and very low combustion efficiency is equivalent to smoking 2 packs a day, resulting in 160 deaths per year worldwide.

Kitchen fumes can cause high blood pressure, pneumonia and respiratory illnesses, and can also cause high blood pressure and cataracts.

  However, in the eyes of smart nutritionists, deliciousness, health and nutrition can be taken care of.

In an interview with the reporter, the nutrition director said that “speculation” as a cooking method is not right or wrong. The key to avoiding the danger of oil smoke is the use of oil and cooking environment.

  First of all, different oil frying methods are different.

Experts say that if it is pressing oil, you should use the “hot pot cold oil” method, heat the pot, pour the oil, and then quickly put it into the dish to stir fry, do not wait for the oil to heat before the dish; if it is leaching oil,You have to use the “cool pot cool oil” method, which means that the pot does not need to smoke, after putting the oil, you can wait until a little blue smoke emerges (the oil temperature is around 160-180 degrees), start to put the vegetables, and then useFirst, the fire will be replaced by a small fire.

In essence, the kitchen must be guaranteed to have a good ventilation.

Always open the range hood when cooking. If there is no range hood, be sure to open the window to ventilate the smoke so that the smoke can be dissipated as soon as possible.

Extend the exhaust for a minimum of 10 minutes after cooking.

  Women who work in the kitchen, do not burn the pan too hot when cooking, and install a detachable range hood in the kitchen to reduce the amount of trace oxides in the medium oxide and kitchen air.

It is best to eat refined oil that eliminates harmful impurities and does not smoke after the pot is placed.

People who cook coal and burn liquefied gas early, while strengthening the kitchen ventilation, are all effective measures to reduce air pollution in the kitchen and prevent diseases.