[How to make delicious cakes]_Bread_How to make_How to make

[How to make delicious cakes]_Bread_How to make_How to make

Cake is the most common staple food in daily life. There are many ways to make cakes, which contain a lot of nutrients. Each method is very tempting. You can also use cakes or snacks in different places, which are people’s favorite foods.The method is also very simple. Let’s take a look at the method of pie.

Ingredients for sesame cake: 950 grams of flour, 105 grams of noodles, 52 grams of sesame, 155 grams of soybean oil, appropriate amount of salt and pepper, and appropriate amount of lye.

Method: First add 325 grams of sesame low-temperature cooked flour to the right amount of soybean oil, and 625 grams of pastry dough flour to flour, 305 grams of warm water, and hydrated dough, knead thoroughly, and set aside the fermented doughAdd lye, knead it repeatedly, and paste it into a thick middle and thin pasta sheet, then wrap in the pastry dough, squeeze it tightly, and roll it to a thickness of about 0.

4 cm thin slices, sprinkle with salt and pepper, then roll into thin slices from top to bottom, scatter into 23 doughs, gather the mouth of each one into a round shape, dip a small amount of water on the smooth surface, stick sesame, press flat, thenRoll into 1.

2 cm thick round cakes will be baked in the oven, about 9-10 minutes, the cake surface is golden yellow and cooked.

Ingredients for baking noodles; 400 grams of flour, 80 grams of soybean oil, 150 grams of leavened noodles, 6 grams of alkaline noodles, and 8 grams of salt and pepper.

Practice 1.

Add an appropriate amount of water to the alkaline surface to become lye; 2.

2. Add warm water to leaven noodles, add flour and an appropriate amount of water to form a dough, knead thoroughly, and leave to ferment; 3.

4. Add the lye to the fermented dough, knead it thoroughly, and place it on the noodle for about 10 minutes; 4.

Knead the dough slightly, knead into long strips, and scatter into about 74 grams of pasta, place it on a chopping board, take one of the pasta and combine it with 10 small pasta, and then apply the small pasta with soybean oil andThe flower pepper salt is wrapped in a large dough, pinched tightly to become a bun, then flattened and rolled to a diameter of about 8.

5. A 5 cm round cake, that is, a green dough cake;

First smear soy oil in the baking tray, then place the green in the baking tray, put it in the oven, and bake at a high temperature of 200 degrees until the cake surface is golden brown and cooked thoroughly.

[How to make dry vegetables]_How to make_How to make

[How to make dry vegetables]_How to make_How to make

At present, people do not like to eat big fish and big meat, just because they eat enough big fish and big meat, and because eating too much big fish and big meat is not good for their health.

People are more inclined to eat some vegetables. Dry vegetables are a good choice. Dry vegetables are also called amaranth, which is a kind of herbaceous plant and belongs to the annual.

There are many ways to make it, you can cook it cold and cook it, so how do you prepare arid dishes?

First, cold salad 1/6 dry vegetables, all the leaves are exposed to the outside, and there is more soil on the surface. When washing, be sure to wash it several times, and try to rinse it with a water pipe at the last time.

2/6 Washed arid dishes should be put in boiling water, stirring occasionally, about 3?
After 5 minutes, the dry dishes are cooked and then removed immediately.

3/6 When fishing dry vegetables, suspend them for a while to reduce the water and prevent too much dried vegetable soup. The dried dried vegetables should be left in the basin for a while to become cold.

The 4/6 cold dishes should be cut into small pieces on the chopping board, which is more convenient to eat.

5/6 add seasoning. This step directly affects the final taste of dry vegetables. I use hemp sauce to make the main seasoning, then put in the smashed garlic, and then add a little chicken essence and stir well.

6/6 If you have sesame at home, you can put a little more, and you can eat it with a single tap!

Second, garlic dry vegetables 1.

Choose dry dishes, go to old, soak in water and knead clean 2.

Squeeze clean water, garlic and set aside 3.

Oily heat, exploding garlic 4.

Pour in dry dishes, stir-fry with chopsticks, and season 5.

In plate three, stir-fried dried vegetables 1/10 to remove the dried leaves of dried vegetables.

2/10 Soak the dry vegetables in the sink and wash away the impurities.

Drain the water 3/10 and set aside.

Inject about 25 ml of cooking oil into a 4/10 pot.

Bring to 60% heat.

5/10 Pour dry vegetables into a wok and fry for about one minute.

6/10 add coaxial salt to taste.

7/10 add the right amount of lard.

After 8/10 salt is added, dry dishes will produce water.

9/10 added some fresh soy sauce to make our meals more delicious.

The 10/10 fire takes one minute to collect the juice out of the pot.

[How to make colorful pepper and salmon rice bowl]_Homemade method of colorful pepper and salmon rice bowl_Encyclopedia of colorful pepper and salmon rice bowl_How to make colorful pepper and salmon rice bowl with salmon

[How to make colorful pepper and salmon rice bowl]_Homemade method of colorful pepper and salmon rice bowl_Encyclopedia of colorful pepper and salmon rice bowl_How to make colorful pepper and salmon rice bowl with salmon

The simple and easy learning conditions are the motivation for modern people to cook. The dish of colorful pepper and salmon rice bowl is enough to meet the tastes of the public, and meets the time requirements, without long waiting.

With a bowl of fragrant white rice and a bowl of broth, you can really enjoy life.

1. Cut the pedicle with a small knife and cut it into a whole for decoration. Deseed and scramble for use. 2. Heat the pan with cooking oil and fry the salmon on both sides until golden. 3. Use salmon pepper, salt, and a slice of lemon.Draw out a small amount of lemon juice, marinate in cooking oil and marinate for 10 minutes4. Remove and absorb the oil with kitchen paper, remove fish bones and skins, remove salmon meat and set aside 5, stir-fry the onion with the cooking oil, fry the corn6. Stir-fry salmon meat 7, stir-fry rice, season with oil and salt (salinity adjusted according to personal taste) 8. Put the bell pepper on the baking sheet, and put the fried salmon rice into the bell pepper.After 9 minutes, 9 is added, then mozzarella cheese is broken into pieces 10 and put into a preheated oven. Bake at 190 degrees for 15 minutes (the actual temperature is based on your own oven). The package is also baked 11 and baked until the cheese surface is golden.Mimi’s intake, right?
Eating fast food often is not good for your health and is prone to obesity symptoms. The practice of steamed rice bowl with colorful pepper and salmon is convenient and healthy. It is recommended to add more vinegar and eat more salt and salt, which is the key to maintaining health.

[Do you often drink mung bean water]_Benefit_Prerequisite

缁胯眴姹ゆ繁鍙楀緢澶氫汉鍠滄锛屽叿鏈夋竻鐑В姣掋€佹姉鑿屾姂鑿屻€佷繚鎶よ偩鑴忋€佹秷鏆戣В娓寸殑浣滅敤锛屾槸寰堝ソ鐨勪繚鍋ュ搧锛屽挨鍏舵槸澶忓ぉ鐗瑰埆閫傚悎鍠濈豢璞嗘堡銆傝櫧鐒剁豢璞嗘堡浣滅敤姣旇緝澶氾紝浣嗗苟涓嶆槸鎵€鏈夌殑浜洪兘閫傚悎鍠濓紝瀵逛簬鑲犺儍涓嶅ソ鐨勪汉缇ゆ渶濂戒笉瑕佸枬锛屼富瑕佹槸This is the best way to do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it.嗘堡瀵掑噳浣撹川鐨勪汉琛ㄧ幇涓猴細鍥涜偄鍐板喎涔忓姏銆佽叞鑵垮喎鐥涖€佽吂娉讳究绋€绛夈€傚枬浜嗙豢璞嗘堡鍙嶈€屼細鍔犻噸鐥囩姸锛岀敋鑷冲紩鍙戣濡傝吂娉?涓ラ噸鐨勮瘽寮曡捣鑴辨按)銆佹皵琛€鍋滄粸寮曡捣鐨勫叧鑺傝倢鑲夐吀鐥涖€佽儍瀵掑強鑴捐儍铏氬急寮曡捣The ginseng picks up Phillips, and it ‘s full, and it ‘s so good. It ‘s very easy to read. It ‘s a good idea. You ca n’t do it. You ca n’t do it.倝杩樺锛岃泲鐧借川闇€瑕佸湪閰剁殑浣滅敤涓嬭浆鍖栦负灏忓垎瀛愯偨銆佹皑鍩洪吀鎵嶈兘琚汉浣撳惛鏀躲€傝繖绫讳汉鐨勮偁鑳冩秷鍖栧姛鑳借緝宸紝瀹规槗鍥犳秷鍖栦笉鑹鑷磋吂娉汇€備笁銆佺┖鑵规椂涓嶅疁鍠濈豢璞嗘堡绌鸿吂鏃朵笉瀹滃枬缁胯眴姹わ紝缁胯眴姹ゆ€у瘨锛岀┖鑵瑰枬瀵硅儍涓嶅ソ銆傚洓銆佺豢璞嗘堡涓嶅疁澶╁ぉ鍠濋€傚綋鐨勫枬涓€浜涚豢璞嗘堡瀵硅韩浣撴湁鐩婏紝浣嗘槸锛屼篃涓嶅疁澶╁ぉ鍠濄€備竴鑸垚浜轰竴鍛ㄥ枬2tweezers?娆★紝姣忔涓€纰楀嵆鍙€傚辜鍎垮垯瑕佷緷鐓т綋璐ㄨ€屽畾锛岄€傞噺鐨勯ギ鐢ㄣ€傚皬瀛?鑷?What are you doing? What are you saying? What are you saying? What are you saying?宀佽繃鍚庯紝鎵嶅彲楗敤鎴愪汉閲忋€備簲銆佷笉瀹滆繃閲忛ギ鐢ㄧ豢璞嗘堡涓€鑸汉杩囬噺楗敤缁胯眴姹わ紝鍙嚭鐜拌儍瀵掕吂娉荤瓑鑲犺儍鐤剧梾銆傚コ鎬ц繃閲忛ギ鐢ㄧ豢璞嗘堡鍙嚭鐜扮櫧甯︺€佽吂鑳€銆佺棝缁忕瓑濡囩鐥囩姸銆傚叚銆佺豢璞嗕笌涓嵂涓嶅疁鍚屾湇鏈崏绾茬洰涓О锛氣€滅豢璞嗘皵鍛崇敇瀵掋€佹棤姣掞紝鍙В涓€鍒囪嵂鑽夈€佺墰椹€侀噾鐭宠姣掋€傗€濇皯闂寸叜缁胯眴姹ゅ父浣滀负瑙f晳鑽墿涓瘨鐨勬€ユ晳鎵嬫涔嬩竴銆傚洜姝わ紝鍐呮湇涓嵂鍚庝笉瀹滈ギ鐢ㄧ豢璞嗘堡浠ュ厤涓悎鑽€с€?

[Can gastritis eat red beans]_Gastritis

Stunned silly
鑳幂値鏄傻镶犵殑镣庣棁琛ㄧ幇锛屼富缺陷佸洜涓轰笉鑹殑鐢熸椿笉鑹殑鐢熸范鎯镊达纴鑳幂値镇h€呴ギ椋熷簲璇ユ敞鎰忥紝涓嶅疁鍚冨お澶氬埡婵€鎬ч鐗┿€傜孩璞嗗張鍙丹灏忚眴锛屾槸璞嗙被鐨勪竴绉嶏紝鑳冪値鎮h€呬篃鑳藉悆绾㈣眴锛屼絾鏄笉瀹滃悆鍐扮殑銆?1.What is the best way to get back to life?鏄埄姘存笚婀跨殑涓€鍛充腑鑽?鍛崇敇閰告€у钩,褰掑績,灏忚偁缁?The chains are inlaid?瑙f瘨鎺掕創,鍒╂箍閫€榛勭殑鍔熸晥.What is the difference between the chains and the chains? What are the differences between the two groups? What is the difference? What is the difference?Do you want to go to the top of the castle? Do you want to go to the castle?What’s the matter?慗  动 姹?沠 ヤ 組 鏄 Children stubble braided?Sorry for everyone, ℃ 湁 琛 ヨ  镄 姛 呛 鑳?Huan    inlaid?Inlay?Jian?绛 夐 兘 Cha 夊 ソ 澶?铏芥病鏈夊綊鑳冪粡,浣嗗叾娌℃湁绂佸繉,鏁呭鏈夎儍鐐庤€呬竴鏍烽€傜敤.鍙槸鐢ㄩ噺瑕侀€傚綋,涓嶈杩囬噺椋熺敤,璞嗙被杈冧細鑳€姘? 2.鎬ユ€ц儍鐐庡彲浠ュ悆绾㈣眴鐨勩€傜孩璞嗗懗鐢橀吀鎬у钩,鏈夊埄姘存秷鑲裤€佽В姣掓帓鑴撱€佸埄婀块€€榛勭瓑鍔熸晥,浣嗚儍閰歌繃澶氭偅鑰呬笉瀹滃鍚冦€?3.What’s the difference between the world and the rudder?濡傜背姹ゃ€佹潖浠佽尪銆佹竻姹ゃ€佹贰鑼舵按銆佽棔绮夈€佽杽闈㈡堡銆佸幓鐨孩鏋f堡,搴斾互鍜搁涓轰富,寰呯梾鎯呯紦瑙e悗,鍙€愭杩囨浮鍒板皯娓e崐娴侀,灏介噺灏戠敤浜ф皵鍙婂惈鑴傝偑澶氱殑椋熺墿,濡傜墰濂躲€佽眴濂躲€佽敆绯栫瓑銆備弗閲嶅憰鍚愯吂娉?绹 滈 ギ 繫 洫 洂 姘?琛ュ厖姘村垎鍜岄挔鐩愩€傝嫢鍥犲憰鍚愬け姘?浠ュ強鐢佃В璐ㄧ磰涔辨椂,搴旈潤鑴夋敞灏勮憽钀勭硸鐩愭按绛夋憾娑层€?

[Can yam bean teeth be eaten]_Yam bean_Yam bean_How to place

[Can yam bean teeth be eaten]_Yam bean_Yam bean_How to place

Can yam beans be eaten?

There is no doubt that yam cannot be eaten when it germinates, because when it is germinated, the solanin in yam beans will increase, and excessive consumption will cause food poisoning.

When the yam is found to germinate, you can remove it by hand and eat it again, but it is best to learn how to store it so that you can prevent the yam from germinating again.

First, can yam bean sprouts still be eaten? Regarding the yam bean sprouts can still be eaten, there is no doubt that yam sprouts cannot be eaten, because the yam bean contained in yam beans will increase during germinationToo much can cause food poisoning.
Therefore, yam germination is non-toxic and does not affect consumption.

However, the germination of yam indicates that the growth of life has begun. The germination will cause the nutrients of yam to decrease, the nutrients lost by slight germination will be small, and the germination will be more serious.

When the yam is found to germinate, you can remove it by hand and eat it again, but it is best to learn how to store it so that you can prevent the yam from germinating again.
Let’s take a look at how we should store yam.

Second, the storage of yam 1. After the yam is purchased temporarily, the yam is peeled, washed, cut into pieces, and then packed in fresh-keeping bags according to the amount of each time.

When you eat, just take out the ingredients you want to eat and cook them, which is convenient and can ensure the quality of yam.

2. Long-term storage If the home’s ventilation facilities are better, you can store the yam in a cool, ventilated and dark place. Generally, it can be stored for 3-6 months. Do not use plastic bags or newspapers to hold yam.The yam is spread out for storage.

In addition, you can also add the yam you bought back to the refrigerator to keep it cold. The temperature is preferably maintained at 5-10 ° C.

When refrigerating, it must be separated from the fruit to prevent the ethylene released from the fruit from causing the yam to deteriorate.

Third, the nutritional value of yam beans Yam beans and yam have a higher nutritional value, and they are born from the same plant, so they have the same medicinal value and wild green food as wild yam.

Its quality is excellent, its texture is smooth and mellow.

Fish stew, stewed chicken, cooked chicken instead of garnish, better use yam beans to place meatballs.

[Efficacy and role of South African leaves]_Maybe_Benefits

[Efficacy and role of South African leaves]_Maybe_Benefits

The South African leaf may not be well known to everyone, and even this plant has never been seen in life, but in fact its medicinal value is more diverse than ordinary Chinese medicinal materials, and it is even possibleIt can be used to treat some cancer diseases. If you check out the cancer yourself during the test, you can use this Chinese herbal medicine to assist the treatment. The therapeutic effect of this herbal medicine is very good.

Both sesquivanone and vernidin in South African leaves have strong anticancer pharmacological activities.

Clinical application: Decoction of South African leaf can treat fever, malaria, diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis, scabies, cough, headache and stomach pain, etc., with antioxidant properties, liver protection, gastric acid secretion, blood lipid lowering, anti-pneumoprotozoa andAnticancer effect.

Southeast Asian folk uses South Africa leaf to treat cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer and many other cancers.

South African leaf taste bitter and cold, with heat-clearing and detoxifying effects; functional heat dissipation, cooling blood and blood clearing; suitable for blood pressure, cholesterol lowering, diabetes, rheumatic or blood-heat skin diseases, and itching of skin;Presbyopia, myopia and glaucoma also have significant effects.

South African leaf oxidants and antioxidants, and antioxidants have the ability to resist the attack of free radicals (commonly known as oxidants or malignant cells, or “cancer”) and prevent cell oxidation. If an “enemy” wants to attack body cells, the antioxidant will firstThis is a knife for the body to protect the body, so it has anti-cancer effects.

Clinically, useful South African leaves are used to regulate hypertension, diabetes, uric acid and diabetes, that is, use South African leaf leaves, 3 to 5 brewed or boiled water to replace, and the effect can be seen in a short time after taking, such as those with hypertensionAfter taking a short time, people will feel more relaxed.

In severe cases, you can drink continuously for 8 to 10 days. Once the condition improves, you should change to 1 or 2 times a week.

Such herbs can be consumed for long periods without extremes.

As health care, it is bitter and cold, so the body is weak, stomach cold, hypotension, paralysis of hands and feet, anemia, skinny and often dizzy, take it with caution or observe from a small dose, pregnant women, during the moon.

When South African leaves are cooked at high temperatures, the antioxidants are reduced, so eating raw works best.

2 main ways to eat 1.

Two slices of South African leaves and a green apple (red apples are no better than green apples) are stirred into juice.

This method has the best effect on cancer treatment.


Spread two slices of bread with your favorite jam, with a South African leaf in between.


The South African leaves are washed and folded into a small group, which is chewed at the entrance. It can be washed with cold water, but it must be able to bear its bitterness;Already.


Dried South African leaves, suitable for young and old when brewed with tea.

Hengli Hydraulics (601100): Long-term results supported by Q3 results are in line with expectations

Hengli Hydraulics (601100): Long-term results supported by Q3 results are in line with expectations

Event: The company released the third quarter report of 2019, and the first three quarters of 2019 achieved revenue of 38.

34 ppm, an increase of 21 in ten years.

32%, realizing net profit attributable to mother 9.

170,000 yuan, an increase of 27 in ten years.

49%, net profit after deduction to return to mother 8.

190,000 yuan, an increase of 32 in ten years.


Achieved revenue of 10 in the third quarter.

41 ppm, a ten-year increase4.

52%, net profit attributable to mothers2.

4.6 billion, a decline of 3 every year.

91%, the performance basically meets market expectations.

  Opinion: The current and third quarter results are slightly expected.

In Q3, the net profit attributable to the mother increased slightly.

91%, we think that it is mainly affected by the oil cylinder, which has two reasons: 1) the first quarter is the downstream OEM’s promotion season, this year’s promotion intensity is switched, the initial cylinder stocking is interrupted, leading to demand overdraft in advance; 2) the second quarter sales of downstream excavators appearAfter obvious fluctuations, the market demand of the OEMs and the market size actively controlled the output, and the company’s orders shifted accordingly.

Due to the relatively stable market share of the company’s cylinders, and the delivery cycle is about one month, the company’s cylinder performance basically corresponds to the sales data of excavators. The market’s performance in the third quarter has been expected.

  The oil cylinder business continued to grow steadily, and the pump valve business contributed elasticity.

1) Cylinders: Affected by the continuous warming of the downstream industry and the continuous improvement of the company’s product competitiveness, the company’s product sales have increased. Among them, the revenue of excavator cylinders has increased by 15%, and the revenue of non-standard cylinders has increased by 8%.Stable; 2) Pumps and valves: The sales volume of pumps and valves for hydraulic technology excavators of the subsidiary continued to increase, hydraulic technology revenue increased by 86%, and the existing structure of the pumps and valves business continued to decrease.Will contribute a new size of flexibility to the company’s performance.

  The demand for downstream excavators was sufficient, and the company’s performance was maintained.

Excavator sales in September were 15,799 units, an increase of more than 17.

8%, exceeding market expectations again, January to September 2019 sales of excavators 17.

90,000 units, an increase of 14 in ten years.

7%, of which large / medium / small digging increased by 5 respectively.

7% / 8.

5% / 15.

7%, the machine replacement trend does not change.

According to our analysis, under the background of the macroeconomic downturn, infrastructure may become an important driver of a stable economy. Under the influence of multiple factors such as stable infrastructure, extra debt, machine replacement and environmental protection, the demand for excavators has been reduced, and the company’s performance has been realizedDesigned to support.

  The 夜来香体验网 second phase of the company’s foundry has been put into operation, which is expected to increase the company’s performance.

The second phase of the foundry has been put into operation in October. It is expected that the company’s first phase + second phase castings production capacity will reach 5.

5 Every year, it can support the output of 4-5 billion pumps and valves. In addition to satisfying self-use, the surplus casting capacity can be exported, and the export will increase the company’s performance.

  Maintain profit forecast and maintain “Buy” level.

Maintain profit forecast, and expect net profit attributable to mothers to be 12 in 2019-2021.



02 trillion, the corresponding EPS is 1.



93 yuan / share, currently sustainable 38.The RMB 84 (2019/10/30) corresponding PE is 27X / 23X / 20X. Considering the company’s high industry 佛山桑拿网 barriers and good competition pattern, the company’s performance is flexible and certain, so it maintains a “Buy” rating.
  Risk warning: sales of downstream engineering machinery decline; pump valve business progress is less than expected; overseas business expansion is less than expected.

Satellite Petrochemical (002648) semi-annual report comments: new capacity release performance profit increased 70 in the first half.


Satellite Petrochemical (002648) semi-annual report comments: new capacity release performance profit increased 70 in the first half.


The company released a semi-annual report, and the profit in the first half of the year increased by 70.


The company’s 1H19 revenue is up 18 per year.

4% to 51.

60,000 yuan, 2Q revenue 30.

500 million, an increase of 44 from 1Q.

9%; 1H19 net profit attributable to mothers rises 70 per year.

4% to 5.

5.7 billion, 2Q net profit to mother 3.

3.7 billion, up 53 from 1Q.


In the first half of 2019, the company’s annual output of 45 plug-in PDH second-phase units and an annual output of 15 polypropylene second-phase units have been successfully put into operation, bringing significant performance increases to the company.

From the perspective of product prices and spreads, the average price of 2Q’s main raw materials was on average the same as that of 1Q. The average prices of major products such as propylene, acrylic acid, and esters fell by 4-6% from 1Q, and the 2Q product price gap contracted.

New projects were actively promoted, and the company’s medium- and long-term performance growth was guaranteed.

The average price of new projects reserved by the company is being actively promoted. The third-phase superabsorbent resin three-phase plant with an annual output of 6 has entered the commissioning stage.Petrochemical 苏州夜网论坛 Co., Ltd.’s annual output of 135 tons of PE, 219 tons of EOE, and 26 tons of ACN combined plant projects is progressing in tandem, and the company’s medium- and long-term performance growth will be guaranteed.

Investment proposal: It is estimated that the company’s revenue for 2019-2021 will be 122 trillion, 149 trillion, 267 trillion, and the net profit attributable to the mother will be 13.

6.3 billion, 15.

50,000 yuan, 30.

77 trillion, corresponding to EPS 1.

28 yuan, 1.

41 yuan, 2.

89 yuan.

The company has been cultivating in the C3 industry for many years, and at the same time, it is actively deploying the C2 business and hydrogen energy field. We believe that the company has a breakthrough in growth space and maintains the “overweight” level.

Risk Warning: New capacity launch progress exceeds expectations, baseline downstream demand growth exceeds expectations, etc.

Perfect World (002624): Performance growth in line with expectations Focus on progress of new games in the second half

Perfect World (002624): Performance growth in line with expectations Focus on progress of new games in the second half

The main points of the report describe the company’s announcement of the 2019 interim report.

60,000 to 100,000 yuan, an increase of 22 in ten years.



Event commentary The company’s interim results were in line with expectations, and the growth rate slightly shifted from 2019Q1.

According to the expected median forecast, 2018H1 returns to net profit9.

800 million, of which Q1 and Q2 attributed to the mother’s net profit were 4 respectively.

86 billion, 4.

9.4 billion, a quarterly growth of 35% and 17% in the second quarter of 2019.

The main reason for the rapid growth of the company’s Q2 performance is that the company’s film and television business is affected by strict regulatory policies, which is a drag on the overall business.

The company’s game business has an excellent performance, and “Perfect World” has a stable mobile game performance. Starting from Q2, it will continue to contribute to the increase in profits. At the same time, the company’s reserve products are rich in 19 years and its subsequent growth potential is constant.

1) “Perfect World” mobile game Q1 went online for 22 days. It is estimated that Q1 will have about 800 million inflows, and it is expected to have 3 billion inflows. Revenue will be calculated based on the net amount method.

2) The mobile game reserves are rich in products, and the old products are too stable. The subsequent growth momentum is replaced. The company has “Swordsman”, “My Origin”, “Dream Collection Cygnus”, “Grand Condor 2”, etc.Reserve products, “Yun Meng Shi Shi Ge” (already online) and “My Origin” are all represented by Tencent.

Tencent intends to increase the segmentation ratio with the Android channel, which is good for boutique developers. Looking at 5G for a long time will catalyze the development of cloud games and VR / AR games.The development trend of the long-term benefit industry.

1) On July 6, Tencent intends to increase the game segmentation ratio of some Android channels, resetting the 50% 杭州桑拿网 segmentation ratio to 70%, which will benefit boutique developers.

2) Driven by 5G, the rise of cloud gaming platforms will definitely benefit console game vendors first, and Perfect World is the only console game vendor in the stock market, which will benefit from the rise of cloud gaming.

3) Headline, iQiyi has successively participated in the game publishing business and competed with Tencent. It may increase the segmentation ratio of developers in the future. The company has the advantage of content developers and will supplement the R & D team in 2018. The advantages of gradually expanding will be further highlighted.
The company’s heavy game products are coming online one by one. We predict that the company’s net profit attributable to mothers will be 21 in 2019-2021.

86 billion, 24.

2.3 billion, 26.

3.4 billion, corresponding to PE of 14.

36 times, 12.

95 times, 11.

92 times, give “Buy” rating.

Risk Warning: 1.

Delay of core game products; 2.

The gaming industry grew less than expected.