[How to make baby dumplings in Northeast China]_Baby_How to make

[How to make baby dumplings in Northeast China]_Baby_How to make

The addition of baby food supplements is the key to ensuring his body needs and nutritional balance. Among the food supplements, small dumplings are actually more suitable as baby food supplements. In addition to buying outside, parents can try to buy some materials to make for the babyIn this way, the health and safety of the baby can be guaranteed. The following is the practice of Northeast dumplings suitable for baby food, so that the baby can safely enjoy these foods.

Method 1: Raw materials: flour, carrot juice, prawn paste, tofu, carrots, and laver.

Seasoning: trace salt.

1. Add carrot juice and flour into dough, knead and set aside.

2. Wash the carrots and rub them into short filaments with a wiper; clean the shrimps, put them in a blender, add water to make shrimp paste; use a spoon or mash.

3. Mix carrot shreds, prawn paste, and tofu (you can beat an egg in the filling), add a little salt and mix well to make a filling. 4. Roll the vegetable juice dough you just made into small strips and make into small pieces.The recipe is rolled into small round skins and packed into fillings to make small dumplings.

5. It is enough to cook, you can add some broth and finally add some laver to the soup.

You can order more than one package at a time, and the remaining dumplings are divided into quick-freezes for easy consumption next time.

Method 2: Main ingredients: Russian medium flour, black pork tenderloin, shiitake mushrooms, organic black fungus, organic bell pepper accessories; ground ginger, salt, thin salt soy sauce, olive oil, linseed oil (cooked vegetable juice), red amaranth leaves(Cooked vegetable juice), wheat seedling flour, carrot (juiced) 1.

And noodles, replacing various auxiliary powders 2.

Knead the dough for half an hour 3.

Use a meat grinder to grind the tenderloin, shiitake mushrooms and fungus into minced meat