Qiaqia Foods (002557): Nuts volume in line with expectations has risen, eye-catching performance

Qiaqia Foods (002557): Nuts volume in line with expectations has risen, eye-catching performance

Investment Highlights: Event: The company released its semi-annual report for 2019 and achieved operating income19.

870,000 yuan, an increase of 6 in ten years.

02%; net profit attributable to mother 2.

20 ppm, an increase of 28 in ten years.


Single and second quarter realized operating income9.

47 ppm, an increase of 11 years.

78%; net profit attributable to mothers1.

07 million yuan, an increase of 20 in ten years.


Investment rating and estimation: The company’s revenue performance is slightly lower than expected, and its performance is in line with expectations. Considering that the nut business is concentrated in the second half of the peak season, maintain the 2019-21 revenue forecast48.

6, 54.

4, 60.

1.5 billion US dollars, each year increased by 15.

8%, 12.

0%, 10.

4%, maintaining the forecast of net profit attributable to mothers in 2019-215.

4, 6.

2, 7.

1 ‰, with annual growth of 24.

5%, 15.

7%, 14.

3%, corresponding EPS is 1.

06, 1.

23, 1.

41 yuan, the latest closing price corresponding to 19-20 years PE is 23, 20 times, maintain the buy rating, target price 30.

8 yuan, corresponding to 25xPE in 2020.

As the foundation of the brand and channel owned by the sub-sector leader in the sunflower seed industry, Qiaqia has continued to accelerate the development of the company under the adjustment of the internal organizational structure and the rapid volume of new products in the past two years.The method of fully exerting e-commerce continuously expands the advantages of channels, and at the same time maintains the steady growth of the income side through the continuous introduction of new categories and promotion, and is optimistic about the company’s long-term development potential.

Revenue growth improved as expected, yellow bags and blue bags performed well, and yellow bags focused on the peak season to promote accelerated growth: the company’s operating income increased in the second quarter of 1919.

78%, 10 times faster than Q1.

52pct, gradually return to a reasonable level.

In terms of products, 19H1 main red bag products achieved high number growth and volume and price contributions; blue bag series achieved growth and growth of more than 30%; yellow bag daily nut growth increased more than 40%, of which blue bag yellow bag Q2 revenue increasedThe speed is further accelerated than the Q1 chain.

Initially, since the peak season of the nut series is mainly concentrated in the second half of the year, the company also announced a new product launch in July to complete the comprehensive upgrade of the nut series. Although the growth rate of yellow bags in the first half of the year was slower than planned, it basically met expectations. In the second half of the year,It will concentrate its efforts to accelerate growth and expectation; the growth of the blue bag is good in the first half of the year, the introduction of new flavors and channel penetration promote the expansion of contributions, and the expected goal is achieved without worry; the demand for red bags is relatively stable. Although there is no price increase bonus in the second half of the year,It is expected that the sales end will still maintain positive growth; on the whole, it is expected that 19H2 revenue growth will be faster than 19H1, and the nut business is an important aspect in the second half of the year.

The increase in profitability and the improvement in gross profit margin were mainly due to direct price increases, the expansion of scale effects, and the contribution of lower growth rates: 19Q2 company’s net interest rate11.

2%, a year to raise 0.

52pct, mainly benefited from the increase in gross profit margin, but other expense ratios have increased, but the rate has gradually decreased.

19Q2 company gross profit margin 33.

4%, an increase of 3 per year.2pct, mainly benefited from the direct price increase of the main red bag products and yellow bags in 19 years, the profit elasticity brought by the expansion of the daily scale effect of nuts and the reduction of the conversion rate.

In terms of different products, the gross profit margin of 19H1 sunflower seeds was 35.

28%, a year up 0.

38pct, the price increase bonus and structural upgrade basically hedged the cost increase caused by raw material upgrade; gross profit margin of nuts 21.

26%, an increase of 5 per year.

54pct, the improvement is obvious.

Although there was no direct price increase contribution in the second half of the year, the increase in gross profit margin due to the scale effect of daily nuts is expected to be more significant than in the first half. At the same time, as the industry leader, the bargaining power has improved, and the second half of the year will continue to benefit from the increase.The 苏州夜网论坛 increase in profitability brought about by the rate reduction is expected to contribute more than 1 pct to the increase in the company’s overall net interest rate.

The expense ratio remained stable overall, and the company’s overall expense ratio improved slightly in the second quarter. The sales / management and R & D / financial expense ratios of the company in 19Q2 were 13 respectively.

2%, 7.

0%, 0.

1%, ten years +0.

85, -0.

55, +0.

60pct, the rate is expected to remain relatively stable every year in the second half of the year.

The category expansion logic is steadily fulfilled, and the full development of the nut business is worth looking forward to: the company ‘s Q1 revenue growth has slightly improved due to changes in the dependent variables and the market has improved. Q2 has seen a significant improvement from the previous quarter. At the same time, with the development of the nut business, it is expected that revenue growth in the second halfSpeed up further.

In July, the company held a strategic conference on emerging nut category upgrades in Shanghai. The company carried out unified upgrades in product appearance packaging and marketing methods, and cooperated with Focus to increase elevator advertising and marketing coverage.

In the long term, the long-term growth space of the nut category has obviously increased the seeds, and Qiaqia and the nut industry segmentation ranking have a stronger offline channel advantage, which can form misplaced competition. At present, the company’s nut business is mainly focused on the daily nut single orderProducts in the future, will further enrich the product line, expand channel coverage, and take the nut business as a breakthrough point to “rebuild a negotiation” worth looking forward to.

Catalysts for continued growth: Core product growth exceeds expectations, profit margins increase beyond expectations Core assumptions risks: changes in raw material costs, food safety incidents

How to keep yourself fresh?

How to keep yourself “fresh”?

The cars and houses that you bought at a large price that year are depreciating with the passage of time. Have you ever thought that the diplomas and senior titles that you worked so hard for will be depreciated as well?
In a changing workplace, how can you keep yourself “fresh”?
  不学习高薪五年变低薪  你已经熬过办公室新人的青涩与无知;你有了十年左右的工作经历,业务小有成绩且有上升空间;你熟悉工作环境与公司文化氛围;你虽There are some “three high” symptoms such as high blood pressure, high blood lipids, and high blood sugar, but the body is still strong and energetic.

  Do you think you can sit back and relax?
  The current workplace is full of crouching tigers and newcomers, and we must always maintain a competitive philosophy and competitive posture to adapt to the eternal changes in the workplace.
Do not think that after a period of hard work, there will be an “old book”, and in the current fierce competition, there is no old book to eat.
If you are not careful, you may be depreciated into a “processed product” and face various occupational crises.
  American career experts point out that the career half-life is getting shorter and shorter, and all high-paying people will become low-paying in 5 years if they do not study!
Increasing employment competition and high-level shifts in certificates are important reasons for depreciation of education and knowledge.
According to the statistics of the talent market, the employment renewal cycle for employees under the age of 25 is one year and four months.
When only 1 out of 10 people have a primary computer certificate, his advantage is obvious, and when 9 out of 10 people have the same certificate, the original advantage no longer exists.
  A new concept has recently emerged in the talent market: from the original belief that high education and high professional titles are talents, to “needs are talents”.
There are only two kinds of people in the future society: one is too busy (because of work and study), and the other is people who cannot find a job.
Information from talent markets around the world shows that it is getting harder for a single-skilled person to get a high salary!
  Knowledge depreciation: The rapid development of science and technology, the ever-changing market economy, and the demand for talents are constantly changing.
What industry knowledge is most easily depreciated?
Someone may immediately answer: “IT industry!
“Some people are even more alarmist: In the fields of technology, medicine and economic management, the depreciation rate of knowledge is about 80% every year.
The information from the talent market shows that the talents of a single specialty are the easiest to depreciate. For example, the demand for English talents in the current talent market has shifted from the original pure English talents to the more favored composite talents such as legal English and financial English.In this way, the original single IT talents have shifted to composite IT talents that value IT + management, IT + product research and development, and foreign languages and computers have shifted from the original specialized talents to two essential tools for composite talents.
  Physical attrition: The living standards of white-collar workers are relatively high, and physical exertion is relatively small. Often, there are irregular eating patterns such as excessive food intake, snacks, supper, etc., coupled with work and social media, and excessive drinking.Factors such as disturbing normal metabolism make fatty liver, gout and other diseases a high incidence.
At the same time, work pressure is too high, love and emotional entanglement, improper handling of interpersonal relationships and other reasons, causing many people to show depression, anxiety, and severe ones already suffer from depression, anxiety and so on.
Even if not affected by these diseases, entering the workplace for five to ten years, the pace of aging can’t be stopped by anyone. You no longer have the energy when you just started working, working overtime all night and traveling for a long time. These were once considered by you as a side dish.One thing can only be forgotten now.
Your body is also being depreciated.
  保鲜对策  企业篇:用人更要育人  随着信息时代新知识的膨胀性扩展,企业管理人员最终意识到,企业内部人力资源必须通过不断的开发,企业员工所具有的知识与技能才能完成再生及Reuse, otherwise this “consumable resource” will be exhausted at any time.
Moreover, training and development opportunities are the main means by which companies attract talent.
In the past, salary increase and promotion could easily retain talents, but now it is no longer possible. If you only “use” but not “educate”, if you continue to do so, talents will leave you.
A recent survey by Computerworld magazine targeting IT professionals shows that, beyond high salaries, people are more eager for companies to provide training courses.
The magazine stated that managers must communicate more effectively with practitioners, provide opportunities for professionals to improve their skills, and opportunities for learning and training borne by the company.
  Personal: Timely to make up for first-mover training investment is generally the cost of human resources development of the enterprise, but when the unit can not meet their own needs, the white-collar workers have long been out of pocket to start “re-education.”
Business management, computer, finance, English, etc. are all relatively popular items, and this type of training is more used as a “tonic”.
In future workplace surfing, these trainings will be transformed into various qualification certificates, adding their own “weight” when applying for a job or changing jobs, and sometimes the education certificate is in the back.
As the workplace enters the post-academic era, “quality training” outside of your education will be used to prove that you are better than others.
  As the depreciation of knowledge and skills is getting faster and faster, and it is not often updated through training, the adaptability is naturally getting worse.
There are costs to choosing a job, such as time, effort, and money.
And if you invest these costs in training, the cost of choosing a job will be reduced, because the headhunting company will come to you, the employer will ask you very easily, and the original unit will try to retain you.
Waiting for buyers in the “seller’s market” is the most practical.
The future job competition will no longer be a competition of knowledge and professional skills, but a competition of learning abilities.
If a person learns to learn, his future will be infinitely bright.  Adjust your fresh diet to normalize your meals, avoid drinking alcohol, exercise properly, control your weight, and more.

But people can’t help themselves in the workplace. How many people can do these advices?

Some people have pinned their hopes on aesthetic medicine in which technology continues to advance.

White-collar workers in Silicon Valley are now keen on cosmetic surgery because a young and beautiful face can help them get back to work.

With the weakening of the technology industry and the influx of young college graduates into the job market, it is common for white-collar workers over 35 to lose their jobs, so restoring their youthful beauty has become the only way to get a job again.

  A 39-year-old female sales representative said that if she did not perform eye wrinkle removal and bags under the eyes, she would probably not find a job again.

Not only women, but now more and more men have also joined the ranks of plastic surgery, they are doing some cosmetic surgery to improve the aging state and make themselves younger, such as removing eye bags, crow’s feet surgery and peeling and wrinkling surgery.
They said: “It makes me look more dynamic and competitive.

Beauty expert Nicole reveals the secrets of affordable skincare products


Beauty expert Nicole reveals the secrets of affordable skincare products

What is your attitude towards affordable skin care products?

Think it’s cheap, so it’s worth buying?

Or do you think “cheap without good” and stay away from cheap skin care products?

Today, let’s ask the beauty expert Nicole GG, how does he think about affordable skin care products.

  1. What is parity skincare?

  I think in the current economic environment, products with a unit price of less than 100 yuan can be called parity beauty products.

  2. There are too many products on the Internet that are more affordable, so why do you think they are popular?

  In fact, if you look closely, you will find that many affordable skin care brands rely on large cosmetic groups or pharmaceutical groups.

This will give strong support to affordable brands technically.

Maybe compared with high-end brands, affordable products are not as fast in using new ingredients and new technologies, but affordable brands will still keep up with the group’s high-end brands; and the speed of following them is now increasing.

  In addition, the most important thing is price.

After all, price is still a very important factor when most people choose skin care products.

When a cheap product is in the circle of friends or online, it will more easily stimulate everyone’s purchase, which will cause a new wave of trend.

  3. How to treat the word parity?

  A few years ago, parity often equaled poor quality and poor results.

But through the continuous maturity of the Chinese market, no matter the region or income level, everyone has created a need for skin care; naturally, the market has also provided corresponding products.

It should be said that the quality and effect of affordable products are constantly improved at the same time.

  For example, I once bought a bottle of cleansing oil equivalent to about RMB 40 at a drug store in Japan.

It can be said that in terms of packaging, granularity, and use effect, they are all very “value”.

I think the future of China’s affordable products will also develop in this direction.

  4. When buying cosmetics, should I buy a cheap or expensive one?

How to choose cheap skin care products?

  This problem ultimately depends on the personal skin care needs and economic situation.

For example, for a 20-year-old young man, skin care should be based on basic moisturizing and anti-oxidation (or oil control, if there are acne), and many high-end brands do not have a corresponding product, so choosing high-end products is a bit superfluous.

Similarly, high-end brands cannot compare with cheap brands in terms of new ingredients, new technologies, and services.

I believe that under economic conditions, most people like to enjoy better products and services.

  5. Can you introduce some saving methods for daily use of cosmetics?

  The most important point is not to overstock.

Even cheap skin care products are relatively large part of daily expenses.

But after buying, many people often buy new products without actually running out.

It can be said that “not used up” is the biggest waste of skin care products.

Therefore, I suggest that when you buy products, especially skin care products that are more expensive, it is best to do your homework beforehand, check the online evaluation, your skin condition, and finally feel the actual use in the mall to reduce the absoluteWaste.

Eat carrots to boost immunity

Eat carrots to boost immunity

Carrots are a crispy, delicious, nutritious, home-grown vegetable. Li Shizhen is known as the king of vegetables.

The latest research from American scientists confirms that eating two carrots a day reduces blood cholesterol by 10%?
20%; eating three carrots a day is wonderful for preventing heart disease and tumors.

  Data show that the lack of vitamin A in children is a major cause of respiratory disease.

And vitamin A deficiency is susceptible to respiratory and digestive infections; once a cold or diarrhea occurs, the level of vitamin A in the body will further decline.

Vitamin A deficiency will reduce the body’s antibody response, leading to a decline in immune function.

The protective effect of vitamin A on the mucosa of the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract has been widely confirmed.

Among many foods, carrots are the best source of vitamin A.

Many children may not accept the special taste of carrots, which causes parents headaches.

Parents can eat carrots with meat, eggs, pork liver, etc., or put carrots in dumplings, buns, and a portion; cook some vegetables and add a few cloves to remove some strange smells.

  Expert studies have found that beta-carotene in carrots can effectively prevent allergic reactions such as pollen allergies and allergic dermatitis.

Experts fed one group of experimental rats with ordinary feed, while another group of experimental rats fed 2 mg of beta-carotene per 100 grams.

They stimulated the mice with drugs to cause an allergic reaction, and then analyzed the symptoms of the rats and the concentration of histamine in the blood.

Histamine is widely found in histiocytes (mast cells and basophils) throughout the body.

As a result of the antigen-antibody reaction or subject to certain substances and physical stimuli, histamine is released from the cells and binds to specific receptors in various target cells to produce a certain physiological reaction, which is often called an allergic reaction.

Experts have found that the amount of histamine in experimental mice that absorbs an appropriate amount of beta-carotene is substituted.

Cells were cultured from the spleens of these experimental mice and analyzed. It was found that β-carotene can regulate the intracellular balance, making it more difficult for experimental mice to develop an allergic reaction.


hzh {display: none; }  现在人们对胡萝卜的习惯吃法大多是生吃、切成丝和粉丝等凉拌后食用,或者是切成片同其他蔬菜炒食。As everyone knows, this is not in line with nutrition principles.

Because beta-carotene, the main nutrient in carrots, exists in the cell walls of carrots, which are made of cellulose, the body cannot directly digest them.

Only by shredding, cooking, etc., the transformed cell wall is broken, and β-carotene can be released and absorbed and used by the human body.

The scientific and reasonable way to eat is: carrots should be eaten after cooking, the best cooking method to maintain their nutrition is two points: one is to cut the carrot into pieces, add condiments, and fry with a sufficient amount of oil; the second isCut the carrot into pieces, add condiments, and stew with pork, beef, lamb, etc. in a pressure cooker for 15?
20 minutes.

Carotene is easily oxidized. When cooking with a pressure cooker, the contact between carrot and air can be reduced. The preservation rate of carotene can be as high as 97%.

  It should be noted that carrots are rich in vitamins, but if women eat too much carrots, they can easily cause menstrual abnormalities and cause infertility.

A study by the Johns Hopkins Medical School in the United States found that too much carotene would affect the lutein synthesis of the ovaries, reduce secretion, and some even cause menstruation, anovulation, or menstrual disorders.

The researchers explain that the above phenomenon may be caused by carotene interference with steroid synthesis.

Therefore, the intake of carrots must be appropriate.

How to exercise for best results

How to exercise for best results

Each movement is learned to understand its specific content, function and correct method accurately, and every practice is to complete the correct posture and focus on the main body parts that this movement is exercising.

  Every time you exercise a certain part of the muscle, the muscle should be continuously stimulated with a certain intensity of the required number of times, and a certain amount of work load must be completed to adjust the body’s tissues and strength to adapt to this intensity of stimulation and load.And get developed.

Furthermore, after the tissue and strength of the human body have been developed to fully adapt to a certain stimulus intensity and be competent for the workload, the stimulus intensity and load must be gradually expanded appropriately.

Otherwise, progress will stop.

  In an exercise class, the load of each action is composed of how many times (counted as a group) with a certain weight, and how many groups are done in total.

The total load of an exercise session is added up by the load of each action.

The heavier the weight, the more times and groups, the larger the load.

The same amount of load is completed in a shorter period of time, the shorter the interval between one action and the next, the greater the intensity of exercise.

When you feel strenuous when doing an action, the higher the persistence of reluctantly doing it in the situation where it is difficult to continue to do it, the greater the intensity of muscle stimulation.

The increase in load and strength should be adapted.

For different conditions, different purposes and different stages of exercise, the increase should be different.

Whether it is handled properly will affect the speed of progress.

  Change your exercise routine from time to time.

If you exercise the same movement for a long time in a certain part of the muscle, you will not feel fresh stimulation due to habitual movement, which will reduce the exercise effect.

Every one to two months, the exercise course can be completely changed, or two or three courses can be prepared at the same time within a certain period, and each exercise is alternated.

For the same muscle part, bodybuilding exercises always have concentrated exercise, replacing multiple different actions.

For the same action, as long as you move the grip, grip distance, speed, and angle, different stimuli will be generated.

Furthermore, changing the collocation of this movement and other movements will also produce different stimuli.

  Do not exercise too much.

Although exercise consumes the body’s energy and nutrients, and destroys its cells, it causes more compensation and stronger reconstruction.

This is the consequence of exercise.

Compensation and reconstruction require adequate nutrients, which are performed while the human body is resting (mostly during sleep).

Therefore, the intensity index of exercise, the more nutrients you need, the better the quality of rest you can.

Otherwise, you will become overtired.

This simply cannot achieve over-compensation or even equal recovery, which will greatly affect the exercise process.

Elderly eat more coarse grains

Elderly eat more coarse grains

The traditional staple food is rice in the south and white flour in the north.

A variety of rice, wheat, beans, and potatoes are abundantly produced in China, but because of their different nutritional ingredients, various types of miscellaneous grains have complementary effects with eating. This is a guarantee to maintain a balanced nutrition, such as the “Babao Porridge”,Is a good healthy diet.

  The complementation of amino acids is a guarantee to maintain health.

Human body protein is composed of 22 amino acids, of which 14 can be made by themselves, the remaining 8 amino acids cannot be made by themselves and must be absorbed from food, and the amino acids contained in various foods are different.

Some legumes, rice and wheat without germ, are called incomplete protein because they contain too many essential amino acids and cannot meet the needs of human health alone.

Therefore, in order to maintain the normal metabolism of the human body, a variety of foods must be eaten to make up for the types of amino acids required.

A variety of cereal proteins lysine and threonine, while buckwheat is rich in 19 amino acids such as lysine, tryptophan, and arginine.

Beans also contain methionine. If beans and corn are eaten together, they can transform each other’s complementary effect, that is, constitute a complete protein.

  At the time of absorption, it is also recommended to eat multiple amino acids at the same time.

Some people have researched that if the interval is more than 1 hour, the complementary effects will overlap, because the liver stores only complete proteins, and if the amino acids are not comprehensive, it will lead to the loss of waste and cause waste.
It has been suggested that 20% soy, 40% wheat, and 40% corn eat at the same time, the higher utilization.

  Supplementation of minerals and trace elements also depends on a variety of foods.

The human body’s minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and sodium, are irreplaceable nutrients that constitute human tissues, maintain acid-base balance and osmotic pressure, and muscle and nerve reflexes.

These substances cannot be produced by the human body and can only be ingested from food; in addition, they are less than zero body weight.

1% of trace elements, such as zinc, copper, iron, selenium, chromium, cobalt, iodine, etc., are also irreplaceable substances such as human immune function, growth and development.

These ingredients cannot be completely supplemented by a single food.

Therefore, eating more coarse grains and omnivores is beneficial to adjusting diet balance and human health.

  Vitamins are necessary for the body to maintain normal functions, but they cannot be synthesized in the body, and even the daily human body needs a small amount, but it is undeniable, and more and more studies have shown that the lack of some vitamins is closely related to the generation of malignant tumors.

For example, many vitamins can remove carcinogenic free radicals in the body, vitamin A can protect the skin, mucous membranes can be invaded by carcinogens, B vitamins can maintain the normal metabolism of enzymes, and vitamin E and vitamin C can cure the synthesis of carcinogenic nitrosamines in the body.and many more.

Therefore, the intake of vitamins is also inseparable from the coarse noodles. If you can eat them as a staple food often, it will be a great substitute for preventing cancer.

  Supplementation from the main nutritional ingredients also reveals the nature of mixed grain coarse noodle mixed eating.

Starch, protein, and aunt are the three basic ingredients in food. A single staple food often makes these three ingredients out of balance.

Generally, the main ingredients of rice and white noodles are starch, peanuts, and sesame are high in fat (the lipids contained in peanuts contain lecithin and brain phospholipids, which are essential for human metabolism), high-protein foods, and soy protein are high-quality proteins.

  Based on the analysis of Chinese medicine diet and medicated diet, the combination of multiple miscellaneous grains can reasonably arrange the temperature, cold, cold, and heat of food to avoid the discomfort caused by eating only one kind of food.

It is generally believed that rice, wheat, corn, and previous rice are flat; barley, buckwheat, millet, and barley are cold; green beans are cold; oats and glutinous rice are warm.

The “four flavors and five flavors” of rice, wheat, beans and potatoes is not as obvious as traditional Chinese medicine, and proper attention can be paid to the preparation of staple foods. For example, cold foods should be prepared in summer, and the balance of cold and heat should not be too cold or warm.

Buckwheat, barley, wet and astringent, less used by constipation.

Feces and diarrhea should use less mung beans and barley.

Soy beans are easily fermented to produce gas, and those with bloating and diarrhea should be used with caution.

  Tips Multivitamins contain vitamins extracted from red beans and more vitamin E and nicotinic acid; glutinous millet and glutinous rice contain vitamin B1 and vitamin B2; broad beans and peas mostly contain vitamin PP; glutinous corn, millet, black beans, and mung beans are rich in carotene.

  Tips The nutrients contained in food mimic the replacement of phosphorus, calcium, and iron by barley; indica rice is rich in calcium, magnesium, and zinc; indica corn contains magnesium; indica millet (corn) can be potassium; indica lentils and soy contain more molybdenum; indica mung bean contains germanium; insomnia containsSelenium; Zinc in buckwheat.

Women are over 40 years old. If you want to raise your liver first, keep in mind that two greens and one black raise liver, far aging


Women are over 40 years old. If you want to raise your liver first, keep in mind that “two greens and one black” raise liver, far aging

The liver is one of the important organs of our body. It is an important detoxification organ of our body. It is also an important metabolic organ of our body. It is involved in the metabolism of various nutrients and impurities in our body. The health of the liver is closely related to our physical health.of.

If there is a problem in the liver, our detoxification function will be reduced, and the accumulation of toxins in the human body will lead to the accumulation of melanin on the surface of the human body, causing chapped spots on the surface of the woman, and the symptoms of feminine charm such as dull and yellow skin.

At the same time, it is about to accelerate the aging of the human body. People have symptoms of premature aging, which not only affects the image but also is not conducive to good health.

For women, after the age of forty, the body’s function has decreased. It is more important to pay attention to the maintenance of your liver, which is good for your health and longevity. It also helps women nourish the skin and avoid chloasma andThe emergence of premature aging, so women have to raise the liver first, usually eat two green and black, to protect the liver to help the liver detoxification, get rid of the emergence of aging.

Erqing: The green bean liver that clears the heat and nourishes the liver is one of the organs that are easy to get angry. Even in our daily life, many people will have a strong liver, and when the liver is too hot, it will be on our liver.Damage caused, if left unchecked, will lead to the emergence of liver disease, which is not conducive to women’s health.

Women can eat more mung beans in their daily life. It has a good heat-clearing effect and can prevent liver disease. It also contains rich quality protein, vitamins and minerals to help us maintain the liver and avoid it.The emergence of liver disease, which contains plant sterol structure substances, which can lower the plasma cholesterol in our blood. It contains potassium, phosphorus and magnesium components that can help us lower blood pressure and make women’s healthier.

Erqing: The 鈥渕odel student鈥?spinach spinach in the nutrition industry has a nickname for the nutritionist model. This is because it is quoted from the general vegetable rich in nutrients and rich in it. It contains carotene, vitamin C, vitamin K., mineral ingredients and many other nutrients, it can also help us nourish the liver, but also promote liver detoxification, accelerate the liver’s self-healing and make the kidneys healthier.

Spinach contains a variety of trace elements that can help women promote metabolism inside the body and delay the emergence of cockroaches.

At the same time, spinach also has the effect of promoting cells, which can help us reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and also reduce the pigmentation on the face, so that women can keep the skin smooth.

One black: black sesame black sesame seeds for liver and strong liver is a good nourishing food for women, it can help women with black hair, and it is also a good food to nourish the liver, and it containsThe vitamin E component can delay the aging of the body, help to maintain the charm of women to prevent premature aging, and it is also a good blood food for women, which can make women more bloody and more ruddy and healthy.

For women over the age of 40, bodily functions have begun to decline. If you do not pay attention to the maintenance of the kidneys, it is easy to cause liver disease, and it may lead to premature aging in women.

Women can often eat two green and black in their lives, to protect the liver and stay away from aging.

How to improve your mental and emotional control

How to improve your mental and emotional control

Introduction: A woman can be born unpretty, but she must live beautifully.

At any time, profound knowledge, good cultivation, civilized manners, elegant talking, broad minds, and a heart full of love will surely make a person live beautiful enough, even if you do not grow upVery beautiful.
  In terms of feelings, no matter how good a woman is, she may be abandoned. Never believe in such stupid things as “He doesn’t want me, but I’m not good enough.” The thing is that you are no good no matter how good you are.You are so good that it makes the man stress. He feels that being with you cannot show his strength, he feels deeply tired and eager to break away from your psychological shadow.

  Therefore, Faye Wong lost to Plateau and Shao Meiqi lost to Liang Yongqi.

Never believe that the word sturdy is iron. Many times, sturdy, it seems that the power of temptation is not strong enough.

  In ancient times, a woman was suspended. If she could not write a verse like Zhuo Wenjun who said, “Wenjun has two opinions, so he decided to go against each other.” If he touches Langjun’s iron heart, he will only cry back to his mother.

But now, the abandoned woman is no longer so tragic.

It’s not terrible to be an abandoned woman.

The terrible thing is that after being abandoned, he slumped for life.

All the abandoned woman needs to do is to remain calm and continue her life.

Make big money carelessly like Faye Wong, and without you, I can fall in love with others; or like Shao Meiqi, after being abandoned by you, I will say nothing.

It is increasingly felt that such women are very contentious. Sometimes we can’t concentrate on doing something very well, largely because we can’t control our emotions well.

  You may have experienced this, sitting there trying to read a book, but couldn’t see it.

Your mind is full of thoughts that make your heart not calm.

So, you might open a book without looking at a few pages and then hurriedly close it.

  Do you remember when you were a kid you could read a novel in one breath and read it in one breath?

Do you remember when you were a kid you could play with your toys without anyone there?

At that time, we were very simple. We didn’t know how high the sky was and how thick the ground was.

  When we grow up, our brains bear too much information: studying, finding a job, buying a house, getting married, etc.-each of these things contains countless amounts of information that we need to master.

So worry came, trouble came, and our hearts became calmer.

Now, I am living a simplified life, using simplified power to manage my emotions, and keeping my heart in a completely calm state.

Today I will talk about how to keep my heart in a calm state, eliminate interference from the outside world, concentrate on doing what I like, and enjoy this kind of fun.

  First, stop rejecting this world. Too many people around me hate this world.

Almost every day, rejections from various people are accepted.

The mother cried too much for chores and she didn’t have time to do what she liked.

The meals at the Tears School Cafeteria were so bad.

Even when playing basketball yesterday, some people refused to breathe.

If you make a statistic, how many people are repeating in a day, I think this number will surprise you.

How good it is to live in this world, why delay it?

My troubled today is not exactly the tomorrow that those who died yesterday prayed for?

We should look at this world with gratitude.

Thanks for these sufferings, so that I can experience the pain in the world.

  Last month I was tripped by someone while playing basketball, sprained my right foot, and looked swollen like a hoe.

The day before yesterday I went to play basketball and the glasses frame was broken by the ball, and I had to re-match the glasses . I won’t repeat the person who tripped me or cry that basketball.

Instead, I look at this issue with gratitude.

Thank him for giving me pain, let me understand how good the healthy feet are; thank basketball for smashing my glasses, letting me realize how important this little thing on the bridge of the nose is.

  You may think I’m stupid, but it is this attitude of disappointment that keeps me at ease at all times and is not shocked.

Sometimes things are not good or bad, it’s just that people who look at the problem are in different realms.  Maybe your life is poor, maybe you have no friends, maybe you don’t have a job, maybe you don’t have a family, so you eagerly want to relieve yourself of the heavy burden.

However, sometimes destiny is not so smooth, there will always be one or two things in the abyss that suffocate you.

Sighing that your destiny is not good, it will stifle your birth, parents, superiors . stop your tears and calm your irritable mood.

These things you complain about are not the cause of your current situation, the real reason is your own mentality.

And these situations will never change unless you are willing to change your mindset.

  When I choked myself that my jumping ability was not good, I saw people without legs on the street.

  When I choked on a fly in this dish, I passed the scavengers by the side of the road.

  When I suspected that the house was too busy, I saw travelers on the street at the station.

  When I suspect that there is too much work and too much work, I see out-of-school children and laid-off workers.

  What can we trust?


Isn’t this world giving us enough, and what value do we create for this world?

I always think that these things we endure may be worthy of showing off to others. Are we moaning without disease or moaning without disease?

  Second, simplify life and stay away from the hustle and bustle.

  There is a very simple story: an individual saw an old man fishing at the beach, and it was strange that the fish he caught would be put back into the sea.

The man did n’t understand and asked the old man, “Why do n’t you sell the fish you caught?

The old man asked, “Why should I sell it?”

“The man replied,” That way you can make money.

“The old man asked,” What if you have money?

“The man said,” It’s good to have money. With money, you can make more money. Then you can buy a house by the sea. You can enjoy the sea breeze and fishing every day. How good is that life . “Thesis: “Then you say, what am I doing now?

“This story has a deep meaning. It turns out that what we have been pursuing, we already have.

When we stop rejecting the world, we look at it with gratitude.

  I often warn myself that whatever I do, I must calm down my mind.

Like a hermit master, stay away from the hustle and bustle and concentrate on doing the work at hand.

Like a child, focus on your own toys and don’t care about other things.

I think this is focus.

Just like when I was writing this article, I stayed in the dormitory alone. At this moment, there are still 10 days before the start of school. During this time, I can think alone and feel this quiet and isolated world.

  I think that only when a person has a calm heart and a calm mind can he exercise keen insight and extraordinary judgment.

So, in life, I often look for this kind of opportunity to be alone, thinking about how to simplify my life and stay away from the hustle and bustle.

If you feel emotionally out of control, you might try to stay away from this flashy earth and walk alone in the mountains.

Feel the power of nature and make your heart quiet.

At this time, your thoughts will gather together, and your insight and judgment will reach their peak, allowing you to face any difficulties, including your own shortcomings.

  Every time I am alone, I will understand myself more deeply, understand my inner enemy, and start thinking about how to solve the problem and defeat the enemy.

  The ability to manage one’s emotions is gradually developed.

In the past, I was very easy to get out of control, and sometimes even wanted to cry for no reason. Later, after experiencing countless frustrations, I gradually cultivated my perseverance.

In front of any problem, I always keep my inner peace, and don’t go on first, but look at the problem with gratitude.

Use your innate insight and judgment to solve problems. Only by solving problems that you don’t know can you be promoted.

The same goes for emotional management.

Annoyed, never put personal grievances on the table, even weeping to 隅, and do not be Xianglin 嫂.

  I remember reading an advertisement a long time ago saying that love is beautiful precisely because it is free to choose.This sentence is not unreasonable.

Whoever you love and who you don’t love is free to choose.

And choosing love or choosing material, why not be a person’s freedom?

Men pursuing money is called pursuing a career, and there is nothing wrong with it; then how can a woman become a sinner for all ages after she pursues material things, and she is to be scorned?

Even if she wants to use marriage to get her own rich life, as long as she doesn’t use mean means, who is entitled to accuse her of anything?

We all have different aspirations.

You want your love, she wants her materiality, her life posture is different, there is no right or wrong question.

Be a strong, self-reliant, beautiful woman.

  A woman can be born unpretty, but she must live beautiful.
At any time, profound knowledge, good cultivation, civilized manners, elegant talking, broad minds, and a heart full of love will surely make a person live beautiful enough, even if you do not grow upVery beautiful.
To live beautifully is to live out a spirit, a taste, and a truly wonderful splendor.

As long as one does not give up, I believe no one can hinder your progress.

  Third, the trauma caused by overeating because of broken love, many women have adopted some kind of self-harm to destroy themselves physically, that is, overeating without fear, hot and sour sweet and sweetEating, even for those who are trying to lose weight as a goal, is to open their stomachs and temporarily forget the pain by eating wildly.

  It’s just that this seemingly tiring gastrointestinal method is actually a kind of harm to the body, and it will also remind you of the past. So, a life that looks very relieved is actually an internal torture.

  Tips from the editor: Living beautifully means living a spirit, a taste, and a wonderful life.

As long as one does not give up, I believe no one can hinder your progress.

Middle-aged and elderly people need to beware of old cold legs

Middle-aged and elderly people need to beware of “old cold legs”

Nowadays, during the high season of 鈥渙ld cold legs鈥? the number of 鈥渙ld cold legs鈥?patients attending the hospital has increased, and more and more young and middle-aged patients.
Medical experts reminded that young people should be cautious about “old cold legs” during the winter season.
銆€銆€Two days ago, Ms. Wang, who lives in Yubei District of Chongqing City, often feels pain in her legs and pain in her joints. It is very inconvenient to travel.
It was diagnosed by the doctor as having “old cold legs”.
Ms. Wang was only in her thirties. She was shocked after listening. She did not expect that she would get the “old cold legs” when she was so young.
銆€銆€According to experts from Chongqing Daping Hospital, 鈥渙ld cold legs鈥?is knee osteoarthritis, which is common in the elderly.
The knee joint of the human body bears almost the weight of the whole body. After the old man, the knee joint is most susceptible to aging due to long-term wear and tear.
The knee joint after aging is often prone to osteoarthritis, and the joints are unfavorable and the movement is inconvenient.
銆€銆€The reporter learned that the “old cold legs” is a disease that is frequently caused by the elderly. Nowadays, the number of young and middle-aged patients in the 30s and 40s is increasing.
Young women love to wear skirts in winter, and a lot of love to wear high heels, these easy to cause “old cold legs.”
銆€銆€Medical experts suggest that in order to prevent “old cold legs”, both the elderly and young people should pay attention to keep warm.
First of all, you should pay attention to the warmth and cold protection of the knee joint, properly increase the underwear, and insist on using hot water to soak your feet every day.
The second is to avoid excessive fatigue.
The third is reasonable physical exercise, which improves joint flexibility by playing Tai Chi and doing various exercises such as gymnastics.
The amount of activity is comfortable and slightly sweaty.
In addition, once the symptoms of “old cold legs”, such as pain, soreness, joint activity, etc., should be immediately treated in the hospital to avoid aggravation.

Four habitual lumbar vertebrae: wrong sitting posture suddenly forced


Four habitual lumbar vertebrae: wrong sitting posture suddenly forced

Tiredness: wrong posture, excessive flexion of the lumbar spine.

hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€鍦ㄦ垜浠殑鏃ュ父娲诲姩涓紝鑵版澶у澶勪簬灞堟洸鐘舵€侊紝杩囧害宸ヤ綔灏辩瓑浜庡鍔犺叞妞庡眻鏇茬殑鏃堕棿銆係tatistics show that the frequency of lumbar flexion can reach 3000-5000 times a day.

This excessive, repeated flexion is the most common cause of disc complications.

銆€銆€Vibration: The lumbar vertebrae were tested while driving, and the spine was repeatedly stretched. Scientists found that the natural frequency of the lumbosacral region is in the same range as the vibration of the chair in the driving, so the lumbar vertebrae easily resonate with the car when driving.

This resonance means that the spine is continuously compressed and stretched, and the surrounding tissue muscles are also fatigued, affecting the metabolic rate of the lumbar intervertebral disc, which accelerates the degeneration and deformation of the lumbar spine.

銆€銆€Meng: Suffering from external forces, prone to lumbar sprains, normal lumbar intervertebral relationship is flexible and powerful, has a strong ability to withstand pressure, can withstand 450 kg of pressure without any injury.

But these forces must be gently pressed from the front. If you suddenly feel stressed or suddenly exerted strength after lack of exercise, it is easy to break through its limits and cause a sprained waist.

銆€銆€Cold: revealing a small waist, affecting the nutritional supply of the lumbar spine, especially the cold.

If the waist is exposed in winter, in order to resist the cold, the muscles in the lower back contract and the small blood vessels contract, resulting in a decrease in local blood circulation, which will affect the nutritional supply of the intervertebral disc, and the pressure in the intervertebral disc will increase, causing more damage.