Create transparent baby muscle


Create transparent baby muscles

Let the skin return to the baby-like tenderness, and realize the ultimate wish of a woman wishing to return to old age, which can be achieved only by the basic makeup method. Do you believe it?

We have gathered 6 magics for you to help you create a baby muscle that looks really natural and beautiful.

  Magic 1 makes dark yellow adult muscles become transparent-Please use alternative makeup before the milk. This is the first step, and it is also the basis for adjusting the skin so that the skin is not cloudy and full of transparency.

“Appropriate amount + right place” is the key when applying makeup cream!

It is not a full face smear, only the size of the pearl is applied to the forehead, cheekbones and chin, and then it is spread from the inside (the direction of the contour of the face).

  Adult muscles will have some flaws and color casts to make such skin “transparent” transparent and healthy. You need to master the “discoloration” effect of different colors before makeup cream: 1 blue makeup cream has a sense of transparency, Can make dull skin become transparent.

  2 Purple makeup cream can bring natural blood color to the skin, suitable for people with yellow complexion.

  3. The yellow makeup cream can cover red blood and dark circles.

  4 Pearl White Make-up Cream can bring a shiny finish.

  Magic 2 T-zone cover – matte beauty film that makes the skin look more delicate. In the T-shaped zone, which is easy to oil and remove makeup, use a gel that can cover the pores and bumps and make the skin more delicate and moist.Pre-makeup cream is the best choice.

The makeup with pearl glitter effect will enlarge the pores and blackheads.

  Single product liquid foundation achieves high transparency makeup effect Magic 3 The commonly used single product liquid foundation achieves high transparency makeup secret-a small amount + quick foundation can only bring good transparency to the skin.

Therefore, when choosing a liquid foundation, you must first ensure that it has a fine powder and can fit the skin well. It will not “clump” or “clump” when applied to wooden boards. Those who care about wrinkles should choose a highly moisturizing foundation, Usually the application method, two keys are very important: 1 small amount, the size of mung bean grains (the specific amount varies from person to person), only use the middle finger and ring finger first two knuckles to dip and then use the temperature of the fingerApply to the side contours quickly.

  2 After coating, pat with a clean powder puff, which can absorb excess oil and improve the adhesion of the liquid foundation.

  Magic 4 hides dark circles and small wrinkles around the eye-concealer is the most important part of eye concealer. It is only applied on the depression of the lower eyelid, and then spread evenly with your fingers. Do not overdo it.
Below the lower eyelid, and above the nose wing is the central triangle of the face. This spot is bright and uniform, and most of the skin looks very beautiful overall.

  Magic 5 penetrating loose powder-the last step to stimulate the potential transparency of pigmented muscles Many people may not know the nature of loose powders, and think how light and light covering powders can make perfect muscles?

We want experts here-loose powders that can be absorbed and overlapped can be said to be the most irreplaceable weapon for baby-like skin.

Because loose powder has high penetrating power, it can be absorbed and overlapped, which can make the perfect skin made in the previous base makeup step more natural.

First, use a powder puff to apply an appropriate amount of powder, rub it gently, and then apply it as if touching the skin. Starting from wider areas such as the cheeks, apply a smaller amount on the lower eyelid margin, which is prone to wrinkles.Apply more area.

  Magic 6 Proper Highlights and Coral Blushes – Extra Bonus Points for Baby Muscles. The secret highlight particles appear attractive on flawless youthful skin, but appearing on mature muscles is not necessarily a good thing.

Because improper application of the highlight position will enlarge the uneven defects, so only the most prominent part of the cheekbone position can be applied. This is similar to the letter C-shaped application, which can well show the “beauty face”””.

  Coral blush is the most suitable for Asian skin tones. It can be used at any age. What you need to consider when applying blush is “the contour of the baby’s face is somehow.”

The baby’s outline is round and full, so it becomes cheekbones when applying blush, and it is absorbed 45 degrees downwards to make it look more rounded. Use the skin to show the magic of “escape from reality”.