80% of chronic diseases caused by improper diet?

3 things that should not be done for dinner, how many do you make?

80% of chronic diseases caused by improper diet?

3 things that should not be done for dinner, how many do you make?

The type and mix of supper is extremely important for those who value health. The choice of a reasonable mix of dinner can promote digestion and excretion of the body, which is good for health.

However, if you choose inappropriate food for dinner, it may cause indigestion and even cause other adverse reactions.

Scientific research has found that almost 80% of chronic diseases in the human body are caused by improper diet, especially for dinner.

If we develop an unhealthy eating habit, it will cause great harm to our body in the long run, leading to many chronic diseases, destroying the most basic ways of health and even seriously affecting our longevity.

Therefore, if you maintain the following three habits at dinner, it is also responsible for the health of your body.

1, eat high calcium content foods because after the dinner, the body’s metabolism has been broken, the organs also began to slowly enter the rest state.

In addition, the peak period of calcium excretion in the human body is between 4 and 5 hours after eating, and is excreted through the urine.

However, when the peak of calcium is coming, people are generally in a state of sleep, so it will cause a large amount of calcium to accumulate in the urinary tract. In the long run, calcium in the urine content will gradually precipitate, and it will easily form stones such as urinary tract.
2, eat high sugar content food If you eat a lot of sweets for dinner, and the body absorbs a lot of sugar, and there is no way to replace these sugars when sleeping, then the sugar will be converted into a large number of aunts, it is easy to form obesityEven diabetes.

In addition to these well-known, continuous introduction of high levels of sugar will lead to different acute and chronic occurrences.

For example, water loss, electrolyte imbalance, nutrient deficiency, decreased resistance, impaired renal function, nerve deformation, fundus lesions, etc.

3, eating high-micro-foods due to dinner intake of a large number of traces and greasy food, and lack of the corresponding amount of exercise, immediately into sleep, food can not be completely digested, digestion function will decline over time.

Invisible imposes a huge burden on the gastrointestinal tract, which can easily cause diseases of the digestive system.

The most important cause of obesity, so that a large amount of surplus in the blood vessels, flow to the liver, causing unfortunate liver.

Therefore, if you want to absorb high-nutrition and high-conversion foods, try to choose between morning and noon, so that the human body can not only fully absorb the nutrients needed.

Moreover, there is still enough time to digest the excess sugar, which is replaced with calcium and does not accumulate in the body.

So as to avoid some chronic diseases, gradually achieve the purpose of birth and maintenance, to maintain this healthy eating habits, but also to extend our life and to improve the quality of life.

Experts teach you how to strengthen the absorption function of the stomach


Experts teach you how to strengthen the absorption function of the stomach

Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) has two mechanisms of action: First, due to its unique structure, oligofructose is not digested by the stomach acid and enzymes of the digestive tract, and can directly reach the large intestine, and the Bifidobacterium which is beneficial to the human body is rapidly selective.Absorption, which causes Bifidobacteria to rapidly multiply and produce short-chain fatty acids, which makes the mutual pH value acidic, inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, reduces the activity of certain harmful reductases, and reduces the formation of internal carcinogens and harmful metabolites.Accumulation, really helps to remove the role of internal garbage.

銆€銆€Second, oligofructose is a potential supplemental fiber that can reduce serum free radicals and improve vitamin metabolism.

It has been confirmed by animal and human experiments that oligofructose has the following physiological functions:

Two-way regulation of the body flora: After the body absorbs oligofructose, the number of beneficial bacteria in the body can multiply 10-100 times, which is one of the most effective breeding factors of bifidobacteria, and the organic acids such as acetic acid and lactic acid are produced at the same time.Propionic acid, butyric acid, etc. reduce the pH value in the intestine, inhibit the growth and reproduction of exogenous pathogenic bacteria and intestinal decaying bacteria such as Salmonella, reduce the growth and accumulation of spoilage substances in the intestine, promote the destruction of peristalsis, and prevent constipation and diarrhea.


Lowering blood lipids: Oligofructose is an excellent dietary supplement fiber, which can effectively reduce the amount of serum insulin, triglyceride, and free fatty acids. It is more effective for various cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension caused by high blood lipids and arteriosclerosis.Good improvement.


Promote the synthesis of vitamins: oligofructose can promote the natural formation of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and folic acid, thereby improving the body’s metabolism, improving immunity and disease resistance.


Protecting the liver: Bifidobacteria absorb oligofructose and proliferate rapidly, inhibiting antibiotics, Salmonella and Clostridium spp., and reducing the formation of toxic metabolites (such as dioxins, nitrosamines, etc.).Rapidly remove toxic metabolites from the body, reduce the burden of insulin, prevent the role of protecting the liver, prevent various chronic diseases, cancer and other effects.


Promote the absorption of minerals such as Ca, Mg, Fe: oligofructose is fermented by bacteria in the large intestine to produce L-lactic acid, which can dissolve minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron, and promote the absorption of minerals by the human body.

Experiments have confirmed that oligofructose promotes calcium absorption by 70%.


Therefore, oligofructose can promote growth and prevent osteoporosis.


Prevention of dental caries: Oligofructose can not be used by Streptococcus mutans to produce insoluble glucan to provide oral microbial deposition, acid-producing and corrosive sites (tartar), thus preventing dental caries.


The role of beauty: After taking oligofructose, it can prevent facial sores, dark spots, freckles, acne, and age spots, making the skin brighter and worse.

銆€銆€Suitable for different groups of people to eat: 1.

Constipation, chronic diarrhea, intestinal dysfunction 2 .

Calcium deficiency, partial eclipse, malnourished children 3 .

Weak, often have a fever, stomach upset