Habitually lying or affecting physical health

Habitually lying or affecting physical health

Lying habitually or affecting your health wants to make your body healthier. In addition to eating healthy and exercising more, what else should you pay attention to?

A study in the United States shows that less lying is also good for human health.

This is exactly what it means: “The gentleman is open-minded, and the villain is long!”

Honesty Experiment Psychologists from the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA recruited 110 volunteers to participate in a 10-week honesty experiment.

Volunteers range in age from 18 to 71, 34% are community residents and 66% are college students, belonging to different races; the lowest annual income for the family.

USD 50,000, the highest is over USD 160,000.

Researchers divided volunteers into honesty groups and comparison groups, asking the honesty group to “unconditionally lie, to choose to ignore the truth, not answer questions or keep secrets” during the experiment, while the comparison group did not ask.

Anita Kelly, a professor of psychology professor in charge of the experiment, said: “Recent data show that Americans lie on average 11 times a week.

We want to see if living more honestly is indeed healthy.

“During the study period, the volunteers underwent weekly physical examinations. Kelly and others also assessed their interpersonal relationship status and directly lied to find out the lying situation of the volunteers in the comparison group. The number of lies and general lies was as good as possible.

Less lying is beneficial to the physiological results. The volunteers who have less lying have improved their physical and mental health. For example, when the volunteers in the comparison group said an average of three good-faith lies, they reported that they had fewer headaches and sore throats., Less reported two cases of depression, nervousness and other psychological conditions.

This positive effect was more pronounced in the honest group of volunteers.

In addition, volunteers who reduced lying reported that their relationships improved.

Researchers believe that this is the main reason for the health of volunteers.

“When they lie, their health goes down; when they lie down, their health improves,” said Kelly.

“At the end of the experiment, the honest volunteers also reported how they tried to avoid lying in interpersonal communication.

“We found that experimental participants can consciously and dramatically reduce daily lies,” said Kelly.

In turn, it has been linked to significant improvements in health.

“The” exposed stuffing “shows that when people lie, they will involuntarily appear physiological changes such as blood pressure, pulse, breathing and sweat secretion caused by sympathetic nerves.

In addition, studies have shown that the areas of brain activity are different when telling the truth and telling the truth. In general, there are more active areas of the brain when lying and more laborious when speaking the truth.

US researchers previously used brain scanning technology to find that when lying, brain activity is concentrated in the middle, lower, middle anterior, hippocampal, mid-tip, and marginal regions of the brain. These areas are in the human brain and consciousness, Perception, suppression, and other emotional response-related areas.

When telling the truth, only the prefrontal lobe, upper lobe, and cerebral gyrus with bands occur.

British researchers have found that when people experience emotional changes, facial expressions and skin blood flow can change unconsciously and uncontrollably.

Eye movements, pupil dilation, pouting, frowning, panting, swallowing, blinking, and even congestion of blood vessels around the eye will “sell” mental activity.

How to be a pretty woman

How to be a pretty woman

Heart of beauty in everyone.

In the eyes of men, the cutest women do not stay on the outside. They are more concerned about the color of the heart. If you do n’t believe it, look at their standards: (1) Good-hearted: compassionate, humane, ableUnderstand the psychology of men, do not force men to do things he does not want to do.

Self-esteem and self-love, sincere and warm feelings.

Once you fall in love with a person, you will treat him wholeheartedly, willing to give everything for love.

  (2) Cheerful and optimistic: Although sometimes there is a little willfulness in front of the loved one, but he never hesitates, trusts his loved one, and will not unreasonably entangle him in normal interaction with other opposite sexes.

When faced with setbacks, they dare to face them seriously. They have female-specific shortcomings and are willing to seek happiness in overcoming difficulties.

  (3) Be enterprising: Don’t put all the center of your life on your husband’s side and rely on your husband completely.

It’s best to have your own career pursuit and be down-to-earth with your work.

  (4) Have a personal hobby: have a strong personal interest, and be able to persevere, or all kinds of flowers and plants, or be good at cooking, or have some accomplishments in literature and art, life is colorful.

  (5) Tolerant to others: Will not be enthusiastic about inquiring about private affairs of others, unselfishly, trying to treat others with tolerance.

  (6) Be generous and graceful: talk generously and generously, and have the gentleness of women, and have an elegant temperament.

The mysterious inner world will be the goal that men are keen to dig.

Shaping your heart and your beauty, the goddess in a man’s heart is you!

Desert scene to test your view of love

Desert scene to test your view of love

You have a loved one who is deeply in love, but you are separated by an endless desert.

You can’t help tormenting your thoughts, and you decide to cross the desert to find that lover in your heart.

. (Remember your answer to each question, the answer will be announced at the end, but don’t be too anxious to see, then it will not be allowed) 1.

You have to hike across the desert. How many pairs of shoes will you prepare before you leave?

(Including the pair of feet) 2.

You embarked on your search for love. After walking for a while, you found a shiny object in the desert. Take a closer look. It is a glass bottle. At this time, can you pick up and take the journey, orIs it thrown away?


In the desert headed by the scorching sun, you walk with firm confidence, but you feel very thirsty under the hot sun. After a long search of water, you see a lake, which is not very large, and the water is not particularly clear. You willHow to do it?


Continue on the road. Near the first lake, a spotted lake appears in front of your eyes. The lake is clear and shiny. What would you do?


A tower suddenly appeared in this barren desert. Please use intuition to describe the height of the main tower.

(Please use words of a certain degree, some are very short, short, not tall or short, tall, tall, extremely tall, etc.) 6.

After all your hard work, you finally crossed the desert and came to the doorstep of your sweetheart’s house. There are servants at the door. Do you let servants enter you or choose to go in?


When you walk into your sweetheart’s house, you find that he (she) is not there. You holding the flowers you wanted to dedicate to him (her), you have no choice but to find a place to arrange flowers.

Then you see a vase on the table with a bunch of flowers in the bottle. How would you handle the flowers in this bottle and the flowers in your hands?


After waiting for a long time, your sweetheart did not return. Sad you must leave and return to your own residence on the other side of the desert. How would you choose to go back?

(Every way you can think of) What exactly does this desert of love foretell?


The number of shoes you bring indicates the number of emotions you can cope with at the same time (ha, hope that no one will say 100 pairs?


This glass bottle is your first love. Take the person on the road to show that you are an old person. The feeling of first love will never be forgotten!


This first lake is your marriage. It may not be the most perfect, but it is the person who cares about you when you need it most, and who understands you best?
Drinking water here means you are a believer in marriage.


This second lake is full of temptations, isn’t it a lover you might meet?

Do you drink water or even take a bath?
Even throwing away the water in the added lake and replacing it with new water, shows your attitude towards temptation?


At first, the height of the tower reveals whether you consider the two people equal in your relationship. The substitution of the tower shows that the more you want to be in a leadership position in the relationship, there is a kind of idea that overrides others

The way to enter the house is that you face a correct and active performance in a new relationship. You are relatively passive and passive, and you like the feeling of being chased by the servant. The person who actively enters the house is of course the active offensive type.Slightly?


The flowers in the vase on your table are your rivals.

The attitude towards this bunch of flowers is how you treat your rivals?

Alas, the final ending is a bit depressing. The speed of your choice to go home is how fast you recover after falling in love?

Have you chosen a rocket?


?The most depressing is the person who chose to walk back?
Ha ha!

Drinking yogurt can reduce gynecological infections

Drinking yogurt can reduce gynecological infections

Yogurt has a lot of help for the human body, everyone is most familiar with being able to help tandem health, so nutrition experts have pointed out that drinking more yogurt, in fact, there are many benefits of yogurt, can also help women lose weight, adhere to the daily supplement of yogurt weight soonCan be reduced.

  Many people have heard that they ca n’t drink yogurt before meals for three reasons: one is that yogurt protein is wasted on an empty stomach, the other is that lactic acid bacteria die under conditions of strong stomach acid and prevent its health effects, and the third is lactic acid in yogurtIt has a stimulating effect on the stomach.

Actually, except when particularly hungry, yogurt can be at any time and sometimes.

Drinking yogurt before meals can suppress the feeling of obesity to a certain extent, and can also provide nutrition for the human body.

  There are many benefits of drinking yogurt: Prevent gynecological infections.

For women with diabetes, vaginal yeast infections are a common problem.

A smaller study found that chronic yeast infections in women with diabetes can increase vaginal pH from 6 to 200 ml of sweet yogurt per day.

0 to restore 4.

0 (normal value 4.


5), and yeast infections have also decreased.

  Benefit two: control appetite.

The University of Washington has conducted a study that made subdivisions start with the following subdivisions and replaced 200-calorie foods (semi-solid yogurt with a slice of peach, yogurt, peach-flavored milk, peach juice).Shows that people who have eaten yogurt have less obesity and increased fullness than others.

  Benefit 3: Prevent osteoporosis.

The doctor of orthopedics at the New York Hospital in the United States pointed out that a large number of nutrients have played a key role in preventing and treating osteoporotic maxilla, and calcium, vitamin D and other trace elements are the most critical.

Although many research results on calcium are inconsistent, it is generally believed that calcium has a good effect on the bone quality of people of any age.

The vitamin D provided by dairy products is very high, and the combination of calcium and vitamin D, the benefits of bones are more obvious.

We can learn from the food label that many dairy products, including yogurt, are added with vitamin D when they are made, and everyone does not hinder the “green” category when buying.

  Benefit four: lower blood pressure.

According to experts from Harvard University in the United States, the study found that among those who drink 2-3 servings of yogurt or more a day, the risk of developing hypertension is 50% lower than those who do not drink.

  Benefit five: Improve immunity.

Yogurt with a large amount of active bacteria can help improve the occurrence of lactose intolerance, constipation, diarrhea, enteritis, Helicobacter pylori infection, etc.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Center for Human Nutrition Research is doing research on old age at Tufts University, called Gene Mayer, saying that yogurt can both improve its own environment and improve the body’s immunity.

Coincidentally, a recent study in Taiwan also found that yogurt can improve the therapeutic effect of certain anti-inflammatory drugs.

  Guide: Who should drink yogurt the most?

  So, how do you choose the best and most suitable yogurt for you?


Yogurt is also divided into three types: full fat, low fat and skimmed, you can choose according to your needs; 2.

Pay attention to the sugar content. Some products have very high sugar content. If you like sweet yogurt but worry about excessive conversion, you may choose those using sugar substitutes;

Concerned about the active bacteria content, many products will indicate how many beneficial bacteria they contain; 4.

Buying yogurt depends on the calcium content, and fortified vitamin D products are the best choice.

  Ordinary sweet yogurt contains 7% sucrose and 3% lactose, and the protein content is only 2.

Only 5%.

Therefore, drinking yogurt on an empty stomach will not waste protein.

Except when there is a strong sense of obesity, the stomach is not necessarily completely empty before meals, and the stomach acid content is not necessarily high.

Therefore, not all lactic acid bacteria are killed.

Domestically produced yoghurts have low acidity and more sugar, and the protective effects of proteins and gums do not mean that the stomach of healthy people causes great irritation.

Therefore, for people with normal rehabilitation functions, drinking yogurt before meals is not corrected.  Some people cannot drink yogurt on an empty stomach, but some people cannot drink yogurt on an empty stomach.

Those who suffer from cold and prone to abdominal pain should not drink the yogurt just taken out of the refrigerator, put it at room temperature, and wait for half an hour before drinking, you will not feel unwell.

  The amount of yogurt consumed varies from case to case. People with a normal diet drink 1-2 cups of yogurt (250-500 grams) per day.

For teenagers, a cup of yogurt in the morning or evening, or a cup of milk in the morning, and a cup of yogurt in the evening is ideal.

This is not to say that the possible quantity of yogurt cannot be increased.

When your appetite is poor, your diet is unbalanced, your body is weak, and you have an infection that prevents you from eating normally, you can consume more yogurt every day to absorb nutrients, adjust functions, and improve physical resistance to promote initial infectionget well.

How to dispel summer mental anxiety

How to dispel summer mental anxiety

The core tip: “Bitter summer is hard to bear”. I know the barking outside the window, the body sweats constantly, and people’s emotions become irritated.

A trivial matter may be furious.

What can I do?

The following editors teach you a few tricks to easily deal with summer anxiety.

  First, adjust your work plan based on your mood.

  Ian Cook, director of the Center for Depression Research at the University of California, Los Angeles, said that many people have a lot of emotional changes throughout the day in the summer, but sleepy in the morning and awake in the evening.

Based on this, you can appropriately adjust your work schedule, meet customers every day during the day, organize materials, and leave tasks that require precise thinking, such as writing plans and making statements, until the evening.

  Second, exercise more to avoid feeling too fat.

  Cook and others found that many people in the summer will pay special attention to their image, body, etc. Once they find that they are fat and can not wear beautiful clothes, they are very annoyed.

Therefore, strengthening exercise may be the best way, you can run, swim, play, etc., give yourself the hint that “I am controlling weight”; even without really losing weight, exercise will make you happy.

  Third, sleep on time to prevent insomnia from affecting mood.

  It’s easy to fall asleep in summer, or wake up too early to disturb your mood.

It is best to insist on going to bed on time every day, to ensure 7-9 hours of sleep, and let your biological clock adjust to “daylight saving time” as soon as possible.

  Fourth, do something interesting to deal with life changes.

  For many people, the summer vacation of children will add a lot of trivial matters and cause headaches.

May wish to “add something to life”, use humor to resolve the troubles of life, some kind of, tell a joke, listen to a crosstalk, take time to accompany the children to camp and so on.

  Fifth, overcome the scorching heat with friends.

  The weather is hot, no one is upset, but often the more you think about the hotter the day, the more you feel the more uncomfortable.

It’s better to meet friends, find a place to chill out, chat, talk about new things, help you distract you, and forget the troubles of hot weather.

Cooking with a small fire to help housewives fight cancer

Cooking with a small fire to help housewives fight cancer

Core Tip: Everyone knows that when cooking, it is necessary to have enough heat. Usually, this is enough to be big enough.

But this is a problem that is too hot, and it is easy to breed harmful substances in the process of cooking. I am afraid?

Then hurry and watch!

  ”The oil does not smoke the vegetables without the pot.” “Only the fried dishes are the best.” For many housewives, cooking at the fire is the most common thing, but the housewife who knows that the fire is threatening to be healthy is notmany.

  “Actually, soot has become one of the predisposing factors for many diseases and even lung cancer, and too many women who do not smoke are also entangled in lung cancer.

Experts told us that China’s special preference for the cooking method of the fire has seriously threatened the health of the housewife.

The fire will produce a variety of carcinogens such as benzopyrene, and the fumes will invade the human respiratory tract with the air.

A study in the UK showed that cooking on a cooker with poor ventilation and very low combustion efficiency is equivalent to smoking 2 packs a day, resulting in 160 deaths per year worldwide.

Kitchen fumes can cause high blood pressure, pneumonia and respiratory illnesses, and can also cause high blood pressure and cataracts.

  However, in the eyes of smart nutritionists, deliciousness, health and nutrition can be taken care of.

In an interview with the reporter, the nutrition director said that “speculation” as a cooking method is not right or wrong. The key to avoiding the danger of oil smoke is the use of oil and cooking environment.

  First of all, different oil frying methods are different.

Experts say that if it is pressing oil, you should use the “hot pot cold oil” method, heat the pot, pour the oil, and then quickly put it into the dish to stir fry, do not wait for the oil to heat before the dish; if it is leaching oil,You have to use the “cool pot cool oil” method, which means that the pot does not need to smoke, after putting the oil, you can wait until a little blue smoke emerges (the oil temperature is around 160-180 degrees), start to put the vegetables, and then useFirst, the fire will be replaced by a small fire.

In essence, the kitchen must be guaranteed to have a good ventilation.

Always open the range hood when cooking. If there is no range hood, be sure to open the window to ventilate the smoke so that the smoke can be dissipated as soon as possible.

Extend the exhaust for a minimum of 10 minutes after cooking.

  Women who work in the kitchen, do not burn the pan too hot when cooking, and install a detachable range hood in the kitchen to reduce the amount of trace oxides in the medium oxide and kitchen air.

It is best to eat refined oil that eliminates harmful impurities and does not smoke after the pot is placed.

People who cook coal and burn liquefied gas early, while strengthening the kitchen ventilation, are all effective measures to reduce air pollution in the kitchen and prevent diseases.

Six elements decoration avant-garde fashion home


Six elements decoration avant-garde fashion home

How can I decorate an avant-garde fashion home?

As long as you master the following six elements, you can certainly help you complete your wishes.


The bathroom is also the most difficult to heat before and after the overall heating, and sometimes it is freezing in the room.

The benefits of Yuba are many, including instant heating, adjustable heat, concentrated heat, and no need for preheating.

However, the installation of ventilation fans, lighting and other equipment at the same time is enough for consumers to work hard.

Recently, there has been a so-called integral bath top on the market, which is to extend the Yuba product line to the entire bathroom upper space for the actual needs of home improvement, and to introduce the integrated products and installation services of bathroom appliances and gussets.

Solve the installation problem between the electrical appliance and the ceiling as a whole, and eliminate the inconsistency between the ceiling and the electrical assembly.


The bathtub has also become a new theme for the healthy bathroom revolution.

At the same time, from the bathtub to the toilet, to the urinal, each part capable of antibacterial, antifouling and water saving is undergoing technological innovation.

According to reports, the theme of “humanization” of sanitary products is to conduct applied research from the three aspects of physiology and physics, cognition and psychology, society and culture, and conduct a comprehensive study on the human needs in the process of using sanitary products.

The bathroom products with both antibacterial and water-saving functions will be more outstanding. I believe that such products can better cater to the psychology of consumers.


Children’s wall coverings are the design and decoration of children’s rooms that can be pasted. First of all, considering environmental protection, the design that helps children create and play is more popular.

It is best to design a soft bag on the wall to avoid touching it, or to use children’s wallpaper or wall covering to reflect childlikeness.

Some big brands have launched wall-based fabrics that can be used for personal creativity this year.

The wall base fabric is a new type of wall decoration material made of super strong velvet fiber and adhesive pressure composite material. It is completely exclusive of the color of the surface of traditional wallpaper. The surface has various patterns, patterns, cartoon characters and other bumps.Just paste it according to the process and then paint your favorite color, then it will appear in stereo.

You can paint a variety of colors according to your personal preferences.

More importantly, the pasted wall base fabric can be completely peeled off and pasted to other places, and the cloth will not be torn.

This greatly satisfies the desire and imagination of children.

銆€銆€Remind parents that if the inside of the children’s room is completely white, it will cause them to be too active and can’t help but put it in front.

If you design a white wall specifically for your child’s graffiti wall, you can make your child feel creative and creative.


Bedroom chandeliers will give people a quiet, relaxed, warm feeling.

If the lights are used incorrectly, it is easy to cause pressure and even lead to insomnia.

Too many professional lighting companies have put forward the concept of 鈥渓ight health鈥?and provided some configuration schemes for bedroom lamps.

The bedroom should pay attention to avoid dazzling glare, so as not to hurt the eyes directly; avoid the use of too many fancy lamps on the roof to avoid excitement; especially do not use large hanging chandeliers, which will cause insecurity and oppression, which may causeInsomnia and other issues.

銆€銆€The main and auxiliary lights of the bedroom serve the function of the space and the atmosphere to be expressed.

The lighting designer said that in terms of the bedroom area, the practical floor height of the general bedroom is 2.

5-3 meters, if the natural lighting conditions are poor, you can make a hidden ceiling light, install a fixed ceiling or semi-suction main light in the appropriate main point of the room; for space penetration, the layer height is greater than 2.

The 8 meter bedroom can be set with hidden lights, usually replacing the main light of the hanging main light or the semi-suction hanging.

For bedrooms with smaller spaces and lowest floor heights, a simple single-cover ceiling lamp can be used.

銆€銆€The designer believes that the bedroom should create a warm atmosphere, and work on the auxiliary lights, such as bedside wall lamps, bedside table lamps, etc.

The lower end of the bedside wall lamp can not have sharp edges and corners to avoid touching the head; the height of the bedside table lamp should be lower than the position of the person under the eyes lying on the back of the person. The height of the bedside table lamp is not higher than 600 mm.Should pay attention to comfort; in the corner of the bedroom sofa is often regarded as a vignetting, consider placing a floor lamp, the height should be higher than 1.

5 meters, the shape of the lamp should not be over-exaggerated; also install 1-2 light-filled wall lamps in the location where the key needs to be illuminated.

Pay attention to the coordinated use of light color, lamp color and background color, and use the combination of light and dark, light and shadow to create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom.
銆€銆€5, the trash can is difficult to remove the odor caused by the garbage to be hidden, blocking the waterway, cleaning up troubles and other issues, of course, become the most headache for housewives.

Experts suggest that there are currently two ways to deal with kitchen waste pollution. One is to set up a garbage disposal box, and the other is to use a kitchen waste disposer.

Designer Wang Jingquan told reporters that this problem can be solved during the renovation process.

The trash can can be concealed and arranged in the cabinet space below the sink, and the design is concealed.

For example, it is placed inside the cabinet, which is convenient to use and makes the kitchen more beautiful.

Some put the trash can on the special setting section on the cabinet door. The lid of the trash can can be opened with the opening of the cabinet door, and the garbage does not slip out.

This type of trash can takes up less space and is equally convenient to use.


The most environmentally friendly way to turn trash into granules is to use a kitchen waste disposer.

In foreign countries, the kitchen garbage disposer has become one of the indispensable appliances in the home, realizing the harmlessness, reduction and resource treatment of garbage.

銆€銆€The technicians said that the garbage disposer is mainly a small DC motor. The high-speed rotation of the tool holder is used to grind the kitchen garbage into small particles by cutting, smashing, grinding, etc., and then can be conveniently discharged from the sewer pipe.

The smell of the kitchen is flourishing, and the problem of garbage is easily solved.

銆€銆€When installing the cabinet, the garbage disposer can be installed directly under the kitchen sink and connected to the drain without modifying any piping.

“In addition, consumers can also choose more environmentally friendly and energy-saving products. Under normal circumstances, the average monthly household electricity and electricity fee for ordinary households is also more than one yuan, reducing the amount of garbage that needs to be disposed of.


Chinese medicine is not reliable?


Chinese medicine is not reliable?

Chinese medicine soup medicine to protect the fetus, in the Eastern Han Dynasty Zhang Zhongjing’s “Golden Chamber”, there are “women and pregnant women to raise the fetus, Baizhu scattered master.”
“There is a record of “pregnancy, which should be taken regularly by Danggui.”

銆€銆€The gynaecologist of the Chinese Medicine Hospital introduced that the ancient method of protecting the fetus has many doctors’ explanations, such as the method of raising the fetus, the method of establishing the fetus, and the method of thinning.

銆€銆€The method of raising the fetus is used to supplement the pregnant women during pregnancy, to help the growth of the fetus, and to reduce the disease during pregnancy.

銆€銆€The fetus method is more common in fetal movement.

“Danxi Heart Law” uses Siwutang to add and subtract fetuses.

銆€銆€The thin tire method is to prevent the dystocia from being produced smoothly. For the pregnant woman who has 鈥渇etal fat and phlegm, and stop the pain鈥? 鈥淪hou Shi Bao Yuan鈥?records the hand too scattered.

銆€銆€Who needs Chinese medicine to protect the fetus?

銆€銆€Chinese medicine practitioners said that from the clinical point of view, more and more people accept Chinese medicine to prevent miscarriage.

The so-called miscarriage is also to be considered comprehensively, rather than blindly conserving the fetus, for pregnant women who cause stunting, it is also recommended to let them terminate the pregnancy.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine for the fetus is not good for luteal function, has a history of bad abortion, irregular menstruation, and people who want to have a second child with varying degrees of ovarian dysfunction should be used with caution.

銆€銆€Dr. Zhang from the Chinese Medicine Hospital said that Chinese medicine experts are rigorous and serious, and should not over-emphasize the efficacy of a certain medicine, or exaggerate the efficacy of certain medicines.

Losing all three is the fault of spring


Losing all three is the fault of spring

Typical case of spring sleep: booming, a sudden brake, a body squat, Xiao Li almost pounced on the other person’s arms.

Xiaoli, who suddenly woke up, is so good!

Xiaoli wondered while she regretted it. It was a little unbelievable for herself to stand on the bus and fall asleep.

Only then, I found that I had already sat down, hurriedly crowded the bus along the crowd, but found that the phone was stolen.

Xiao Li, who is conscious of the high vigilance on weekdays, is full of enthusiasm, hehe!

It’s all the troubles of spring!

銆€銆€The danger of spring sleep: the spring is sleepy, making people languid; the spring is sleepy, which makes people work less efficient; the spring is sleepy, working in high-risk, driving and other difficulties will endanger people’s lives.

Don’t underestimate the difficulties of spring, it is harmful to people, and it is also very harmful. The harm is really endless. Chinese medicine practitioners look at the spring sleepy, and they are trapped in dysfunctional blood; spring is sleepy and the eyes are sleepy.

銆€銆€So how do we prevent spring sleep?

銆€銆€[Key 1]Spring wants to “show” the dew, which is to show up, expose, and expose itself to nature.

銆€銆€When you show up, you have to use your eyes and look at it. Look at the vitality that emerges in nature. The grass sprouts, the dead wood and the spring, the flowers and birds. This situation, the heart is refreshing, the troubles, the melancholy are fresh, positive,There is room for life and time to take away.

This is to raise liver and nourish.

銆€銆€When you are exposed, you have to change your limbs and relax your muscles.

This is to raise the gluten, the muscles are healthy and bloody, the gas is in the air, the air is smooth, and the evil can’t be done.

銆€銆€Dew, it’s going to be earlier than winter, but not in the bed.

銆€銆€Note: Spring Breeze: As the saying goes, the spring breeze cracks the stone.

Spring is in the wind and the wind is in the five elements. When the wind is cold, or when the wind is strong, it is old and weak. People with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should not go out to expose themselves. They can show up on the balcony at home.

銆€銆€Spring cold: The spring climate will change more, especially in the early spring, and the eye will be turned over on March 3, so pay attention to the weather and keep cold when going out.

銆€銆€Dew: The daily prevention is one, so the daily life is always there.

It is advisable to get up early and get up early to ensure a certain amount of sleep time, and pay attention to the air circulation in the room.

銆€銆€Second, strengthen exercise.

After getting up every day, I will go to the park and exercise in the fields. I will be able to keep my spirits full and refreshed.

銆€銆€Third, a balanced diet.

Eat more foods with previous high-quality protein, and the demand for protein increases every spring due to strong metabolism.

Eating more fresh vegetables and fruits can also effectively prevent the “spring sleepy”, because “spring sleepy” is related to the body’s acid environment and insufficient absorption of vitamins, while eating more fresh fruits and vegetables can neutralize the acidic products in the body.Can be supplemented with vitamins.

銆€銆€Dew: Exercise prevention physical exercise can greatly speed up the response of brain processing information and effectively prevent spring sleep.

It replaces gentle and soothing activities such as brisk walking, jogging, radio exercises, and Tai Chi.

At the same time, you can go to the spring in the suburbs, breathe fresh air, improve the function of the cerebral cortex, make people feel comfortable and energetic.

In addition, external vision, light and other moderate stimuli help to change the inner rhythm of the human body, so that the central nervous system of the brain quickly enters an awake state, thereby eliminating sleepiness.

銆€銆€[Key 2]Because of the long days of the lunch break, the climate is gradually warmer. From the perspective of yin and yang, the human body should gradually adapt to it.

Whether it is the elderly, children, whether it is a mental worker or a manual worker, you must take a lunch break if possible, even if you sleep for half an hour, you can adjust your blood to ensure that the afternoon is full.

銆€銆€[Key 3]Diet therapy is based on the principle of flat supplement, can not blindly use warm tonic, so as not to increase in the spring, increase the body’s internal heat, internal heat consumption, qi and blood consumption, sleepy.

In fact, according to the current family and personal diet structure is basically better than before, are focused on nutrition, the following is only based on the characteristics of spring to put forward key considerations.

銆€銆€* High protein: Eat more light and high quality protein foods such as chicken, duck, goose, pigeon and other meat, fish, eggs, milk and soy products.

銆€銆€* High vitamins: It is necessary to eat more green leafy vegetables, especially sprouted vegetables, such as sprouted onions, leeks, non-toxic wild vegetables or sprouts, and eat more fruits or fresh vegetable juices. Juice is very beneficial for vitamin supplementation.

銆€銆€* Eat more edible fungi: such as black fungus, white fungus, mushrooms, mushrooms, etc.

Black fungus is an impurity mineral calcium, which plays a leading role in the function of human muscle, heart, brain and other cells.

Tremella plasma Tremella polysaccharide can enhance the phagocytic ability of human guardian macrophages.Mushrooms contain lentinan, which is resistant to Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Edible fungi are natural health supplements in spring, and women should eat more.

銆€銆€* stew, syrup: stew is preferably red dates, American ginseng; red dates, carrots, black fungus (ordinary family).

The syrup is preferably red bean syrup; red dates, lily, lotus seeds (to the core), spinach (apple, etc.), honey (should be taken at night).

Replenish qi and blood, good night god.

銆€銆€Diet Prevention 1) Breakfast should be supplemented with calories.

Develop the habit of replenishing most of the food in the body every morning, killing the extra transformation that is supplied to the body.

銆€銆€2) The greasy concentration increases the fatigue phenomenon after a person’s meal, which is characterized by body temperature, lower blood sugar, lower mood, and lower work efficiency, so the spring is easy to be light and palatable.

銆€銆€3) Ingest enough protein.

Proteins are made up of a variety of amino acids, of which glutamate is the main component of the brain’s vigilant chemicals, so proteins absorbed from lean meat, chicken, fish and low-fat dairy products help to increase human vitality.

銆€銆€4) Eat fruits and juices.

Fruit is rich in potassium, one of the main minerals that help maintain cell moisture.

Raisins, oranges, bananas, and apples are called minerals.

銆€銆€[Key 4]What should I do if I am struggling with a simple sleepy problem?

This is a very real and practical problem.

Spring is trapped in the spring, has been trapped?

(Note: The following laws are only for emergency, for the purpose of saving the trap, temporarily ridding the sleeping insects, saving “urgent” and not saving “poor.”

Its urgent, the standard is also; the poor, Ben also.

To cure the problem, you need to do the above three points.

) * Click on the “鏀掔” point immediately: Location: Through the study of the above TCM theory, “the eyes, the collection of the ancestral pulse also.
“Spring is sleepy, the eyes are sleepy, sleepy, and immediately click on the “鏀掔” point.

However, the position of the “鏀掔” hole in the different books of the “鏀掔” point, even at the inner corner of the eyelid, is quite a “point of the bamboo” method: closed eyes.

Use your fingertips on your thumb or the front of your fingertips.

Click here to be very painful.

Very suitable, immediately to catch away the sleeping insects.

Especially for students, office workers, white-collar workers, etc.; if you are driving a car, please drive the car to the parking space immediately, press the above method for about half a minute, then do the following actions, or get off the train, do notDrive with sleep!

銆€銆€* refers to bilateral fractures: closed eyes.

Put your thumb on your thumb and put it on top of your ear tip, then half-fist your fist. Use your temples to squeeze your abdomen to the thumb.

Refreshing and eye-catching.

銆€銆€* Comb combs can be used, it is best to comb the scalp.

銆€銆€* Immediately and vigorously stretched out a big lazy waist, while taking deep breath and lower limbs trying to stretch hard, the spirit can be excited.

銆€銆€* Even if you drink strong tea and make coffee, please follow the instructions of each person.

Not everyone is comfortable with drinking tea or coffee.

銆€銆€* Chewable chewing gum, or xylitol, can alleviate sleepiness.